Cyber Holiday Deals: The Best in Tech

Hi, I’m Bret Hamilton, E-tech Expert. And I’m Amy Goodman, Lifestyle Guru. We’re coming here today with our E-tech must-haves for the holiday season. We’re starting off with convertible laptops, one of the biggest tech must-haves this season, and the HP Pavilion x360, available for special holiday pricing at Office Depot and OfficeMax. The design features a 360-degree hinge for ultimate flexibility and four different display modes, so users can work, watch, play and use on the go to keep up with all of their different needs. Now, no matter which mode you choose, you’re taking advantage of the latest in touchscreen technology, Beats Audio, dual speakers and the HP TrueVision HD Webcam to optimize your user experience. This season, from Office Depot and OfficeMax, you get tremendous savings through December 6th of $130 off, so this is priced at $499. Now, this is your one-stop shopping for all your Cyber Monday deals, and beyond for everything else, including the latest in tech, some of which we have described, but also for all of your Copy and Print Services, including personalized gifts like these great calendars and photo books for your colleagues, family and friends. Plus, take advantage of their In-Store Mailing and Shipping services that have night and weekend hours, too. So that’s the ultimate in convenience. And don’t forget, their ever-popular and revamped Elf Yourself app; this is so much fun, where you can inject you and your friends into dancing videos that really capture the holiday spirit. You can download this free app onto your iOS and Android mobile phones and bring on home the joy and fun to your home and to the office place this season. So, for more on the Elf Yourself app and all the Monday, Cyber Monday deals, definitely check out Next up, a chance to make your TV sound as good as it looks from our friends at LG. This is the LAB540W SoundPlate. Here’s how this works: it’s an all-in-one streaming home theater system. Compact size but a huge sound and best of all, it connects to just about any TV with no wires, no mounting other than just plugging it in the back; you don’t have to screw any holes in the wall. Then you’ve got a sleek slim big sound coming from that 320-watt 4.1-channel sound system — also, a wireless subwoofer to give you bass. You’ve got 4 speakers; they’re actually built in to the included – check this out – 3D Blu-ray player. So now you’re watching your DVDs, you’re watching your Blu-rays…you want more video? Smart TV apps are built in. You’ve got Netflix, you have access to Amazon, you have access to Hulu Plus. You want more than that? Well, now that you’ve got a great sound system, why not listen to your music? Bluetooth is in your phone, Bluetooth is in your tablet, so why not take advantage of it and stream all that audio content directly to your LG LAB540W SoundPlate? We’ve seen it out there for as low as $599. Now, you are going to love this. Here’s a gift for somebody you have no idea what to get them but you know they own a cell phone; it’s from our friends at Halo. How many times do you get through the day and you look at your phone and you have one bar left. You’re like, ‘Uh-oh, now I’m going to run out of power.’ This is Halo’s charger that works with any phone – ANY phone. We give you the cables you need but you can also top off tablets, you can top off cameras, you can top off portable gaming systems. Give it to the kids so they can never say, ‘Hey, my cell phone died, that’s why I didn’t call you back.’ They can keep it in their locker, you can keep it in your purse, throw it in the glove compartment, great for emergencies, great for when you run out of power in the middle of the day. And to take a peek at all the really cool colors and designs from Halo, go to their website, it’s So that’s and keep in mind you can get a set of two for as low as $50. And there you have it. That’s it. All of our top E-gifts for the season. We wish you a very Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping.”

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