Cyber Fashion: Digital Fabric – Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

Greetings Earthlings!
Welcome to the MadqueenShow! I am your host the MadQueen On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 lore video for you, and today we’re going to talk about Digital Fabric Digital Fabric integrates microcircuitry into
the weave of material, allowing the material to have other properties than mere adornments
and protection Some weaves incorporate light emitting threading
that allows the material to act as a video receiver Some weaves are made up of vibrating monofibers
that allow the cloth to emit sounds Other weaves involve pheromone fibers that
emit perfumes or other smells Still, others have heating or cooling abilities,
or sensors that can pick up the body’s natural electrical fields to gain information on the
wearer’s condition Most buttons and zippers incorporate microcomputers
to control these functions Heat sensitive patches and badges also allow
the user to control functions of the digital fabric By adding a patch or a badge, you can often integrate new functions into an existing piece of clothing Clothes in 2077 know if they are ripped or dirty and can report this information to Agents or other readouts Their “tags” not only contain cleaning
and wear data, but also manufacturer’s codes, order numbers, and sizes The Agent can then order replacement clothing
based on this data They can adapt themselves to temperature changes
by monitoring your body temperature and tightening or relaxing the weave to let air in or out They can receive digital information from
Agent or other transmitters and use it to adapt themselves to hostile conditions, becoming
waterrproof, acid proof or fireproof They can also change color or project 2D images
on the cloth itself or make color and texture animation by using simple controls or minicams
with chameleon matching programs They can power small electrical devices by incorporating heat or solar sensitive threading into their composition Plugs, hookups, and contact pads are integrated
into the lining or other parts of the clothing They can also harden themselves into effective
body armor within a few milliseconds But, to be honest, they don’t offer a great
protection, I wouldn’t use it in a solo mission but I would give it to a braindance
star surrounded by Arasaka security in case someone who watched their latest piece wanted
to throw them a sharp tomato Digital Fabric is not only used in clothing It is also used to make “floppy” hardware
–video screens that can be worn like bandannas, musical keyboards, and keypads that can be
rolled or wadded up into a pocket, computer hardware that can be stuffed into a purse
or a backpack Digital chameleon fabrics are used to hide
vehicles or operations from observations, while digital reactive fabrics can harden
themselves to stop bullets That is what I call fashionware Well, folks, thanks for watching Don’t forget to visit the Cyberpunk 2077
lore playlist to know more about the dark future See you in next videos and Stay being Amazing!

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20 thoughts on “Cyber Fashion: Digital Fabric – Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

  1. Can't these clothes change in dimensions to change the look and style? Or be like Batmans cape where it turns into a glider? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. speaking of clothing, why dont you design some cyberpunk clothing?
    I mean you will need some help with it probably (design wise) but it would be great, because there isn't much out there.

  3. Interesting. Generally in many games where I have options on my attire/armor I stick with the same thing until I gain something that merely has better stats or defense rating. If this sort of tech is in the upcoming game, I may actually change my look out of sheer desire to do so and not just for practical combat needs.

  4. Jmmmmm… Hagamos de cuenta que viktoria modesia y lady gaga decidieran comprar una parte de Boston dinamic y otra de sony. Saldria lo mismo .

  5. I really like and enjoy your work, your passion in cyberpunk it's amazing. Keep it up๐Ÿ‘ thank youโค

  6. As long as I can wear dusters, drovers, long and trench coats I'm fine. I collect them in real life and I love when I can wear them in video games.

  7. Great video Madqueen. More to think about while we wait. Can't wait to design a unique duster for my character.

  8. Future of cyberpunk2077 is really dark age?ย A lot of amazing science technology surrounds people, it doesn't look like dystopia for me. People have clean energy from natural organic resource, end have much of convenient gadget. My image of dystopia is Fallout game world.

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