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100 thoughts on “Could Your Body Parts Replace Credit Cards?

  1. On another hand, while if people steal your credit card number you can report it to your bank and get a new one, if someone somehow manages to fack your handprint, well you only have two for your whole life.

  2. "available in only a HANDful of places" ahahah 😛 sorry have a lame thing for puns 🙂 but that's a pretty damn good one!

  3. So if this is implemented, our palm scans will all be held in a database somewhere that the police will more than likely have access to.  So basically if you want to use a debit card you will have to give the police the equivalent of your fingerprint.

  4. This just scares me, people can find out so much info and spying would be really easy. its way to dangerous, Im NOT using that shit

  5. Growing up in a Christian school, I've always been introduced to propaganda nonsense that this is a mark of the beast.

    I always thought this would be a microchip thing aka Futurama Career Chip.

    Well in retrospect, if you live in a country, and have a social security, a phone number, a street address, then you are pretty much tagged already.

    You can't live in a society without some record of your existence.

    And if this prevents my credit card from being stollen, I'm for it or something similar.

    This seems to be a less invasive way to identify yourself, and it's just as secure.

  6. umm, how does this prevent the fraud mentioned at the beginning?  Those were stored credit card numbers being stolen, this is even WORSE for fraud, because instead of a credit card, where you can easily dispute a charge, its your bank…they could take all your money, and really banks don't care.  So um, how is this better?  it seems slower than swiping a card, less secure, and the only plus is you don't have to carry a piece of plastic with you.

  7. For schools might be a good idea, but for the outside world? i dont think so… accesing to anyones entire info will be more easy with it.

  8. So stupid because LCM, a gang has been using crochet needles to induct members by giving all it's members the same vein pattern in their hands.  Leaders are often overthrown by having their veins re-situated and someone new taking their patterns. 

  9. i am ok with it, its much faster however i dont like the idea of linking accounts online because it brings that problem again of hackers. 

  10. I really like the idea of make payments with your hand rather than cards or actual money. Paying with cards/money is too slow.

  11. after they figure out how to steal this info, the chip in your hand or brain will be the next "Big Thing"

  12. as long as i dont get that through sparebanken vest then i will welcome it

    (i mean seriously took me around 5 months to get my debit card…)

  13. I'd use it. It probably will never be accepted in the USA because of the irrational fears about the "mark of the Beast" based on apocalyptic hagiography replete with symbolism that has fallen victim to a myriad of purely speculative and often bizarre interpretations every generation for the last two millennia.

  14. In theory you could confuse the system by growing a hand or even person in the lab and stimulating an algorithm that causes their veins to grow in the same way the original hand did. This is just a thought.

  15. In Ireland, my secondary school/ college had what was effectively this in the cafeteria, except it didn't involve any other inputs and the staff just told you what you were being charged. This was six years ago.

  16. Oh dear lord. Now we're gonna have muggers chopping off hands as well as swiping wallets and purses. They'd prolly wear the hand skins like gloves the same day.

  17. Alright… how far will I have to scroll in the comments to see some insane theist rambling about the "mark of the beast."

  18. I'm just imagining the anti-identity theft commercials "Someone stole my hand, and now they're using it to buy TVs!"

  19. Pay with cash. We have enuf things to screw us over these days without having this socalled tech advance causing more useless,uneeded pain. If plastic is all you have, then continue using it. Who is pushing to have this crap imposed on us?? Anyone know? It cant be anyone good. Jus' saying.

  20. That would suck if you were trying to send someone to the store on your behalf. Lots folks go to the grocery store for relatives who can't or don't want to go and use their bank card. sounds less then convenient to me.  

  21. Seems cool. Too bad we have people who would ruin it for everyone else. I bet thugs are going to have to resort to hacksaws now. Ouch.

  22. My plan is to just completely get away from currency. What's funny is that this was predicted in a curtain book. Can't recall the name of it for the life of me.

  23. so what happen if you dont have a cell phone, so with this it is going to basically make everyone being undead plug machine, and what with the amputee ppl

  24. The real full proof would be a fingerprint, vein scanning, retina detector, and dna blood testing device cross with bitcoin. 

  25. 1 – Hack into the hand scanning machine in your work place.
    2 – Collect the needed information like the vain patterns and the phone digits.
    3 – Meet someone who is willing to help you who works somewhere else.
    4 – Create a software that surpasses the scanning requirements and accepts the provided information directly (so that you don't have to scan your hand and it directly registers the purchase under the person you have the info of).
    5 – Go buy something expensive and use the information of the person to pay for it while your accomplice is working on the cashier (so that they don't ask you to scan your hand).

    Can't hackers really do this just like they have been doing with credit card information for years?

  26. As long as it isn't the required form of currency, it isn't universal, deeming physical money obsolote, and as long as it doesn't require me to put something into my body, I'm all in support of it.

  27. so when your acc is invalid or terminated they cut off your finger hahaha and no posible way to hack it they say (hm hm clones) 🙂

  28. While I do like high tech, as a student this concept disturbs me in a few ways:
    Who can prevent, say criminals, who force you to swipe your hand over one of those readers?
    What is the age restriction on this thing? Since we're still not out of the economical problems we face due to overconsumption.
    Another point is that the whole concept blurs the amount of money we are spending. There is already the problem of young people spending unconciously too much mainly because there is no visible money involved in credit cards.

  29. what about for parents that make their kids pick up things at the grocery store and use their credit cards to pay for stuff? can you have multiple people under your palm scan??? O.o

  30. There are plenty of ways to protect your identity. Using your social security number to register your biometrics  is not the best Idea. I personally use a bank card or credit card that reimburses fraudulent transactions, and have enough evidence to prove my side at all times. Plus I live a simple life of not going to Sketchy places.

  31. Why don't they just place tracers that track the movement of any data from point B to A. Then arrest who ever is at point A. it doesn't matter if it goes through point C, D F, because the tracer would also go through those points

  32. LMAO!!! as soon as anyone says "there is no possible way to…" do anything, there is a team of individuals, somewhere, calling bullshit, and working day and night, to prove that declarative statement wrong.

  33. fuck this shit! im sticking with card and cash! (mostly cash) alex jones was right, they are trying to finger print us like were a bunch of criminals! next thing you'll know, they are gonna try to force us to get the RFID chip. fuck you U.S. goverment you god damn tyrants!

  34. I don't want to put my hand all over something that hundreds of other people that day have touched. Pass.

  35. The USA is only just how starting to transition to microchip payments, how long do you think it will take us to adopt a biometric payment method!?

  36. This technology should replace All forms of ID there is no excuse for sticking to systems where people's Identities can be stolen when something like this is available.

  37. Awesome technology!! i definitely approve this method, it´s much better than all those credit cards i need to carry in my wallet

  38. I'm old fashioned. I prefer paying in cash. It's safer that way. I only use my debit card if I have a large purchase or in emergency.

  39. The end of time gets closer every day. Revelation chapter 13. This is the kind of technology the antichrist will use to control everyone on earth. A cashless society sounds great considering society is obsessed with convenience. The Bible predicts a time when no man can buy or sell without the mark of the beast. This type of cashless society now makes it clear that if you are lost without Jesus, you better be saved today. If the rapture happens and your lost, you will be left here on earth. Please don't wait, be saved now.

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