Cómo poner VARIAS FOTOS en una misma HISTORIA de INSTAGRAM

In the description of this video, you have the link with MORE INFORMATION in text The first thing is to download the GBox app. Open the application and click on the KeyBoard option.
We click on the different settings to accept permissions. Enable the Gbox keyboard We choose Gbox as the default keyboard. Now we can
go to Instagram and create a story For this creation we will insert a background image. Click on the text icon.
Press on the screen to display the keyboard. When the Gbox keyboard appears, click on the lower photo icon. Choose the photo you want to add. You can place and resize the inserted image.

You can add the photos you want and make “copy and paste” effect. We can also use Facebook.
We create a story. Click on the “Sticker” icon.
We choose the symbol of images.
We insert the image (s). Now we upload the story.
We keep the story up. It only remains to go to Instagram and upload the saved history of Facebook.

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