whatsup guys logan here with another episode of product prodigy and
today I’m going to start a new series of cool tech deals let’s get this started and 6580
quad-core 1.3 process by the five and he made camera
with flash and pecan / internal memory 768 MB RAM microSD up to 64 Chiefs
Chargers got this bad who are here charger I’m not about to read all that
this is for all these injury for wireless charging it was like 60 bucks
now it’s friggin 1439 and free shipping on Amazon each tree 1674 the AK device awarded tablet HP tablet Fire tablet 7 aged over 50 bucks and
also comes in different colors also I was planning on just doing three but I
saw this one and I just died laughing I just think I’m not really sure what
would use this for I guess opening on I don’t want to turn on the white guys or
something global transform any clearly into a
nineteen makes party training well I guess hopes for a maybe people would be interested in this are you guys stand mixer white to my channel I hope to see you next

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