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Greetings Earthlings!
Welcome to the MadQueen Show! I am your host the MadQueen On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 discussion video for you, and today, we’re going to talk about factions This is something that you asked several times
and although we don’t know yet how the video game is going to solve the factions system, the lore gives us several options
of factions that we can join At first, I thought about grouping the possible
factions depending on your style of gameplay and how you were going to approach the game,
but the truth is that this is the Cyberpunk world, meaning everything is more or less
like this: Gray areas of morality: there’s no defined good or evil, no absolutes, things will be
good or evil depending on if they are useful for you, or if they do some good to you regardless
of the harm it does to others, because, in the end, the goal of this universe is surviving A great example of that is Biotechnica, for
instance, the megacorporation that invented a fuel that was the alternative to fossil
fuels and solved the fuel crisis, and they look like, and they advertise themselves like,
they are the saviors of humanity, but then they’re capable of spreading a bioengineered
toxin through a whole city to sell the cure, not to mention the shady genetic experiments
they do or how they massacre or violently extract workers of their competitors
Revolution Genetics All the factions that I’m going to explain
in here have their own video explaining them in deep, except three that I will upload shortly,
I’m going to include the videos in links that you will see here, as I always say, that’s
the reason why I made so much lore videos before explaining anything that can be gameplay
related, now I can explain things in deep linking one video to the other and, as usual,
if you want to know the lore in deep you have this beautiful playlist with all the lore
videos that starts with an introduction to the universe while explaining the character
classes and then goes in deep Please take in consideration that these are
options that the lore gives, that doesn’t mean that we know that you are going to be
able to join them in the game, although we know that they are going to be there Let’s go for the list GUARDIAN GANGS There are boostergangs in Night City that decided to take responsibility for the security
of citizens and work to make it as safe as possible for standard people They fight crime where they find it, and even
the Night City Police acknowledges their status One example of this is the Back Alley Brawlers,
they’re a guardian gang, but don’t misjudge them, they are really tough and they know
how to stand their ground in a fight So you can either join them, or fight them,
but you better have powerful allies if you intend to do the second LAZARUS GROUP This mercenary contractor and security megacorporation is known for being the “good guys” They are the only mercenary group that can’t
be hired to make any kind of military action against civilians, meaning you can hire both
Militech and Arasaka to do so, but not Lazarus They also stood neutral during the 4th Corporate
War, as much as they could And an edgerunner needs to make a living,
so you end up accepting contracts from these contractors to make some eurobucks to survive,
but you won’t last long working for Lazarus if you don’t follow their code of ethics,
but this is the Cyberpunk universe, so such code may be more relaxed than you may think at first This is a great megacorp to side with if you’re
a solo with principles BOOSTERGANGS Each gang is a universe and some are more deadly than others Well, most are deadly but some will attack
you on sight or throw a poisonous cake to your face with a bomb inside Yes, you know who I mean Others may want to interact with you to sell
drugs, sell information or even hire you, but that doesn’t mean that they are not
dangerous if you cross them Every moment you spend living
is a moment you spend learning spend less time learning
and more time living With Raven IntelPlus
brain implants Reality redefined by Microcybernetics There are many different gangs, so I believe
that it’s safe to assume that at one point in the game you’ll be able to join some
of them, I don’t think all of them, and I also don’t know if we’re going to have
a karma system, similar to Fallout 3 to give you an example, where your karma and your
fame allow you to side with one boostergang or the other, because if you’re a cyborg
in the edge of the cyberpsychosis that kills left and right I doubt the Black Queens will
welcome you on their side ARASAKA Arasaka is the quintessential enemy, unless you’re Japanese, of course, in that case
they’re saviors that defend your country’s values and fights for the supremacy of Japan They are a security company and they are constantly
looking for well-trained operatives to join their ranks, as they’re constantly involved
in conflicts all around the world, so everywhere they need to go to defend their interests, they will be there with lots of guns and lots of operatives MILITECH Militech is the quintessential enemy, unless you’re American, of course, in that case
they’re saviors that defend your country’s values and fights for the supremacy of the States They are mercenary contractors and they are
constantly looking for well-trained operatives to join their ranks, as they’re constantly
involved in conflicts all around the world, so everywhere they need to go to defend their
interests, they will be there with lots of guns and lots of operatives It’s not a glitch in Matrix,
they are the fucking same Infocom If you’re a netrunner or a fixer, meaning
you have the means to find the dirty laundry of individuals and megacorps, the megacorporation
Infocom, the ultimate detectives, may open their doors for you This megacorporation is specialized in information,
their services are not exactly cheap and they are always looking for new talents that are
not afraid of SysOps and are ready to find all the info for a generous sum THE PSYCHOSQUAD If you’re a cop, and you have what it takes to deal with cyberpsychos, you may end up
joining the ranks of the psychosquad The Psychosquad is a branch of the Night City
police that tracks down and neutralizes those who got carried away putting way too much
plastic and metal into their bodies and now they suffer from the most dangerous mental
illness of the 21st Century: the cyber psychosis Cyberpsychos are dangerous, they are highly
enhanced and their killing rampages are deadly But if you join the psychosquad, you’ll
have to deal with them on a daily basis NEWS 54/WORLD NEWS SERVICE If you’re a Media you can either broadcast using your own means or you can join one of
these two megacorporations: Network News 54 or World News Service These two competing megacorps will do anything
to get to the story and be faster than their competitor, and when a megacorporation like
this says “anything” they really mean it But these two corps are entertainment conglomerates,
so they have other branches of their companies that have nothing to do with news and information,
so if you’re a Rockerboy or any other type of Idol, you may find a position there for you But be careful, Rockerboys that join megacorporations
are not well seen amongst other edgerunners and they will start calling you a pop star NOMAD PACK If you’re a nomad, you need a pack to roam the freeways with, you need a family to watch
your back Nomad packs are a myriad of individuals with
different talents that help each other, loyalty is unquestionable and they have a very strict
ethics code If you’re in a nomad pack, they will always
have your back Always and at whatever cost. TRAUMA TEAM/REO MEATWAGON If you’re a Medtech, Trauma Team and Meatwagon are the megacorporations that may offer the
best-paid jobs for you, as long as you have the skills Both megacorporations offer medical and revivification
services and are a needed tool in this dog-eat-dog universe, or dog shoots in the back dog universe Being a Trauma Team Medtech gives you a lot
of reputation, as they are the more skilled amongst the artists of the technical medicine NETWATCH If you’re a netrunner, you enjoy the net and you’re tired of those vandals that have no
appreciation for information and appreciate random destruction too much you may want to
join the Netwatch This European megacorporation is in charge
of the general security of the net, depending on the region of the net you’re in, the people
of Netwatch follow different rules and some may or may not be for you And I think that these are the main factions
that we can extract from the lore There are other groups that you can join as
an edgerunner, but I believe that these are the main ones, and I don’t want to make an
hour-long video You know I would talk about it for hours Well, folks, thanks for watching If you like what we do and you’d like us to
keep doing it, please consider supporting us on Patreon See you in next videos and stay being amazing!

