Yo Gajos and Gajas, MiguelJoker here once again with another video, this time i’m bringing you guys the sea stealth attack deck, which the main card is this trap, but also i’m going to show different ways of beating it cause i know there are a few players having trouble to beat it so before everything else i wanna send a shout out to everybody from the Duel Links Brasil discord cause i know they’re always watching my videos and following the channel and also for the new viewers subscribe and share to videos cause it helps a lot so, that’s it so this deck i’m showing to you guys today it’s acctually a cheap deck to build (he’s showing of the 2 prismatic SRs that he pulled) and i’m going to showing you guys how to counter it and also how to build this deck with a more “f2p” friendly version of this deck so first of, why i’m just using 1 Whale even tho i have 3 because it can be a dead draw and makes the deck less consistent of course if you have ways of summoning the Whale together with the SSA (sea stealth attack) it’s almost a guaranteed win and it’s more consistent using Balance as skill you also need 3 Atlantean warrior and the 3 Legendary ocean with Balance, with Restart maybe not (not consistent) this version i’m running is similar to Masarike’s version it’s a player that won a tournament with this deck and i’m running a version similar to his but anyways i kinda of had a different idea for this deck but i still don’t have the cards to do it that would be with 3 Whales so the Fisherman is the core monster cause it’s uneffected by monsters effects but even if you don’t have the Fisherman you can just play other lvl 5 Water monsters, here it has some good ones Deuterion is good if you’re using a lot of Whales (3 Whales) cause when you summon it you can summon another one from the graveyard that’s why it’s an option you also have this guy that destroy a card by sending another water monster to the grave we also have this one it’s good cause it’s not effected by Spells uneffected by E-Cons, super rushs etc that’s why maybe it’s a good option this another one is good against magnets cause neither player can summon monsters with less than 1800 ATK also idaten can’t be summoned so you can’t do the combo with benten but i personally think a better card against magnets this are all the lvl 5 Water monsters that i recommend you to use oh the’re this one also that can’t be destroyed by battle it’s also good especially agaisnt Anti-magic arrows so Deuterion is only here cause i was testing out but now i’m gonna drop them cause i didn’t liked then we have the traps you have a good chance of starting with SSA in hand using Balance and we also have Turnabout that’s a card that i really like in this deck cause all your lvl 5 monsters are lvl 4 with the field spell and you can flip all monsters face down on the mirror match is good against burn is also good to flip the lava golems the good thing with Balance in this deck is that if you start with the combo in hand you can win almost everytime but sometimes let’s say that out of 10 games you play 1 you’re going to brick but it’s a good deck and it’s an easy deck to build if you have the 3 copies of SSA and the 3 Atlantean and now i’m gonna show cards that are good agaisnt this deck/counter i’ve just put a few cards that i think are good agaisnt this deck cyber angel is one the strongest decks agaisnt SSA decks REZ is also strong if you draw Econ early fast decks are good agaisnt SSA decks so as i said Cyber angel is probably the best deck agaisnt this SSA deck SSA decks are kind of like a better version of hazy flame cause i think it’s more consistent then we have Cyclone, that it’s the best card agaisnt this deck cause you can banish the trap straight away you can also remove the field spell cause the effect of SSA won’t work without the field spell Creature seizure is also good cause if your opponent only has 1 monster you can switch your NORMAL monster for your opponents monster and on the next turn if you have another normal monster you just summon it and swing and that’s going to be game for you probably you can always do it like this AMA is also another good card just remembering that Ancient Gear Golem doesn’t work but AMA do works that’s why AMA is really good you use AMA and your opponent won’t be able to do anything after we have SRH it’s also a good card in some fast decks cause when you attack and your opponent will be forced to banish the monster or to lose the monster cause SRH resolves first and you end up destroying his monster before your monster gets destroyed then you can just attack with other monsters if you destroyed the opponent’s monster but SRH needs to be used on the early game to be effective hymn of the light is also good cause SSA works the same as SRH cause when you remove Hymn of the light or another Ritual spell that protects your ritual monsters (such as MAR) the attack goes through that’s why hymn is good and when it’s SSA against SSA on the mirror match like if i attack my trap will activate first and destroy his monster and then his will activate and destroy mine simultaneously Murmur of the forest another good card you select a face-up monster and change it to defense face-down this is going to force your opponent to banish his monster and then you can return every face-up spell to the hand so he’ll banish a monster and he can be left with another one just remembering that if he has Whale this will be negated but if it resolves you can return the