Coolest Tech of the Month OCT 2019 – EP#34 – Latest Gadgets You Must See

What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz
Tech Reviews. So welcome to the Coolest Tech of the Month October EP. 34 Now i’ve been listening to your feedback and therefore in this episode you can expect more affordable products especially for you guys. Now if you missed any of the
previous episodes i will link them in the description box below meanwhile if
you’d like your product showcased on this monthly special then do go ahead
and send me an e-mail so without any further ado let’s begin with the first
core product so the first cool product we have is the Ainope Huawei P30 pro
smartphone case now here we have a clear TPU case for the huawei P 30 pro and the
P 30 pro is a very beautifully designed smartphone and you really don’t want to
cover up that design so I especially like this case it’s a clear case it’ll
give you a degree of bumper protection all the way around so that’s a clear TPU
case for why we p30 pro a smartphone it will give you some better protection
better grip and it keeps the phone nice and slim I also like that it’s clear so
you’re not covering up that beautiful back design so great price for a pretty
decent smartphone case so cool product number two we have the ravpower 6 port
USB fast charging station so here we have a multifunctional charging station
consisting of five USB ports and one USB C port now the first two blue ports will
give you up to five watts of power and supports the data transfer and charging
for example plug in your smart phone in one and a USB Drive in the other and you
can transfer data to and from and you can also set it up to automatically
charge your phone and backup your data at the same time now the next two ports
are five Watts 2.4 a now and the fifth USB port is a quick charge 3 port and
finally the USB C port at the end will give you up to 24 watts of fast charging
so it’s quite a useful and versatile device it takes very
minimal space up on your desk it’s powered by this simple UK power adapter
and it will give you a whole load of convenience on your desk so quite a
useful and versatile multifunctional backup and charge all-in-one hub by RUF
power and it’s incredibly affordable so definitely check this one out and let’s
move on to the next cool product called product number three we have the MT 12
voice remote control with air mass functions so here is a brand new and
affordable remote control ideally for Android TV boxes but it will also work
on PCs MacBooks game consoles Smart TVs and the list goes on
now it’s powered by two triple A batteries and works via the included USB
dongle now you do have a 6 axis gyro mouse control and a built-in microphone
for your voice control now I have tested this out on the Nvidia shield TV and all
functions work fine I also tested this remote on a regular full Android TV box
and my LG Smart TV and it also works great on those devices
it’s simply plug and play so no configuring required and the operating
distance is up to 10 meters so here is the remote control it is connected to my
Nvidia shield TV and I can show you it working absolutely find left and right
cursor home button but got volume control you can see the volume on the
side now a mouse so you press the mouse button and then you have yourself an ear
mouse very smooth in operation if you’re going to turn off the cursor you press
the mouse button again cursor off got a built-in microphone and I’ll show you
that working keep the microphone pressed watch Simpsons and you can see that my voice did get
detected and there is Simpsons we’ll do another test I looked for the Simpsons
but it either isn’t available or don’t worry okay
so we’re doing another test what is the weather like in London today in London
today it’ll be rainy with a forecast high of 20 and a low of 16
right now it’s 16 and mostly sunny and finally I want to show you what the
power button does because the Nvidia shield doesn’t have a power button on
the original remote so when you press the power button it goes into standby
very nicely and when you press it again it switches back on so that was the MT
12 voice remote control with airmass function an ideal replacement at only
seven dollars or six pounds for your Android TV box Nvidia shield or even
your Xiaomi box definitely check this one out people the cool product number
four we have the TCL wireless neck band earbuds so these are TCL’s recently
unveiled now the neck band itself is made from a completely flexible rubber
now on each side you have a blue piece of plastic this one contains the battery
and there are no buttons on there and on the other side you actually have some
volume control play/pause etc now the earbuds themselves have a translucent
design you’ve got some spare earbuds of different sizes to suit and you have a
micro USB charging cable and if we peel this back you will see your micro USB
charging port well you have a 17 hour battery life fast charging so 15 minutes
of charge equals three hours of playback you have a built in microphone for your
phone calls and they are very lightweight noise isolating comfortable
and flexible neck band with integrated music controls and call controls now the
earbuds themselves have 8.6 millimeter drivers for clear sound and rich bass
and your Bluetooth version 5 now I’ve already tested this out in Aoife and I
have to say they are pretty awesome for the price and they are available
by in a range of different colors so these are the brand-new TCL’s wireless
neckband Bluetooth earbuds so corporate at number five and we have the brand new
