Hi people! How’s everybody today We will learn how to do One of the most amazing tricks ever For to do this tutorial, We choose between the comments They arrived at the channel We did a debate in social networks Facebook, Instagram, twitter, And the winning trick was this How to 360 flip on fingerboard First and for to be clear the “360 flip” is the combination between a Kickflip That trick we saw in an earlier tutorial You can see it here and a 360 pop shove-it the theory says: for to make a 360 flip You will need a kickflip, a pop shove-it, a varial flip and 360 pop shove-it. But relax! You do not need to have all that its fingerboarding!!! no, real skateboarding in the fingerboarding, if you fall, You’re not going to hurt You can stop in the air, if you want actually, You can fly if you want! The only thing you need before for these tricks Is to know “how to push the impossible” If you know how to do that, you can see it as a simple tech deck in the first attempt,do it so similar trick But, you couldn’t do it by jumping something It will not work for “slides” Because you need it so high, with “pop” the posicion fingers Put your fingers in the position like this your from finger is going to be in the kickflip position but a little more into the board and your back finger is really on the side to be able to scoop the board like in the impossible and flip it to the full 360 ¿How should we push the trick? for to make more it easier I suggest you, do it rolling to fakie with the fingers in this position, Turn your hand upside down And in this position Give a spin like this, If you see it well It’s very similar to varial flip In this movement you make a 180 varial After that, you make opposite varial flip Practice the movement several times At every attempt try to be more fluid First stopping you in the air And then in a single movement When you will can do it in fakie Try now to do it by rolling in regular stands And repeat some times like this Up to this point, You’re doing great And in theory you already do the 360 flip If you are a beginner You can stop the video now What I will explain next It is for those who want their trick to be more elegant Many know how important it is for tricks to be realistic It’s when you know if the rider has more style so, for to make your 360 flip more style What you should do is this Having dominated the previous steps now learn to do it like in skateboarding Put your fingers exactly in the same position the only diferents is how scoop the back finger The important thing is that fingerboard turn horizontally Use the back finger to move it horizontally and when are you going to get the trick Catch it with your front finger after some time, you can try with an obstacle like a rail o any spot always find do the most horizontal possible, and catch with you front finger In this part, and with the permission of him I want to use the video part of my good friend jp Who has the best 360 flip in fingerboard, that I know And that’s how I learned this trick. Write in the comments if you could do it, And how much time did you need I’ll go to the tutorials for beginners and for those who are more expert but meanwhile, And to make it more fun write in the comments, What trick would you like to learn? and the trick with most “likes”, will be the winner, and you can see in the next video thank you very much for your Support, for
understanding, for anything!!! Do not forget to visit our social networks My name is arturo and we’ll see you next week

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