Cool Amazing futuristic gadgets must see 2017 #3

hello products are shown in no particular order to know more link in the description below sit back and enjoy number one online we’re so happy you’re interested in air bar let’s get going the air bar sensor is extremely easy to set up we’re going to show you the steps air bar comes in different sizes if you don’t already know the size of your display just measured diagonally and then choose the size that best fits your computer now your air bar sensor has arrived and we’re going to show you how to attach it the first time you attach air bar it’s important you do it correctly center and three millimeters below the bottom edge of the display use the width of the USB cord as a reference and use the white alignment markers to Center their bar start by removing the two tags on the back after that generally attached air bar to the bottom bezel then press gently above the magnet point remove their bar and press on the magnets a bit harder to fixate them that fit now you can attach and detach air bar again and again without hassle and it will be perfectly aligned and centered every time thanks to the magnets that remain below your screen and don’t worry you’ll still be able to close your notebook without any problems now that their bar is set up start your computer running Windows 10 attached air bar and plug the USB connector into the notebook you now have touch pinch roll sweet and have fun number can’t get those truly wireless your work but are they truly practical for all that you do while truly wireless earbuds are great we know the 23 hour battery life is it going to cut it into your busy life now after all who could afford to stop what they’re doing to put their heads both back in a case and wait for them to charge not to mention the truly wireless earbuds are simply not designed to stay in place making them less ideal for traveling hiking biking marathon fishing camping rock-climbing hunting kayaking in many other parts of your active life I mean you would need super the port right so do yourself get the half will try to hook down the left ear budget three days ago you get the best solution for your kind of life the i-10 power series ttc 210 head folks these aren’t your grandma house so these connections power port on your smartphone or tablets giving you the powered difference what that I’m glad us the power series headphones bypass your smart devices jack in favor of its dedicated amplifies 24-bit eh capable of unlocking three to five times sound quality from your region taking it from turtle testarossa this high fidelity sound fuels the precision engineered dynamic drivers providing superior audio that pumps out of boosted with crystal clear high sounding like well metro boomin Senate challenge is that a baby in areas you could pay your blue cheese a jacket phone supporters off to boot you killed it annoys the installation without having to carry around battery the size of your dad standing back one more overtaking left these three others only have two to five percent of your battery life to power up for plea to strengthen 30-percent just to connect your phone making out better than the X in the divorce itself not even talking about having to make sure another device fully charged before leaving the house not convinced look in your headphones do this in our see magnetic response control answering for hanging up a call falling for playing your music has never been easier no more efficient in your pocket white girlfriends waiting on a lot let me like to the max turndownforwhat use that voice sweat-resistant with ergonomic design for the ultimate in your stability keeping them exactly where need to think don’t miss of continuing with engineered quality of the power series lines to be team players are made military great item style nylon foot with steel-reinforced connectors and aluminum shock absorbent house stronger for your everyday life available for colors for your lighting microUSB for us be smart devices to that stones change the game without breaking the bank starting at $69 four factors exclusive if you have any trouble no need to work every pair is back to the lifetime warranty guaranteeing to be the last set bones you’ll ever need so in the words of the wise the soul of the universe he was not there is no try back today to be the first to get the items our series ttc 210 headphones tower for the power number three no meeting i’ll make the small powerful contains that helps you find your things small in light tile mate is designed to easily hook onto your keys dropping your first won’t stick on your bike when your things get lost time mate is there to help you find them ringtail mate to quickly find your remote control or use the tile app to retrace your steps and see where you left your car of a map if your phone that you’re looking for just press the button on any of your tiles and your phone will ring even on silent and if your bike goes missing tile can still help you find it just asked to be notified then when any user entitled global network comes within range of your missing like the tile app will alert you of its most recent location tile mate the simple easy way to find you’re saying get Kyle made today and never worry about losing anything again style like what matters hey there thanks for watching this video click here to watch more and please subscribe to our channel it easy with the subscription button is down there somewhere don’t wait for me to ask you again go ahead and subscribe I promise you won’t regret it

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