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Thank you for Chippin’In to another Cyberpunk
RED Lore update, this time focusing on Cyberfashion and Digital fabrics. Style over substance.
It doesn’t matter how well you do something, as long as you look good doing it. In Cyberpunk
Red, Cyberfashion, clothing and bodily modification play a pivotal role in defining your journey
in Night City. Afterall, in the distinct visual aesthetic of a cyberpunk future, style is
everything. Style in Cyberpunk is as much a skill as it is an art. But do not be misled
into thinking that if you wear the latest samurai jacket and copy Fem V’s hairstyle
you are good to go. People will not be impressed with your look, unless you got the attitude
to back it up. Don’t just walk into a room, enter it like you already own the place.
In Cyberpunk Red, Cyberfashion encompasses a cornucopia of options. Perhaps you may wish
to embrace chrome and replace a limb with the latest cyberware prosthetics just to make
a fashion statement. If that does not sound appealing, remember its hip and aware to have
high tech grafted onto your body somewhere. If you have the Eddies, you probably have
at least a couple of enhancements: a few software chips installed in your nervous system to
interface with your computer, remember your appointments, the ever popular Daytimer chip
for example, and improve your reflexes. If you’re cybered up, you probably have interface
plugs to operate computers and vehicles mentally. Maybe your eyes are cyberoptics with a recording
function and the latest iris tint (polychrome is currently in vogue, or your hearing is
boosted to better hear the gossip in the Executive Lounge.
Some of the notable Cyberfashion you can adorn yourself with are as follows.
With TechHair, the shafts of this artificial hair are impregnated with various types of
reactive chemicals. Some types are temperature sensitive and change colour depending on the
weather. Others contain pigments that store and emit coloured light in patterns. Techhair
can be implanted in mohawks, hairpieces, whiskers and other places of interest which I will
leave to your imagination. Considered essential by Solos, the Biomon,
is mounted just below the skin of the forearm, and can provide information on variables such
as pulse, respiration, brainwaves, blood sugar, temperature, and cholesterol levels. As seen
in Cyberpunk 2077, Fem V uses her Biomon to check the status of Sandra Dorsett during
the quest Breaking Through. V’s Biomon data panel showed the users name, ID, Age, Gender,
Blood Type, Trauma Team Membership, GPS and lists the users medications.
Light Tattoos are light emitting chemical patches inserted under the first couple layers
of skin. Shift-tads are coloured contact lenses, designed
to mimic certain aspects of more expensive cyberoptics. They change colour depending
upon temperature or emotions. ChemSkins are special dyes and chemicals which
are impregnated into the skin. Some change the skin colour to a new shade as desired.
Others are temperature sensitive, and shift colours in vibrant patterns when warmed or
cooled. Very expensive chemskins are sensitive to hormonal changes; you could buy a chemskin
that would make yellow and black tiger stripes appear on your skin when you became sexually
aroused. SynthSkins are a more sophisticated version
of light tattoo technology, a synthskin is a layer of colour-shifting plastic bonded
to the character’s outer skin. A synthskin can be adjusted to display colours, patterns
or other special effects. Cyberoptics can mimic normal eyes, although
a wide variety of fashion iris colours are available (amber, white, burgundy, and violet
are very popular). Some versions are transparent, with glitter or lights swirling inside of
them. Others are superchromed for a more cyber look. Some can change eye colour at will to
match clothes and surroundings. Some even have tiny designer logos around the iris.
Cyberoptics with cameras or weapons usually load from the front, with the iris opening
when the front of the eye is depressed. As for clothing, quality gear such as a Samurai
jacket is far more than just an ordinary leather jacket, for such clothes are often composed
of digital fabrics. Digital fabric allows integration of micro circuitry into the weave
of material, allowing the cloth to have properties beyond mere adornment and protection. Some
weaves incorporate light emitting threading that allows the material to act as a video
receiver. Other weaves are made up of vibrating monofibers that allows the cloth to emit sounds.
You also have the option to embed pheromone sprayers that emit perfumes or other scents.
Still others have temperature regulation systems or sensors that can pick up the bodys natural
electrical fields to gain important information on the wearer’s condition. Most buttons and
zippers incorporate microcomputers to control these functions. Heat sensitive patches and
badges also allow the user to control functions of the digital fabric. By adding a patch or
badge, you can often integrate new functions into an existing piece of clothing, so a Samurai
logo might hold a greater purpose than just style and showing ones allegiance to Johnny
Silverhand. There are also five distinct categories of
cyberfashion, which allows for a myriad of customization opportunities beyond the usual
leather armour jacket and mirror shades. Cheap and disposable, Generic clothing is
not particularly noteworthy or cool and perhaps cannot even be considered as cyberfashion.
Leisurewear is effectively the athletic version of generic clothing with a little more style
and pizzazz. Polylog, an artificial fabric with chameleon characteristics. The fabric
is woven from electrically-reactive polymers which change their colour based on a mild
current. Polylog clothing is vulnerable to EMP making it an unlikely choice for combat
situations. Much more palatable for those with discerning
taste is Urban Flash Cyberfashion, which encompasses a variety of video jackets, colour shifting
fabrics, leathers, metal trim and the wildest wear around. This attire is heavily associated
with Chromer and Boostergangs. Businesswear comes in the form of suits or
semi-formal dresses. While no combat Edgerunner would be caught dead in these clothes, some
Fixers and Rockerboys are known to wear these. One must be epitome of cool to wear Edgerunner
Cyberfashion and not look like a rookie. This look is predominated by stylishly functional
gear that looks armoured and combat ready. Edgerunner style uses synthleather, metal
hardware, and non-reflective colours that don’t attract attention in the Combat Zone.
This look is rather intimidating and business-only so don’t expect to attract the opposite sex
while wearing Edgerunner. Also expect street punks to screw around with you more if you
do not have the necessary cool to be wearing it.
Finally, we have High Cyberfashion, the pinnacle of capitalist commodity fetishism. High Cyberfashion
falls within the realm of super models, social elite and most Braindance stars. If you’re
not wearing High Fashion in the trendiest clubs, you’re nobody, or at least that is
what the elite want you to believe. Top of the range clothing in Night City, affords
the wearer a myriad of interesting options. For example, clothing can now adapt themselves
to temperature changes by monitoring body temperature, and tightening or relaxing the
weave to let air in or out. The weave can also adapt itself in situations to bestow
additional protection in hostile conditions, such as being weatherproof, acid proof, fireproof
or harden itself. This provides insight into how V’s Samurai jacket can offer several resistances.
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18 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberfashion Digital Fabric Lore Kazuliski