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38 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Factions

  1. Gracias por otro vídeo..!! Cada vez estoy mas ansioso por tener el juego…. por cierto no se que me gusto mas, el florero calavera o la figura del cadaver de la novia. Saludos desde Guatemala

  2. I hope each faction has multiple romances, casual or serious. I want betrayal and heartbreak or two people fighting the world back to back. Hopefully, this game will give me that, but I will buy the deluxe digital edition either way.

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  4. Is that a Borderlands Xmas sweater?! XD

    Great way of explaining the difference between Arasaka and Militech… Though it still feels a bit weird to accept the idea that Japan somehow became a nationalistic superpower again while simultaneously losing their traditional racism. It's ironically utopian for such an otherwise dystopian setting. :p

    Oh yeah, one language thing I noticed. You're confusing competence with competition again. Competition is the word you want to describe someone or something that is working against you or that you are working against. It's a less hostile word than enemy though. Competence is a the noun form of competent, which means being good at something. You make videos with a level of competence that puts the competition to shame.

  5. The Nomads really have my interest, so picking a faction will be one of the easier parts of Character development. Figuring out how to play one in the city might be tricky. After waiting 5 years to see this game, the wait is almost over. Phew!

  6. What kind of games do you prefer, more player agency driven games, where gameplay takes the front seat, and everything else is optional or more narrative driven games, where gameplay takes the back seat and story drives? I would say games where narrative and gameplay live together which is how it should always be, but larger scaled games tend to lean on one of the two, but rarely ever both at the same time.

  7. entonces los de akira eran nomadas? :b robocop era policia? :u alita era solo? :v motoko kusanagi era netrunner? 7u7 gray fox, raiden, sam jetstream y olga gurlukovich eran una banda de rockerboys? xD (las monokatanas mariachis) adam jensen un arreglador? :c el doctor ido un tecnico? :T
    PD: ya revise el chromebook2 y te puedo confirmar que efectivamente biotechnica es la que hace las transformaciones exoticas incuyendo el pequete JUGUETE con Mr studd™ y Dama de la media noche™ en su respectivo genero

  8. I'm wondering if it'll be practical to mix it up a bit in terms of the corporation/faction we wish to join. Arasaka and Militech seem like they cater to those with combat specific skill sets but could a Med-Tech also join them? Soldiers need medics after all. Or maybe a Media can join either of them to make propaganda. Or would Arasaka or Militech just contract News 54 or Trauma Team if they wanted those services?

    I'm guessing it'd be wise to team up with the corporation that best suits your character class but if nothing else I hope there are ways to do side missions for other corporations as well.

  9. I've got my eyes on the Lazarus Group and the Psycho Squad.

    Man, this is the first time I've been excited for E3 in a long time.

  10. Mad ya acercándose la fecha del E3 y ya habiendo hablado de todo el juego , la pregunta es , que esperas de Cyberpunk? " hasta se podrías hacer un top 😉 " , que no te termino de convencer ( hasta ahora ) , etc .
    Son algunas de las preguntas que seria interesante saber para poder compartir. Gracias Mad saludos…

  11. Hi Madqueen, another great video, well researched and delivered! Would you be able to recommend a book or wiki page that covers the Cyberpunk universe?

  12. It’s not that I don’t care about all the lore and stuff but… I’m joining whatever has the most stylish, good looking and or hottest characters in it… xD

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  14. Will these gangs have HQ (obviously being small) like the megacorporation? Also will we be able to enter these HQs without any invisible walls? Also you still haven't talked much about the transportation in the game. Still waiting for a lore on it. 🙂

  15. Again, a great video 🙂 Lazarus is my favourite 🙂 I would also add the Triads, Nouva Mafia, CAF Cartels and CIA/FBI's LawDiv, but too much factions are almost as bad as too few 🙂

  16. Not trying to be an ass but… you're still using the word "competence" wrong. I think the word you were looking for at 1:42 is "competitors".

  17. Good video MQ- Great advert 🙂 as for fractions and whether you can join or not- a lot depends on the game mechanics- imho a hardcore RPG works better when you play a character slightly outside of the existing in-game power structures (example witcher) – if it is more freeform game (like fallout 4) then you have lots of options to join groups but that freedom of choice changes the storytelling dynamic (whether that's good or bad is subjective based on the player) so where Cyberpunk lands in the mix I cannot wait to find out.

  18. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I need to play a Japanese corporate shill, I am going to be ruthless and classy, anime style 😉

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