Construction Workers Snapchat Inside Apple Park

– [Tito] By now, you’ve most likely seen all the pretty drone
shots that have been taken of Apple’s new campus
being built in Cupertino, but not much has been seen of the inside except for some renderings. I bet you’re pretty curious to see what the inside looks like though. Well, let me show you how
easy that is to find out. Log in to Snapchat. Search “apple park” and
click on the first story. Construction workers have been giving us first-hand access to what the inside of the Spaceship campus is looking like on Snapchat Stories. Some have had some colorful opinions on what certain rooms look like, to that one guy, like crap, apparently, and others are just
filming their daily work, and it looks pretty cool. (light fun music) Those lights that are twirling around. Are those there all the
time or just at night to make it look more spaceshippy? A little spooky, a little trippy. Thanks for the images, guys! Keep posting away. Curious to see more of the place. (light fun music)

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15 thoughts on “Construction Workers Snapchat Inside Apple Park

  1. I'm a taper at the Apple campus I'm pretty sure that they've got bigger fish to fry then to get rid of hard-working dedicated workers….. my older brother is a foreman, well was a foreman….. At the Apple campus and I'm sure his "snaps" although very revealing still harmless nonetheless. How do you hold someone accountable for leaking something that everyone has access to?!? #Smfh #whyjp

  2. Why JP was let go she'd be applied to anyone who obviously falls into the same category as him #whyjp #applepark #wtfapple spread it round …. So I guess this guy no longer works there…

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