We can’t do well verse okay Oh TK paladin, can we look I don’t do horribly I’m gonna just play this on to How would you plug in for better we got Trang get fire she witchdoctor be sick Nice you might be mgtow it into Caesar TK paladin Russia Don’t even know that game thought gonna say Because he consecrates man playing a 4/4 Tamarind Why didn’t you do it on there one he wants to push the two oh I see No, I don’t see you could all he doesn’t want me to get the option to play the four drop he’s sneaky Take seven Definitely doesn’t like it. We got enough dragons. They’re coming in nice and smooth I hope you like my Healing him too for help with Missouri’s probably now, I’m gonna be helpful I Said order I don’t know how that’s order and that guy’s just wrong. It’s time out and punish him for being wrong Nailed in Is it too harsh Calling fake miss plays. We gotta end this fake news ma’am Right, isn’t that a thing gotta stop that and it starts with twitch an All right, how do we on time amount that’s too harsh On time that truly man There we go We need a ton eventually We have two armed guards in a Tyrian Because we don’t want them to be able to choose silver me and irons and missiles Is my best shot outlasting him actually or is my best shot trying to kill him I Think I should try and kill him At last him seems more difficult, he sells a hammer a wrath and he could do the combo twice I Guess we have to draw a Nazari If we want to outlast him, if we if we draw a Nazari, then we could we could reasonably outlast him Which would be a sick game? But our odds of finding this re before he finds his whole deck is actually low This we don’t read card draw When we didn’t which hack your any card draw a were supposed to take hammer add instead of kings Yeah, Geppetto would be sweet be Geppetto you pleasure Nazari from 1to it should be pretty pong That’s the second hammer around to his through taught images limited down to just consecrates What would either do You Here were way more mid-range than control that’s for sure With the quality and it’s our only control tool unless you count Nazari I Think he’s under the impression that we run some kind of burst combo Alright if we find it taught for a second truce over we can out heal him but We need to find some sort of talk for his second truesilver The crystallizer mute combos prague That might be tough to beat I don’t know he could be tell he runs Alex in there too, man I wonder Okay, we have to play archivist at some point Maybe he doesn’t run two 5-minute spells either. I’m pretty sure this has to happen If we’re gonna have a chance to win because I want to be on the play arc of its next turn and find more So this top tech archivist Or top tech Geppetto and play archivist And we can do it he runs a youthful brew masters we might not run two copies of the 5 minute card Hopefully, he runs one truesilver I don’t see why he would do that But that would make it more likely for us to win We also have a Harrison Jones we could shut down the truce over it be a good top deck as well He did suspiciously little dead turn They work typically around 11:00 removal so setting this up is good, but we don’t want to swing just save that he’ll name Well, we have our taunt didn’t consecrate again, maybe I’m supposed to save this, huh He only runs one copy the five mana card in one trees over dude, what are the odds He cut a true silver in the five minutes bail for youthful brewmaster and Alex Johnson Sevens big but maybe it’s nice just to get T She generated a lot of equalities man Humility turns an eight eight into a one eight Maybe he doesn’t have the mana cyclone. Oh shit, he didn’t I thought for sure he hit him in a cyclone that Seems excessive now he has the Mantis. I saved a ray of frost You make these ten sevens for some reason Noyce we’re doing it. Oh Okay, okay No cash we Could you not dude this is the fifth one of those you’ve played To hell if it buff to this one it actually maybe be good cuz they need to get a big time but like what am I gonna do with these I Mean they are gonna kill this one 6, which is fantastic You actually need to talk Now I will be fine Let’s make it so you can’t catch calling me This would be fine We’re dead – fireball though It may be a counterspell up Excuse me Well, the only way to stay alive is to play warm garden and hope he doesn’t have a polymorph art cons We’re almost didn’t Azaria manna and things really start to turn around You It’s never it’s a CJ Okay It’s never hits a frost Nova or the conch she said Conger said frost Nova. Oh we did it We alive and we’re dealing some face damage Some into I’d really like to find this Nazari No, we didn’t have lethal they’re one-off We don’t even know if that’s a barrier or not you didn’t make any fireballs, it’s interesting For justice There’s extra non-lethal that’s a barrier You like using a PI remain This card would actually be kind of sick and paladin Here comes the fire blast We had the answer we almost won that game He had the newts man and we still almost won Show me the dragons. Oh Oh not good not good not good No, no, no We don’t want to coin it. Anyway, we’re not quite the true silver I kind of want to coin it That’s a good card You better draw a dragon or A wild pyromancer. Are you Dragon though? But this to to the other one gets to fight shield and tarnish probably more element did this kind of matchup Not good, I feel good Okay consecrate Consecrate thank you Finding play around there did seem like a smart play. I don’t know control dragon paladin rise of shadows 2019

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