Cool Tech Under $50 – March!

What’s up guys I’m randomfrankp back with another episode of cool tech under $50 for March. The series where you show off some of the best tech you can buy, under that price point. In this month marks the fourth consecutive year of doing this each and every month. So shout out to you guys for fueling the show. See anything you like? I will have it all listed for you in the description down below so you can check it out. And also shout out to last months winners, I’ll be in contact with you guys so you can claim your tech. And if you wanna win anything from this episode, just hit that thumbs up button down below and comment your favorite tech and why. Now first off with a pretty cool little gadget for gamers out there, this lets you use your Xbox one controller with your PS4, your PC or your Switch wirelessly. Now I thought it was cool because there’s nothing really like this out there right now that lets you use one controller over different platforms wirelessly Also Xbox One controllers, they have hundreds of different designs and different color options to pick from They’re also pretty affordable and they’re the most common controller used on PC. Now if your a Sony fan, you prefer the dual shock controllers, to each his own. But having an adapter like this that lets you use your controller across any platform Its just, pretty cool.

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100 thoughts on “Cool Tech Under $50 – March!

  1. We crashed the touch portal site within 30 mins of this video going live!? 😂 give it some time to come back up

  2. If you are going to buy the phantom keyboard I would say buy the reddragon k556 the keys are also hot-swappable and is a bit better quality.

  3. I just ordered a black gateron brown Anne Pro 2 for $56 off of banggood in a group buy. Waiting for it to arrive.

  4. The mbar mechanical keyboard on ebay is only 20 bucks and has all the same features n lighting modes as the one you showed only half the price n a little more sturdy..

  5. Thank you for making this channel I bought 2 $80 keyboards thinking they had switches…they were both membrane and they are bad I’m definitely buying that keyboard thank you!!

  6. I've been pretty interested in mechanical keyboards recently and may want to upgrade. I just don't know what kind of switch to get. That keyboard might be something I'll look into.

  7. Love the keyboard! I've had my eye on it for my office, as the membrane keyboard I have right now is completely terrible. I would love the option to have my own personalized keyboard and add some personality to my desk and work life.

  8. I would really enjoy the keyboard because I’m starting to play pc and I don’t really have a good keyboard so I would really appreciate the keyboard

  9. My favourite was the keyboard, suck a sick layout and the changeable switch system seems handy and convenient! Keep up the great work man 💪🙏

  10. I need the phantom keyboard because I have used a office keyboard for 3 years to play games. Please? 🙂

  11. ive been reading that the keyboard doesnt doesnt support kailh switches but u are saying it does?

  12. ok, I'm having problems and I can't find out how to do this. so on my g502, I have the spectrum and I can't get the sensitivity lights to stay on. How do I do that?

  13. That lantern thing is way overpriced. I bet they got them on Alibaba for less than a third of that price.

  14. That keyboard would make my friend soooooo happy. I'd be glad to win it and pass it on and pass on your channel as well!

  15. Is the Phantom keyboard Really compatible with other switch types besides outemu? If so can you give me a list?

  16. I liked the vid! And i would like the keyboard because my parents dont want me to buy a keyboard because they think that it is a wast of money! I hope i win?!😋

  17. oh, man, the Bamboo Desktop Stand is awesome, I have a small Desk and its always crowded, it would be super cool and handy to have it on my desk.

  18. Bamboo desk stand is my favorite because now i no more get scream from my mom for not aswering her text

  19. The Phantom 87 keyboard I would like because I use a old apple keyboard and I have small hands and a setup so a small keyboard would be nice. It’s also my birthday soon so I would be cool to get a free keyboard so I can get the best stuff for not to much as an overall price. So that’s why I want it and what I want I hope you please choose me

  20. the keybord i love and i dont can get a good keybord cuse i dont get gaming from my mom and dad

  21. I liked the keyboard because as you said it was the best budget keyboard with RGB lights and good switches

  22. I really liked the brook device for the xbox controller. I really liked it because I have an xbox and a pc bur would like to start playing games like forza 4 and other racing games on my pc. This device would allow me to play with my controller on both platforms. If you are reading this thrn thank you for your time and the chance at winning this. With much respect ~ XCman405

  23. I was planning on buying an RGB keyboard for my friend and this wouldn’t break the bank. Therefore the Tecware Phantom 87 would be my no.1

  24. I like how you presented the line with no hickups no nothing, I didn't notice it until I rewatched the video

  25. I have the tecware phantoms RBG keyboard, and I find it worth it than expensive keyboards since the switch is hot swappable, and it has RBG. Also you can re program each key with software but it’s optional

  26. I love keyboards and your channel because keyboards are very nice and I love and dreamed about cherry mcg ducky keyboard

  27. That Tecware Phantom 87 is pretty interesting, i've been wanting a mechanical keyboard lately to step up the game if you know what i mean and i would love to get my hands on one of these so yeah if i'm winning that would be pretty cool.

  28. Hey @randomfrankp what desk were you using when you showed off the tecware keyboard? I’m looking for a new desk and I just love the looks

  29. The x one adapter is awesome. Would be nice to not take forever to get used the feel of the different controllers whenever I use a different console

  30. I've heard the tecware phantom 87 has an issue with swapping in kailh box switches because the hot swap sockets are made for outemu switches. But your kailh box pink fit in easily, so i'm confused. Did you mod the kailh box pink or the board to make the switch work?.?

  31. Bruh I just bought a techware phantom keyboard and I didn’t regret it. Thanks for finding us a actual good keyboard

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