Neos smart cam so here we have a new affordable small home security camera
it’s shaped like a cube it’s very light made completely from plastic with a
magnetic base and you can connect it to any metal surface and it will
immediately connect so you’ve already got a nice magnetic base there now you
do get a metal plate included with double-sided sticker
so you stick it on and you can put this metal plate any way you like
alternatively you can attach this magnetic base to any metal surface like
a fridge or a pole or anywhere else now the camera is powered by a single USB
and it’s micro USB cable furthermore this camera can shoot a maximum of 1080p
video with eight times digital zoom you have night vision motion detection cloud
recording and lots more now you can access the live footage from your smart
phone from anywhere you like and this system supports multiple cameras so you
can buy more of these cameras and view and manage them all from a single app
and the best part about this camera is it’s priced only 29 US dollars or 25
pounds in the UK and watch this guys you can extend the base out that magnetic
base can be attached in any angle you like or you can just use it as a stand
very clever design and I want to quickly show you this one in action and here you
go we have a live feed and you can see motion has been detected it gives you
time stamps and it takes a picture even if a noise is heard it will take a
picture now if you click on that it would take you back to that scene and it
will play it at the top now over here you can download clips save snapshot or
go live so we’re going to go back to live feed so I will pick the camera up
face it to myself so you can clearly see that this is now a live feed
and I’m actually going to record this footage right now so this is a live feed
of the Neos smart cam and when you record some footage you can save it any
way you like I’ll save it to my gallery scroll back go back out and here is that
footage you can see all the new events motion detection noise detection and
everything gets recorded you can play it back
according to date/time so there you have it guys
that was the Neos smart cam 25 pounds or 29 US dollars for a tiny home security
camera for the price this is an absolute amazing product there’s no built-in
battery so it’s not completely wireless you have to have it on power at all
times but you have a built-in speaker microphone two-way audio night vision
you got the works and it can shoot a full 1080p video I absolutely love the
design and again for the price you simply can’t go wrong Neos smart cam
people it’s a cool product number six we have the roid be next x20 cordless
vacuum cleaner and I believe avoid me is actually part of Xiaomi so quite excited
to check this one out mattress brush rolling brush power
adapter accessories how’s that for organization and the whole thing comes
off brilliant so here is everything you get in the box you get a lot quickly go
through all the attachments you’ve got an electric brush over here quite
interesting quite large it’s like a full-size vacuum cleaner brush and
there’s the connection that was simply connect to the end of the vacuum cleaner
and you can use the long tubes for the extension if you need to what else do we
have clearly labeled mattress brush you’ve got a separate brush especially
for your mattress so this is a multifunctional brush it’s going to be
good for your curtains and upholstery we’ve got a another extended tube and
it’s a flexi one to get into those hard-to-reach areas
we’ve even got this what looks like a mopping brush you got a spare cleaning
cloth with it this one comes off as well and basically you fill this up with
water from here attach it to the vacuum cleaner and then you can actually mop
there’s a European power adapter and here is the power docking station so you
plug the power adapter into there and the actual vacuum cleaner or charge from
here when it gets docked it’s magnetic as you can see so it’s actually quite a
strong magnetic connection now you have a hundred and forty five air watts of
power which can reach up to twenty five thousand PA of suction power so that’s
quite powerful for a handheld now this is Roy B’s flagship product and they are
calling it the world’s first vacuum cleaner with a mop and has won nine
international design awards in its first year now you do have a rechargeable
battery built in and it will give you 60 minutes of cleaning time on a single
charge this is happy days for vacuum cleaning
people this is definitely the future now the vacuum cleaner is around 1.5 kgs in
weight and comes with a lot of accessories that I’ve already shown you
and it will help you keep your house clean because that’s what it’s about
people you want to keep your house clean you don’t want your house dirty you
don’t want a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work now the dust capacity is 0.5 G is
quite easy to remove it’s like a pot or a capsule and over here you’ve got your
HEPA filter and you’ve got a spare one there as well and that is how easy it is
to empty this has to be the best quality handheld vacuum cleaner I’ve seen so far
on this channel and you’ve got a power indicator on the top which tells you is
charging if I remove it off the charge and keep the power button pressed you
can see that you’ve got three bars and here we go so I will plug in one of the attachments
to show you so let’s switch it on again you’ve got a turbo button on the back
check that out so a powerful and cheap alternative to
