Cyberpunk 2077: Der Gamescom 2018 Reisebericht/Travel Report (German + English subtitles)

The year is 2018 and Gamescom landed in Cologne again. Welcome to the travel report by Night City Life More than 370.000 gamers, exhibitors, trade visitor and journalists visited Gamescom this year to take a closer look at the hottest games. Even afar from the big halls you could discover some interesting stuff, too. You could grab yourself some cool merchandise, meet some really interesting people, or simply enjoy the sun. For regular visitors of the booth the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 appeared on several stages and livestreams to talk about the game, but gameplay material for the public was off the cards. Instead, we from Night City Life took a look around at Gamescom for you We are here with Night City Life at Gamescom 2018 and behind me you can see the entrance to the business area. That’s the corner of Gamescom, which is not open to the public and where press and trade visitors can meet up with the game companies. Fortunately we are able to watch the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo with our fansite and do some interviews afterwards. Let’s go there! For anyone, who has never been to the business area imagine it as another big area at Gamescom, where every booth is built like a big fortess. At the front there is the reception – just like a drawbridge. Then you have really strict guards at the entrance, who only let you pass if you got an appointment As with any other big and popular games, Cyberpunk 2077 was probably fully booked out about a month before, so many many people got rejected at the booth. Here you can see the ticket for the Cyberpunk 2077 demo. The game really was so highly coveted at Gamescom that usually only one ticket was given out to each website attending. Here we are inside of “The Atlantis” bar – that’s the lobby before the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo, which actually is a real location in Night City, which was rebuilt for E3 and Gamescom by the order of CD Projekt Red. The Cyberpunk booth as seen in these pictures was built for Gamescom by the Polish studio minkoncept, whereas the E3 booth in Los Angeles was built by the Visionary Group. If you want to know more about how to design and build such a booth On Night City Life you will find an exclusive making of interview with the Visionary Group (In English, too! Look in the Feature section) On location we were only allowed to take a snapshot from the loading screen of the demo. The Gamescom demo was commented and led by Peter Gelencser. I hope I pronounce that name right! And next to me with his gamepad, Lukasz Wnek was sitting. I hope I get that name right, too! 😉 He was a professional Counter Strike player in Poland Who supports CD Projekt Red especially in the development of the shooting elements. As you know there are differences between the three demo versions So for example we could play a male V in the Gamescom demo, Unlike the official gameplay reveal we had a few more questions for the Militech agent, and potentially told the Maelstrom gang something more about a trap and learned how to reflect bullets with a samurai sword, thanks to Japanese blacksmithing. As if it could not get any better for the audience of the the gameplay demo the press kit aka the promo figure was given to us at the end On the web people demand horrendous prices for this figure Long time experts of Cyberpunk 2077 know that this figure goes back to the 2013 teaser trailer By the way, the initial teaser trailer was not made by CD Projekt Red, but the Polish studio Platige Image, who are located in Warsaw, too. Later we will have an unboxing video of the promo figure for you as well as an exclusive interview with one artist, who painted this figure for CD Projekt Red. As a thank you for the invitation to Gamescom we had some gifts by Night City Life, too. We gave some cool, illuminating, neon shades to the developers, which surely granted a boost on street credit. To make sure that you don’t come away empty-handed, we brought some autograph cards with us, which got signed by the developers and which you can win later! To winkle out more bits of information from the developers about the game, we talked to PR Manager Fabian Döhla and Quest Designer Patrick Mills. To establish myself as a true Cyberpunk 2077 fan at this year’s Gamescom I ordered a semi-permanent tatto from Inkbox in the USA Where a laser cuts out the motive out of a template, which is then attached to your skin just like Henna color Well, I wouldn’t say it turned out to be perfect. I probably didn’t hold still enough or haven’t compressed it enough. I would say the result looks like a stamp you get a party sometimes. We had more luck with the team t-shirts from Night City Life, which were printed just for Gamescom 2018, especially with the large print on the back, showing Maja Felicitas and Maul Cosplay in a Cyberpunk 2077 Chibi style. The artwork was exclusively made for us by Indonesian artist madeds. Sadly, this huge synthetic print on the back is not really breathable, so with 30°C outdoor temperature we had to get out of this shirt sometime. How can we summarise Gamescom 2018? We have seen a lot of cool games, but Cyberpunk 2077 was the king of of all of them! What we have seen and experienced fuelled our anticipation and trust in CD Projekt Red even more Because of that we gave them our Night City Life Gamescom Award I rarely got immersed by a sci-fi game world as much as here In my point of view someone is cutting a video game diamond here We got to know CD Projekt Red as a highly motivated, likeable team, which works on the game with full devotion to its roots – Cyberpunk 2020. I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Gamescom 2018 This was the first lengthier video by Night City Life I like to dedicate this coverage to my fiancee Carla, who is just an occasional gamer and waited for me at Gamescom the whole time with angelic patience.

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