cyber-Wear @ PSI 2019 – Interview mit REFLECTS

Hello, we are at the PSI 2019 My name is Sarah Bo Jacob from cyber-Wear We are at the booth of Reflects and I am talking to Mr Mombauer Mr Mombauer, what does “Relax with Reflects” mean? Relax with Reflects simply is our this year’s promotional gift for the trade fair A mini massage tool That is not only great for giving a massage But that also has a very big advertising space Which can easily be finished by UV printing And it really works! If I may demonstrate it Yes, that’s nice I should have known earlier that I could have come here for a massage It not only has a great form but also a great functionality What else do you want to present I would like to show you our 3in1 set We have a classic thermo-cup Which is closed by a very easy to clean cap I can easily take these apart and put them in the dish washer To clean it 100% We can use this for hot beverages But we can also add another cap And use it as a drinking bottle or a shaker The third possibility is to remove this cap And add ice and a straw for cold beverages The set comes in an intricate packaging Which makes it a real present Furthermore we have the important topic straws Plastic straws will soon be legally forbidden So we already offer them in metal We offer different sets in stainless steel Gift sets with one, two or four pieces So we can go directly to the bar to have a little drink

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