Curve – All your cards in one

there are so many ways to pay so many ways to manage your finances but there is no single solution that simply brings it all together and helps you manage your money on the go until now Meet Curve. Curve is all your payment cards in one I instantly upload all my different cards into the Curve app I then use my Curve card to pay like any
other card No matter how I choose to pay I control the card with the Curve app
that securely holds all my cards Right now Curve is set to my debit card now watch me change it to my Credit Card Simple And if you’re traveling, just take Curve it works wherever MasterCard is accepted with no currency conversion fees and Curve is also so much more In the Curve app, all your payments are listed in one neat view and you still earn all your original reward points just tap to label your transactions Now you know exactly where your money is going and how to manage it better and what about security and privacy? Curve has full bank-level protection and we’re a MasterCard Card plus it doesn’t hold any personal
information on you unlike your other bank cards so to recap smart card, smart phone all your transactions in one place in real-time all your cards in one you can change cards and label payments you can use it anywhere with your bank cards with no currency conversion fees and no batteries required!

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20 thoughts on “Curve – All your cards in one

  1. does it have a fixed currency?? for example I have cards both in Euro and GBP..if my bill is in Euro and choose to pay with my Euro card will I have any converting​ fees?? and the same for my GBP card…

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  4. I'm using @imaginecurve! All my cards in one + a great way to save & manage money. Sign up with code GDP7P79E & get £5

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