Cyberpunk 2077 – Clothing & Fashion Explained!

What’s going on Neon Nation today we’re going over the Clothing and
Fashion of Cyberpunk 2077. From Edgerunner Fashion to the color shifting
fabrics of Urban Flash to Nudists and Exhibitionists, we are going to look at the vibrant array
of clothing options, popular fashions in Night City, jackets, and fashionable cybernetics. In The world of Cyberpunk, your look is everything. Night City is a very shallow and materialistic
world where everyone wants to stand out. Being judged by anyone and everyone purely
on the way you dress, brand allegiance has progressed to the point of cult like worship. Peacocking and being so extravagant that people
can’t help but notice you, gives you social status, power and opportunities. This is reflective in fancier clothing items
giving you more Street Cred, an in game statistic based on how good you look. First off in the realm of clothing and fashion
in Night City is Cyberfashion. In Night City Cybernetics are not only functional,
but are hip and demonstrate social status. Even if you can’t afford top tier cybernetics,
you probably have a few enhancements. Perhaps A few software chips installed in
your nervous system to interface with your computer, to remember your appointments and
improve your racquetball reflexes simultaneously. If you are cybered up, you probably have interface
plugs to operate computers, weapons and vehicles mentally. Maybe you have increased vision cyber optics,
or scent signaling olfactory boosters. Again, these are not only for functional reasons,
as cyber fashion is a way of expressing oneself, and modifications usually enhance your aesthetic
as well. Next we have the general styles of clothing
in Night City First we have General Chic. This is your everyday run of the mill street
wear. Regular belts, coats, and boots predominate
this sub-sect. This is the cheapest clothing out there, reserved
for street scum and the lower classes. This is the kind of clothing you’ll find
in mega-stores and mallplexes. Cotton is a luxury in Night City and thus
general chic is very generic clothing, and also 100% synthetic. Kids, Mall rats, and people who generally
stray away from fashion trends, tend to wear general chic-styled items. Leisurewear is Cyberpunk’s answer to modern
day Athletic garments. Padded Fleece, and corporate and athletic
logos are some of the typical designs of Leisurewear. These are sweatpants and shirts taken to the
level of designer jeans. A real-world example of their signature look
would be the Athletic wear from the 90s. It’s usually twice as expensive as General
chic. Leisurewear are for people who like to look
good whilst partying or out on the town. Urban Flash refers to items such as video
jackets, color-shifting fabrics, camos, leathers, metal trim and logo wear. This is the most outlandish and flashy clothing
styles in Night City. These items are favored by Chromers and Boostergangs,
obsessive about their looks. Rich kids and edgerunner wannabees usually
wear these kinds of clothes. The latest trends are usually picked up by
clothing companies who make Urban Flash stylized clothing. Urban Flash attire are for dance club fanatics,
image-conscious mallplexers and metal-heads. Businesswear is the equivalent of the standard
business suit. Understated colors, pinstripes and real leather
shoes, and ties are the mainstays of Business wear. Natural fabrics are used here with wool considered
the proper outfitting for the up and coming corpo. A good mover or corpzoner wouldn’t wear
anything else as dressing like this sends a message that they are in charge and in power. Businesswear is usually around 3x more than General
chic. Next we have High Fashion. These are sophisticated and expensive dressing
options exclusive for the upper class. These are the styles Urban Flash and Generic
clothing try to imitate year after year, but High Fashion features quality materials and
workmanship that is second to none. Braindance and Video-stars also wear High
Fashion designers like Miyake, and Anne Calvin. If you are in the trendiest clubs and are
wearing clothing that imitates High Fashion, you’re a nobody. It is twice as expensive as General chic. Edgerunner fashion is practical and militant
in design. There aren’t outlets you can buy Edgerunner
fashion from, they are highly personal garments made of military surplus and sown and woven
together using a variety of materials. Edgerunner gear is stylishly functional gear
that looks armored or combat ready, without beaing olive drab military wear. Edgerunner gear seems fit the description
of these jackets that are heavily armored and padded that we’ve seen thus far in Cyberpunk
trailers and screenshots. Edgerunner gear is meant to advertise your
abilities and that you are anything but a pushover. It also shows your worth in a high-tech dance
bar, or facing down street scum in the Combat Zone. This type of clothing costs 3x as much as
general chic and requires a certain COOL level to wear. Moving on to some of the more unusual styles
in Night City, we have Bag Lady Chic. This is the embodiment of anti-fashion, and
is about looking dirty and ragged. Clothing is made of recycled bits of tattered
scraps and mismatched layers. Hair is usually tangled or in dreads. The point of this style is to appear dirty
without actually being dirty and is worn by Eccentric weirdos, bohemians and those trying
to keep a low profile. Minimalist Fashion is up next. IN a world where people treat their bodies
like sports cars and can be heavily customized and modified to fit personal tastes, people
are not shy about their bodies. People of Night City have also become desensitized
to nudity over the years. This style is about dressing in little to
no clothing. This includes full nudity, lingerie,
Tarzan styled loincloths and articles and accessories that highlight the human body. This method of dressing is for those who want
to show off their cosmetic surgeries or they may be active nudists. Next we have Exotics. Now we’ve talked about Exotics in my all
Cyberware Explained video, so I’ll link that in the top right if that interests you. Body modifications that include grafted fur,
skins, hooves, animal faces, grown tails and cats eyes are the highlights of this style. It is incredibly expensive and requires extensive
surgery, so only the Wealthy usually partake in Exotic modifications. In modern terms these are called Furries,
and lots of entertainers and prostitutes have clientele into exotic body mods. Finally we have Naturalists. Although these are rare, these are the people
who reject cosmetic and cybernetic alteration as well as synthetic materials. These people can range from technophobes to
people who believe alterations should only be for distinct medical reasons. That’s it for the clothing of Night City,
make sure you check out the other Cyberpunk Explained videos on the channel, and hit that
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64 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Clothing & Fashion Explained!

