Cool Gadgets Under £1

Hello and Welcome my name is Daniel and this week we have our top 5 tech under £1 first up we have we have the Mini Elephant Smartphone holder this small and compact holder is a perfect solution for traveling around on simply placing on your desk The Elephant Holder provides and steady and firm support and can hold your phone in landscape or portrait mode making it easy to watch a movie on the plane, train or pretty much anywhere you want the holder is super mini and light which allows you to carry it around and it also doesn’t take up much room next up we have the 3.5MM Aux cable these cables come in a range of colours and come in 1 meter in length they have gold plated connectors so you know you’ll always get a better sound quality the cables are also flat not rounded so they don’t tend to tangle up. Making it easy to travel around with and hassle free the sound quality compared to high end cables is pretty good and for under £1 i’d recommend picking a few up next we have the iPhone clear rubber skin case the comes in a range of sizes from iPhone 4s up to iPhone 6s Plus now for under £1 i wasn’t expecting anything great however this product has completely changed my mind about high end phone cases iv’e actually swapped my £40 leather Apple case with this clear rubber skin case the case is super thin and it feels like you don’t even have a case around your phone it feels extremely comfortable in your hands and it even offers some production from drops which is always nice to have now moving on to our 4th product and if you are looking for more protection then you’ll want to pick up the tempered glass screen protector this screen protector comes with a industry high 9H hardness and is smudge and fingerprint resistant the screen protector will protect your phone from scratches and also offer a like to like feel from the original iPhone screen for a product that is under £1 you just can’t go wrong our final product is the flexible mini USB light lamp for your notebook, laptop or any device with a USB port The USB light is super compact and lightweight and offers a bright LED light to help aid anything you may be doing the usb users 5 volts and comes in a range of 5 colours for you to pick from so that is our top five tech under 1 pound if you enjoy this video and would like us to do another 5 top tech under £5, £10, £50 or even £100 then be sure to let us know by giving this video a big thumbs up and if you are new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button for more technology, gadget and gaming reviews

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8 thoughts on “Cool Gadgets Under £1

  1. I'm off to order myself a pink AUX cable my one in the car was so expensive but shocking! Thanks for the advice as always a great video 😋

  2. Nice Vid! do you have a pop filter on your mic? Your channel is very professional but i would recommend either a white background or a more interesting one (desk). tech under 5, 10 pound would be cool

  3. Such Quality Videos , But Maybe Adding A Little Bit More Time On The Motion And Graphic Designs , Will Add More Interest For The Viewer , And Also , I Love Your Vids , And Also , I SUBBED , I love All Your Vids , You're Showing Quality in The Videos , Awesome Bro! , Keep Up The Good Work

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