Creating a Virtual Reality startup – What I did next

[MUSIC PLAYING] Virtual Speech is an
education platform that combines learning with
practice in virtual reality. It’s focused on business
skills, which are typically difficult to practice. So as an example, I’ll
use public speaking, which is how it started. I used to be absolutely
terrified of public speaking. And it was when
I came to Warwick that I was like, I need
to improve my confidence. I need to be able
to do these things. The app also includes
instant speech analytics. So you can get feedback on
your use of filler words– so how many “ums” and “ahs”
you use, your pitch, your pace, and how you’re perceived
by the audience. The moment that it hit
us that it was actually useful for people is when
somebody commented how it helped them with their autism. That’s when we thought this
could help a lot more people than we first realised. I co-founded the company. So at first, my role
was just everything. And now it’s more of a
business development role. So I will go to companies
and have meetings with them and take them through
the sales process. A few months after
I finished at WBS, we were approached by a
startup accelerator program based in Silicon Valley. So we went out there
for a few months and lived out there,
which was amazing. It was really motivating to
be around, say, 10 other VR companies from around the world. I chose WBS because
of its reputation. The quality of teaching
is really high. The lecturers all have
their own specialisms, and they can bring real-life
insight into their lectures. I also found it really useful
that the PhD students were on hand. If you were struggling
with something, they would happily
arrange to help you. The MS in International
Business is very broad. One of my friends
works at Google. Another works at Amazon. Some are working
at the Big Four. You can really do
anything after the course. I’m really glad that
I did the MSc at WBS. I think without it, I
wouldn’t have the confidence to start my own business
and work internationally. So I think my life
would be quite different if I hadn’t have come here.

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