  1. Interested to see just how much we can customize our fashion and ow much impact it will have on NPCs other then a general street cred number.

  2. I wonder, if you play a female V with max cool, will going nude give you a street cred boost? I'm dead serious. Think about it, she'd HAVE to be god tier to do the stuff V does whilst naked as a woman. It says "I'm willing to risk rape, THAT'S how much confidence I have in my skills, how much faith I have in myself. If I lose and get raped, it'll be because I wasn't godly enough, so I HAVE to be the best, the godliest, The bleeding edge! And I am choomba, after all, I'm still standing." And no matter how you look at it, that's a pretty badassed message that'd have quite the impact on any fixers & corpo's. Also, @ 4:45 Cyberpup 2077 confirmed!

  3. It would be fun to be a nudist or Furry in game if that option ever gets added 😂 or better yet, both. Ultimate power move

  4. Nice vid bro. I have never been as excited for a game as much as I am for Cyberpunk 2077. So i love these lore videos and learning about the world. Speaking of clothing I cant wait for CDPR to open the official Cyberpunk 2077 merch store. I really want a Trauma Team hoodie or t shirt. GOD I CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME.

  5. Well I do hope they let us become an exotic, get some muscle enhanceing bioware then go for the reptilian look to become a monsterous looking fighter

  6. Huh. I can imagine the meme community sprouting around nudists and furries in this game. Wouldn't be surprised if the community went wild with the photo mode and made specific playthroughs for meme characters.

  7. They should add a cybernetic that lets you take control of weaponized vehicles similar to the remote controlled batmobile in Batman Arkham knight

  8. "Edge-runner" gear….. Now people can be "Edge-Lord's" in real life Ha-Hahaha!!!!….. (no lie tho, if it looks tactical-funky I'm all in….)

  9. Dnt get me wrong, it s just exaggerated the amount of videos of cp 77.. just have a look at night city 2020 book. I mean why so many videos abt nothing… just to make followers. Content creation is an art. But today everybody wants to create videos. U can do lot of better videos, u have everything needed. Focus on one thing. One detail and speak abt it… no worries take care. Your voice and prnunciation is also good also your vocabulary. Well done.
    Enough these cp77 videos everywhwre… lol.

  10. Do you know why the inner collar of V's Military Jacket glows? Or what the pods on the jacket sleeves are for? Do they have a function or are they just for looks?

  11. I hope we get trench coats and long coats 🧥 in the game. It’s a very cyberpunk stereotype and I know they aren’t really trying to follow every trope that we usually see in this genre. But you gotta have long coats in this game lol. It’s like a necessity 😂🧥👌🏽

  12. But…..

    if i whistle, can my modified with hundreds of cyberware super car come back to me?

    and do those tires shrink in cold weather?

  13. its probably lame but one of the things i’m most excited about is customization. it honestly can make or break a game for me,, especially the replay value of a game, if I can’t make my characters drastically different when I replay it feels kinda pointless. this game i really feel like will have that because instead of your character being made entirely at the start you can end up with something really different based on the mods you get, the idea of that’s so cool to me haha

    and fashion is fun to me so a game that lets me live through it vicariously in that aspect is satisfying

  14. Just had to add… Anyone interested in the fashion *scene in cyberpunk games like 2077 or the Deus Ex reboots should take a look at ACRONYM (acrnm dot com). It's literally functional cyberpunk techwear, and it ain't cheap. Acronym designed the clothes in the recent Deus Ex games, IIRC.
    You're looking at 600 dollar pants, but this company is literally the source for the look.

  15. So everyone has acces to cyberware??? Why dont they just install a computer in there brain and do get a descent job other than selling drugs and the possibility of getting u killed.

    Relax is only a game

  16. With my first character, I think I’ll play a guy with long hair. If plain long straight hair is an option, I want it on a male character. Though I wonder if there’s wiggle room for someone who wants to play a sort of “in between” character who likes to work hands on but look good doing it? I want a fancy sort of fashion, but I’d like it to be like a fancy looking Long Coat or Trench Coat or Duster. Focus on body mods rather than armored clothing. I like the idea of infiltrating the higher ups and changing things for the better from a position of power. That means playing their games and looking like one of them while pulling the wool over their eyes.

    I’m not sure how close to this I’ll be able to come in the new game. One thing that interests me is whether or not I’ll be able to attempt to romance someone I meet in the street at random. So much I’d like to see.

  17. Great video! How about a video, that analysis the clothign styles of people and puts it into perspective with social status, personality and so on. Would be siiiick. Keep up the good work.

  18. I'm trying to make sense of the jacket.
    Like I'm pretty sure the lights on the coller is heating when red and blue when cooling like AC or it is just used for looks. But what are the bumps on the shoulders? Batteries?

  19. I guess in real life im a naturalist sure if i lost an arm of leg i would get a replacement but right if all my body parts are find ill stay that way

  20. I got weird feeling this is gonna happen in near future. If thing goes table turns then, we really gonna be a cyberpunk style.

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