Cyberbullying Awareness in Deaf Community

I am a deaf child of hearing parents So, growing up in a few mainstream school can be confusing of self-identity because.. I questioned myself, if being deaf was part of special needs was it why they bullied me? I am a survivor of bullying Now there are so many cyberbullying awareness spreading around on many different social media and use hearing celebrities to use their platform to support the awareness Which is amazing! it is amazing how empowering it is for the community. But something is missing.. There isn’t enough in sign language spreading the awareness I feel because of our bilingual, or trilingual For example we can write english, ASL, then some for spanish background yet we all understand ASL It is empowering when it is being told in Sign Language. Now from my right to left, there are many cyberbullying that is happening. One has witnessed an incident and does nothing in fear. Only 10 percent of hearing parents of deaf children is aware about their children who are affected by bullying What about the rest of the children? One thing for sure about social media.. is here to stay. and is continuing to grow platforms. Students, cultural differences, and truly could be anybody will need skills to use social media successfully to win living at life. I mean… Teach netiquette and KINDNESS Even though, we witness so much of negativity aspect in social media Hey, I don’t want to emphasize on that. There is also positivity out of it if we use it right in sake to educate our little humankind and create leadership. First, there is citizenship we must learn to provide safe, responsible users It provides more opportunities for learning. Sharing their work and art creates an authentic audience for the right purpose. Social media allows connections across the globe help us, and them to see different perspectives and culture. This is why I am so reluctant to engage TO STOP BULLYING Please join me to create positive presence and help our future leaders to become the positive presence for others. We don’t have to use our textbook to find information. to teach our chidren There is almost every state that has school for the deaf. They have resources for parents in need, and even counseling It is really simple Call or Email, it is that simple! it is a chance to save yours, and others connect with experts in every aspect of education These connections are life changing and authentic. Please help and spread the awareness

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