cyber-Wear @ PSI 2018 – Interview mit Halfar

Hello, my name is Melina Lukasseck from cyber-Wear We are at the PSI 2018, at the booth of Halfar, talking to Mr. Leseberg Mr. Leseberg, what are your new developments for the fair? Hello, my name is Peter Lesberg, Sales and Marketing Manager at Halfar We have several products we would like to present For example this brand new backpack Which we provive in different colours and a high quality material One of the current trends is security, so we integrated a hidden pocket on the backside Where you can store your personal things securely And then the backpack can be rolled down It can be opened on the side and has an additional zip opening Furthermore we have a big hiking backpack This is the first item of this kind in our product range It is made for the promotional and merchandise sector Where high quality bags are rather rare This is a top level product made by Halfar A backpack with ergonomical designed back Adjustable shoulder straps and a lot of further equipment This item completes our product range in the upper prize segment For the merchandising range You can feel it is a high quality product with a great finishing And a lot of functional details We offer three different colours We have two more new highlights Customers always ask for the current trends Within the last few years one trend has been the so called draw string bags They are now a permanent part of the bags industry These are two product enhancements This is the high quality version made from a stronger material Where we can provide all kind of colours One premium detail is this strap fixing clip This item completes the range of draw string bags on the upper price section This is another draw string bag The very contrary concept It is made of jersey The customers like the soft feel of it The textile material is very pleasant The design can be stitched as well as screen or transfer printed This item is very price conscious and sustainable at the same time Great products! Thank you very much for the information and the interview We wish you good success on the fair Thank you

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