Cyberpunk 2077 Fashionware & Clothing

Style over substance. It doesn’t matter how
well you do something, as long as you look good doing it. In Cyberpunk 2077, fashionware,
clothing and bodily modification will play a pivotal role in defining V’s journey through
Night City. Afterall, in the distinct visual aesthetic of a cyberpunk future, style is
everything. Style in Cyberpunk is as much a skill as it is an art. CDPR have already
confirmed that in their world building and narrative, fashionware will be pertinent as
the residents of Night City will react to the physical appearance of V and their attire.
In the Cyberpunk 2020 narrative, fashionware ranged from basic cyberoptics that allows
the user to change the colour of their iris tint to the one currently in vogue. While
others may replace an entire limb with cyberware prosthetics to make a fashion statement. The
braindance influencer, Lizzy Wizzy, alongside her band the Metadwarves, are a fine example
of one who has embraced chrome. In my experience, some of the most notable
fashionware that may be referenced in Cyberpunk 2077 are as follows.
With TechHair, the shafts of this artificial hair are impregnated with various types of
reactive chemicals. Some types are temperature sensitive and change colour depending on the
weather. Others contain pigments that store and emit coloured light in patterns. Techhair
can be implanted in mohawks, hairpieces, whiskers and other places of interest which I will
leave to your imagination. Considered essential by Solos, the Biomonitor,
aka Biomon in Cyberpunk 2077, is mounted just below the skin of the forearm, and can
provide information on variables such as pulse, respiration, brainwaves, blood sugar, temperature,
and cholesterol levels. As seen in the recent Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo, V uses her Biomon
to check the status of Sandra Dorsett during the quest “Breaking Through”. V’s Biomon data
panel showed the user’s name, ID, Age, Gender, Blood Type, Trauma Team Membership, GPS and
also lists the user’s medications. In Cyberpunk 2020, the predecessor of Biomon
was the Skinwatch, which many still use due to financial constraints.
Light Tattoos are light emitting chemical patches inserted under the first couple layers
of skin. Shift-tads are coloured contact lenses, designed
to mimic certain aspects of more expensive cyberoptics. They change colour depending
upon temperature or emotions. ChemSkins are special dyes and chemicals which
are impregnated into the skin. Some change the skin colour to a new shade as desired.
Others are temperature sensitive, and shift colours in vibrant patterns when warmed or
cooled. Very expensive chemskins are sensitive to hormonal changes; you could buy a chemskin
that would make yellow and black tiger stripes appear on your skin when you became sexually
aroused. SynthSkins are a more sophisticated version
of light tattoo technology, a synthskin is a layer of colour-shifting plastic bonded
to the character’s outer skin. A synthskin can be adjusted to display colours, patterns
or other special effects. While it seems likely all the aforementioned
fashionware will be present in Cyberpunk 2077, be warned that each fashionware has an associated
humanity cost. Cyberpunk 2020 also had five distinct categories
of clothing, which allows for a myriad of customization opportunities if CDPR decide
to adopt and expand upon them. Cheap and disposable, Generic clothes are
primarily what was seen in the gameplay demo. Such clothing is not particularly noteworthy
or cool. Leisurewear is effectively the athletic version
of generic clothing with a little more style and pizzazz. A new innovation is Polylog,
an artificial fabric with chameleon characteristics. The fabric is woven from electrically-reactive
polymers which change their colour based on a mild current. Polylog clothing is vulnerable
to EMP making it an unlikely choice for combat. Much more palatable for those with discerning
taste is Urban Flash fashionware, which encompasses a variety of video jackets, colour shifting
fabrics, leathers, metal trim and the wildest wear around. This attire is heavily associated
with Chromer and Boostergangs. Businesswear comes in the form of suits or
semi-formal dresses. While no combat Edgerunner would be caught dead in these clothes, some
Fixers and Rockerboys are known to wear these. Apparently, guys are fond of Corpettes wearing
silk business skirts and high heels. One has to be epitome of cool to wear Edgerunner
fashionware and not look like a rookie. Edgerunner fashionware is predominated by stylishly functional
gear that looks armoured and combat ready. Edgerunner style uses synthleather, metal
hardware, and non-reflective colours that don’t attract attention in the Combat Zone.
This look is rather intimidating and business-only so don’t expect to attract the opposite sex
while wearing Edgerunner. Also expect street punks to screw around with you more if you
do not have the necessary cool to be wearing it.
Last but not least, we have High Fashionware, the pinnacle of capitalist commodity fetishism.
High fashionware falls within the realm of super models, social elite and most Braindance
stars. If you’re not wearing High Fashion in the trendiest clubs, you’re nobody, or
at least that is what the elite want you to believe.
The Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo already suggests V’s attire will influence gameplay and quest
options. V’s Samurai Jacket not only offers resistance against physical, thermal, EMP
and chemical damage but increases Street Cred levelling speed by 5%. At Gamescom 2018, the
demo I saw had notable differences compared to the publicly available version. During
the quest, “Going Pro” V warns Simon Randall, aka Royce, that the Credchip provided by the
Militech agent, Meredith Stout contains a virus. Royce thanks V for the intel, and gives
V the FLATHEAD MTOD12 Spider-bot. However, on their way out, some of the Maelstrom gang
members make fun of V’s Samurai Jacket. Jackie Welles offers to buy V a cooler jacket if
they retrieve the virus free Credchip. With regards to CDPR’s previous work, clothing
choices did provide a few memorable moments in Witcher 3, but as it was Geralt’s story,
not the players, the scope for having garments influence quest outcomes was far more limited.
Still, trying on Yennefer clothes during the No Place Like Home quest was rather amusing.
I am Kazuliski and I hope you found this succinct discussion on Cyberpunk 2077 fashionware and
clothing to be informative. If you are interested in additional Cyberpunk 2077 content, be sure
to subscribe to the channel. Likewise, if you have a topic or question you would like
me to cover, feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section or contact me via Twitter.
Thank you for watching!

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25 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Fashionware & Clothing

  1. One thing I really hope they have but they probably won't, at least not until an expansion of some sort are the
    Exotic Packages that can full alter your physical appearance to make you look like at studly superman, shark man, ork, and more.
    I really want to run around night city as a bug man

  2. Are you getting this from the Cyberpunk 2020 boardgame manual? It seems to me you are, so all these options you talk about may not be in the video game.

  3. You kinda left out Nude/Minimalist fashion. Though to be fair, doesn't look like that's still around or CDPR removed it for the demo.

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  5. They should add a dlc where you can start your own band and make your own songs! And if they get popular, you can make lots of money. That would be awesome!

  6. Basically for my character, I likely am going for an easier kinda clothes. Edgerunner clothes are likely going to be my underclothes and generics over it. Reason? Bling gets bullets.

  7. 10 Steps to Save Sweetboi Dum Dum, the Maelstrom booster gang member:

    1) Don't wear Samurai jacket during quest "Going Pro"
    2) Get a credchip from Dexter Deshawn
    3) Get credchip from Stout
    4) Remove virus from Stout's chip
    5) Give Royce Dex's cred chip
    6) Get Bot and walk out peacefully
    7) Deliver bot to Dex at the Afterlife
    8) ?
    9) Profit! Live happily ever after with Stout's Credchip
    10) Wake up from this fantasy and play the actual Cyberpunk 2077 game….When it's Ready™

  8. The only reason im still alive is to play this game and watch your videos.

    I hope i will see some analysis videos of this game when it comes out, would love for you to do some deep lore analysis.

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