cyber-Wear Review PSI 2018

We are at the end of the PSI 2018 What you can’t see, the booth is nearly empty Steven, what do you think about the fair? For the first time to participate, I would say “great” We got great feedback The customers, partners and employees are happy I am happy It was successful in any way It has been three great days With an outstanding concept That the customers liked as well And was worth the effort Now we have to make sure to continue To build on that success within the next month And expand the partnerships The team has to keep the motivation high like this What are you planning for 2018? We did know yet We will see how the market reacts We are always good for something new New ideas, new concepts We will find something that is different to everything else before We now know this concept is working Maybe we take that into 2019 I don’t know yet We have to let it sink in Great impressions today As you can hear in the background You can hear it hammering and working So I would say goodbye from the PSI 2018

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