Legendary ocean to the hand and that makes the SSA effect useless so another one is Turnabout i think this is good in side decks the same as Murmur of the forest you can use Murmur as a side deck card for every deck that uses field spells like REZ but Turnabout it’s good cause there’s a lvl 4 monster the same thing i use for my SSA deck you can use this anytime you want and you’ll flip every monster to face-down defense position it’s really good agaisnt SSA too even if you’re opponent banishes 1 of his monsters the other ones will be fliped to face-down and then you can destroy his monsters another thing about the trap card is that if you attack with Fisherman the face-down monster will just be destroyed by your attack and monsters that have flip effects won’t work agaisnt Fisherman’s attack now i’m gonna show some replays so this is the first replay agaisnt REZ, fast decks such as REZ have a good match up agaisnt SSA here we can see Whale in my hand and that’s not good i don’t like 3 Whales on this build cause that makes even more inconsistent that’s why i wanna do a version of my own when i get the cards i need but for now that’s how it looks that was basicly the only version i could build with what i have here i use the effect and i attack forcing him to use bacon saver there’re a lot of time that you’re forced to attack cause there always a chance of getting Econ’d that’s another thing important, you need to activate the traps as soon as possible cause there always a chance of getting Storm’d (specially agaisnt REZ) here he uses SRH and there’s nothing i can do and i got OTK’d anyway SRH is really good on fast decks now another replay i also think this version is a bit too inconsistent i also wanna bring an Archfiend deck but i haven’t made a video about it cause i personally didn’t liked Dkayed’s version of the deck i wanted to build a 30 card archfiend deck but i still don’t have Grass looks greener but i’m gonna bring this deck as soon as i can the best version that i can build with what i have here i got a Legendary Ocean from my deck through Atlantean’s effect you guys will see, there’s a lot of intersting plays one important thing is that if B.E.S crystal leaves the field it loses it’s counters here he chained Econ if he chains a card when i flip my trap he can steal my monster before i can banish, that’s why i did this play (reads the effect) so when i activate it the first effect that is going to proc is to “search” for Umi so this is the effect that activates when you FLIP the trap only when it’s already face up that you can activate the other effects it has so he stole my monster he tried to otk but i had Turnabout cause the was a monster with different level then it’s original i used it before the Battle phase cause he might’ve used AMA cause i knew Eduu had it, thanks to him for helping me out with the matches so why did i summoned Deuterion instead of another crystal? cause i knew he had AMA so he uses AMA and you guys can see that the trap card didn’t worked even tho it was flipped face-up that was the main thing i wanted to show you guys i’m gonna try to bring better versions of this deck and i’m gonna bring Archfiends also now i’m gonna show some live duels and i’m gonna comment them so guys i’ve had 2 duels but the opponents surrendered and on another one i was playing agaisnt the opponent and i was just doing some tricks and ended up being too long so i cutted out both we’re wins this is a good hand i’m gonna remove Deuterion cause it’s just too slow a shout out to Eduu16 for helping on the replays i’m already thinning the deck cause i don’t want dead draws deuterion is good when you have other ones in the grave that’s why when i do the version that i want (he was lagged so he shouted to the game) maybe i end up using Deteurion on the version that i wanna build to synergize with the Whale maybe i still don’t know yeah i have a version inside my head that maybe it’ll work on it i don’t know ( he’s talking about Deuterion) nice i’ve drawn the trap this one is lost i already have the combo you bassically just need a lvl 5 and SSA + the fiels spell this time before you activate the SSA, a XZH before i activate SSA i could be in trouble i think he should’ve kept this ECon only if he hadn’t anything left this deck agaisnt burn is also good i’m going to banish a monster right at the start of his turn i activate the trap as soon as possible so then i can banish my monster if he tries to do anything and now i’m going to banish just to be safe cause if i was playing seriously i wouldn’t do it now i’m vunerable to ECon i think he already gave up, this deck is a 3 card combo SSA+ LVL 5 monster + the field spell it’s bassically it this is one of the most consistent versions at this moment but i think i can do a better version, this and Archfiends too but the card trader doesn’t like me i only have 1 Grass look at my prismatic i just made this video because i have SSA prismatic that’s why i made the video only turning the toggle off to attack i think i wn so i’m gonna turn the toggle on again just to see if he uses another card like draining shield if you play against burn you already know, on his turn you only leave 2 monsters on the field so you can banish 1 of your monsters so you won’t get Lava Golem’d hope you guys enjoyed it if you have any questions just leave a comment share the video with your friends so they can also learn how to play agaisnt this deck so don’t miss the next video cause NÓS TAMBÉM NÃO