  1. Thank you for Chippin'In Samurai! Notifications for the channel are currently broken, so worth checking the channel for any news or lore videos you might have missed. It's been a busy week. Also accepting questions for the next Chippin'In on the community tab.

  2. i wonder if there's people troll enough in the cyberpunk universe that they would hack your cybernetics and make you smell like farts instead of emitting pheromones.

  3. I would wear edgerunner wear with a devil skull light tattoo on my face that glows when I get in fight for intimidation.

  4. Man, why is techwear IRL nothing like this.
    All I have to show for IRL is Electroluminescent wire headphones that light up the wire.
    I so desperately want this kind of fashion to be real I think about trying to DIY it, like making some kind of climate control jacket with a Raspberry Pi and heat sensors that would adjust temps using bendable elements from China, then have parts of the jacket change colour using EL panels based on temperature.

  5. This is definitely an extremely important aspect of the world I think and I hope CDPR will give fashion the attention it deserves.

  6. for me the only acceptable is practical one (solid materials and lots of deep pockets with zippers)
    and i don't care if people see me as the crazy one because they are the ones who suffer for pointless popularity (perfect exaple"people wearing cutted open jeans)

  7. I always wear the highest fashion and whenever I make an entrance I always kill the biggest man in the room just to make sure everyone knows I mean business despite my cyber lingerie and permanently black and yellow tiger striped skin!

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