Dyson this is the void B next X 22 in one mop and vacuum cleaner keep your
eyes open for this one people like number seven we have a truly
pocket-sized advanced mobile gimbal stabilizer made from an aluminium alloy
body with a rubberized finish on top giving you a very nice grip to it it’s
small compact and it’s actually designed to fit in your pocket over here you’ve
got a joystick control you’ve got some LED lights on top record button and a
power button and on the side you’ve got a USB type-c port so here’s my p30 pro
by no means is this a small screen and as you can see it fits a very nice and
easy so here we are I’m going to turn the power on and you’ll see this working well hey so here it is a very small
smartphone gimbal and it does work really well now you’ve got the joystick
which you can press and it will change the different modes you have now this
mini gimbal has a 16 hour battery life it supports portrait and landscape you
have object tracking motion lapse and you have direct control of the native
camera with a one-second release clip that is the brand new Zhi Yoon smooth q2
pocket-sized mobile gimbal for your smartphone very compact in size and
truly a pocket-sized gimbal for cool product number eight we have the Moshi
Advanta C headphones you’ve got a fabric hard a zip up case and we’re going to
get this open to present you with so these are USB
type-c wired headphones they are very premium quality the outer headband is
made from stainless steel finished in silver and you do have padding on the
inside now the air cups just fold out and they are adjustable as you can see
and literally the whole frame everything is made from stainless steel except of
course the air pads which are well padded and made from leather they
support HD 40 high you got neodymium drivers producing an
ultra quality clear sound with balanced mids and lows now you do have angled air
cut design for improved comfort especially over those extended periods
now these are wired headphones and you’ve got two cables to choose from so
they basically just clip on left and right and you have yourself audio
controls built-in microphone for your phone calls and standard 3.5 milk and
you also get a braided version for the extra toughness but not just the
toughness the braided version is actually USB type-c so it will work on
your latest smartphone so let’s give it a shot shall we so there you have it a
very smart looking pair of headphones I absolutely loved the build quality and
the sound they produce so that was the Moshi Avanti C people definitely check
these out so for call product number nine we have
the Mutis m30 percussion massager so this comes in a
large zip up hard case let’s get the case open so first of all we have a
white carry pouch and here is the massager itself now this is a brand new
premium percussion massager this one is designed in Italy it’s only 800 grams in
weight so quite light and it will give you five modes backed by a powerful 200
watt motor percussion massages are the new cutting edge technology and is used
by many known athletes and sportsmen it basically uses percussive vibration to
improve the body’s overall performance so for example you put one of these
attachments on and they’re all for different parts of your body but
basically this product has multiple health benefits which include relieving
muscle stiffness and soreness encouraging blood circulation promoting
muscle warm-up and recovery and preventing muscle damage and you do have
five operating modes so one two three four and five so basically after a hard
workout in the gym if any of your muscles are slightly aching this will
help relieve that muscle stiffness and soreness encouraging blood circulation
except so that was the Mutis m30 percussion
massage uh people and is definitely worth checking one of these out if
you’re into workout and fitness so-called product number ten we have a
special you AG cases for the samsung galaxy note 10 and note ten plus new
agey is one of my all-time favorite smartphone case manufacturer i’m not
just saying it i’ve actually ordered one for my iphone pro max it gives you
protection against dropping your phone so full protection and I previously use
a you AG case on one of my Samsung galaxys and also one of my old iPhones
and I have to say they’ve been great I’ve dropped my phone a few times with
the cases on and they really do a good job at protecting your device so I’m
giving both of these cases away a you AG monarch Note 10 case and a you AG
monarch 10 plus case I’m giving both of these away so let me know in the
comments or on twitter at chick’s tech review why you want the case and also
tweet a photo of your note 10 to actually prove that you have a note 10
and add the reason why I should give you the case and the best two answers will
win the case so good luck guys and let’s move on with the next chord product so
for cool product number 11 we have Safi the anti-theft travel bag a very
interesting name reminds me of someone do let me know in the comments so you
think that could be it’s basically a travel bag which has a
three lock combination built in there is no zipper at all is simply a lid body on
hinges and when you open it up you have compartments for your passports wallet
phone money etc it’s a durable bag and you have steel enforced shoulder straps
so the shoulder straps basically go in like that so the shoulder straps are
locked into place so they’re not going anywhere now and if you want to remove
the shoulder straps you need to unlock the box and over here you have a lever
