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23 thoughts on “Create an AWESOME Startup Pitch Deck (In 2019)

  1. So glad I found your channel!! Seriously answering all the questions I’ve been wondering about without rehashing the same nebulous obvious theories. Very actionable – PLUS you are actually coming from a place of authority and experience at the highest level. This channel will be HUGE within a year I bet. Thanks so much!

  2. I watch this night before pitching 😅
    So, my product is about Debt. 47 Billion Rupiah of debt has been recorded in our app in 8 months. That's only in Indonesia, so how if we expand to worldwide? Go invest us 🤪

  3. Nicely done! This is the first video of yours that I've seen, and I must say . . . I LIKE! Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

  4. Great video, very practical and enlightening. Can you do something on the market, market size i.e. total market size and executable market and how/where to find this information and how best to present it. Thanks, D.

  5. Once again thanks for another great video full of value.
    I am currently in the process of raising $1M for my startup and already pitched few investors, What I want to say is that I found your channel with great contents at the perfect timing which can be another sign of future success.
    I have a request from you, I noticed you previewed few slide from your company's pitch deck so Is it possible for you to share with us VIVINOS pitch deck or another sample pitch deck based of your recommendations and steps mentioned in this video so we use it as a master pitch deck and edit ours based on that?

    Heini, I can not express well enough that how desperate we (Entrepreneurs) are for real advice, guidance and support at early stages of our startups. if possible Please share some files and docs along with your great videos.

    Hope, I am not asking under my limits 🙂 —– Thanks Heini!

  6. First I want to thank you for your valuable videos and knowledge sharing it with us.
    I have a question regarding the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Would you advise to sign NDA before sending or showing our pitch deck with any potential investor or no?

    I would greatly appreciate your time and advice Mr.Heini. Thanks!

  7. White text and black background? That’s way too harsh. Why not at least a color background and make the text mostly white, BUT colorized a bit toward the background color. It’s way more pleasant. White text and black background makes it look like you didn’t put much thought into it. And maybe a shadow or a soft text outline. Way better. Always try and make it better.

  8. Thanks so much for this amazing video and professional tips. I have greatly learnt from this and it has reinstated my interest in making a superb pitch deck. In fact, you are blessed.

  9. Thanks for putting out so much value. Learnt a lot from you. For someone like me as an artist who knows nothing about business and start-ups, this was great. Liked and subscribed!

  10. I'm going to be pitching for a grant at the local college for my photography business. Do you think i can mix images and text in this instance? I was hoping to add interest through pictures

  11. I so agree with you on winning the investors in the first 30 mins. I was watching a pitch last week and it took them a full four minutes before they told us what they did.

  12. Awesome and very helpful. T have to pitch on a DNA based diagnostic for Tuberculosis. We have developed now ready for clinical trial. Looking for a business model.

  13. I enjoyed two things about your video, the information you provided and the way you delivered those information, Many videos out there and they all have one thing in common lack of delivering the message and not being able to connect with viewers. It is like a library full of books with no access. Thank you I've got my answers from your tutorial.

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