for the shoulder straps so you press that and that will release the lock for
the shoulder straps now another great feature is you have RFID blocking which
means no one can hack your card by swiping a machine towards the
bag also this bag is cut and water-resistant it’s lightweight and
high impact resistant now the dimensions of this bag is 22 centimeters in height
15 point six centimeters in width and 6.3 centimeters in depth and it weighs
0.65 kgs they’re calling it the best travel and anti-theft bag I think is
pretty good it could be quite decent for traveling I do like the safety aspects
of it all so that is Safi the anti-theft travel bag definitely check this one out
people so for called product number 12 we have the ball tune active
noise-cancelling wireless bluetooth headphones so these come in a leather
zip up hard case very well presented and here they are now these are bluetooth
version 5 over-the-air headphones they support Wireless or you can connect the
included 3.5 male audio cable and go wired if you prefer now the headphones
are made from plastic you’ve got plenty of padding at the top they are
adjustable and foldable plenty of padding on the air cups and they do
swerve in and out now buttons you’ve got volume control power button an audio
jack if you want to go wired you’ve got the ANC button which you switch on and
off and you get the blue light will indicate ANC is on ANC means active
noise cancellation and it would block out all background noise leaving you and
your music completely alone now this pair of headphones will give
you a whopping 30 hour battery life that’s three zero hours people and it
takes less than one hour to fully charge them in fact five minutes of charging
will give you more than two hours of music so you’ve got an incredibly fast
charging pair of wireless bluetooth headphones now the headphones themselves
do feel quite comfy and lightweight and the music sounds crystal clear with a
decent amount of bass now these are over the ear headphones but they are not that
bulky or heavy and they also do not stick out too much so that was the ball
tune anc wireless bluetooth headphones so
corporate like number 13 we have the smart cine universal smartphone video
kit so here we have a complete video vlogging kit you’re going to get a
portable rig LED ring light with a lens and a pro microphone this looks really
really cool and it’s quite affordable as well
so let’s check it out see what you get so it seems like everything comes with a
zip-up hardcase in this video but it’s a good thing very well presented as you
can see let’s take everything out so you get so this is everything that comes in
the box which features a smartphone rig which can hold phones between two point
two to three point eight inches what’s great about this rig is you’ve got the
LED ring light and the microphone built-in you’ve got your switches on the
side power on the top for the LED light and it’s an all-in-one device your phone
wouldn’t be attached here and over here you have a tripod mount for the handle
but you don’t even have to use this handle you can use your own one if you
wish to do so so you can have a longer one or you can
have a full tripod stand if you prefer and you’ve got some additional lenses
this one is a wide-angle lens and over here we have a fisheye lens
also you can attach a strap and you also have a microphone wind guard should you
need it now these are the cables you’re going to need to hook up the microphone
and you also have a micro USB charging cable so here is a working demonstration
I’ve aligned it I’ve gone left-right up-down and I’ve aligned it so the main
camera is active and if we go over here you can see that is my main camera if I
turn the LED light on I’ll turn it on to show you how it looks first of all okay
you’ve got three levels low medium and high now for the microphone to work you
need a device which actually has a headphone jack so that microphones not
going to work with the p30 Pro but what I do want to see is the lenses now it’s
a bit weird trying to put a wide-angle lens on the Peter II Pro because the p30
pro already has a wide-angle lens I could just shift the camera along but
I’m going to pretend I don’t have a pizza a pro on here
I’m just going to pretend it’s a different phone just for argument’s sake
it’s something less which doesn’t have a wide-angle lens and here you go you now
have a wide-angle lens yeah that’s not bad at all
if you have a smartphone which is not ideally a top-of-the-range smartphone
but you want to start vlogging this kit will certainly improve your production
quality it can give you a more stable video better audio and of course better
lighting so definitely check this out the smart cine universal smartphone
video kit people so there you have it guys that was the coolest tech of the
month October 2019 I’ll see you guys again next month with another episode
showcasing some of the coolest tech which I set my eyes on now do let me
know which products were your favorite from the bunch and also there is a
giveaway going on two of the UAT cases are up for grabs and if you missed the
mention of the giveaway I will add the time stamp in the description box below
and with that being said I will leave the links in the description box below
so you guys can check any of these products out and if you like one of them
you can of course go ahead and pick one up for yourself that’s all for this
video thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day I’ll
see you guys in the next one you

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