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  1. Mito, Miguel. Cada dia melhor.
    Tenho uma pergunta:
    Vale a pena ir atrás de três cópias do "Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror", acha que o deck pode vir a ser meta?

    Sobre o deck pescador/baleia.
    O que acha da carta armadilha "Tufão", pega na box generation Next para counterar esse deck, já que ele constamente usa duas armadilha/magia para cima?

    E a última dúvida: Ciclone Cósmico na mão, usa na armadilha SR ou é possível usar no Oceano Lendário?


  2. Ótimo vídeo Miguel,peguei um deck de baleia na ranqueada e consegui counterar com o efeito do Neos Tempestade, quando ele volta para o deck adicional,todas as cartas do campo volta para o deck

  3. Fala Miguel Joker blz??? Se joga mto parabéns, mto boa a explicação, mas se joga com mais baleia não é melhor ??? Tem que ter 3 desse aí mesmo que trás o oceano lêndario pro Campo!! ???

  4. Miguel Mito Joker sempre trazendo conteúdo muito bom. Vai trazer o vídeo dos tempos de delay nas armadilhas do oponente??????
    Ansioso pra ver esse deck de arquidemônio de 30 cartas, se tu disse q não gosta da versão do Dkayed, fico imaginando q a sua seja ainda mais forte.

  5. Miguel ja dei a bicuda no like…
    Vc acha q compensa mais o deck de saffira ou esse deck de baleia,tenho 2 saffira ia atras da terceira mas to na duvida,obrigado portuga parabéns pelos 10k

  6. Miguel vc é de mais, cara mas deixa seu canal só em português, incluindo no título, cara não creio (sei lá) mas é uma minoria o publico em inglês que vc está ajudando, e deve ser chato eles esperarem toda sua explicação em português, digo isso por outros vídeos… Faz outro canal só de inglês tbm! vlw

  7. Ainda me faltam umas cartas pra montar a versão q quero tb. Não gostei do Duoterion tb, achei q pesa e raramente vc consegue usar o efeito.
    Vc faria uma versão com os Hammershark e Fishborg? Ou é outra ideia ainda?
    Tb acho q vou testar colocar Sinister Serpent no deck.

  8. Hi Miguel!
    Love your videos even though I don't speak the language ^^ it's brother of Oshri, Liran. Add me to play against you I have water deck to test with you, my in game name is : JustDess3rts

  9. Miguel, a carta magica, "remover armadilha" fuciona?
    Ou a "negativaçao de armadilha" e "as setes ferramentas do bandido" funcionam, nessa carta?

  10. Opa, Miguel. Abri quase a caixa toda e só veio um guerreiro da Atlântida, estou indo atrás do segundo… Acha que o deck roda com apenas dois guerreiros e três oceanos? Obrigado!

  11. Cara so tenho a le agradecer pois foi pelo teu deck de despromoção com GB que eu consegui meu terceiro kog vlw mesmo cara continue assim melhor canal com decks competitivos

  12. Miguel, qual é o nome da música e da cantora que você está usando sempre como música de fundo, que está tocando no final deste vídeo

  13. Mais um inscrito ai, e like no vídeo, vi uns vídeos antigos você ainda não mostrava as cartas assim como está mostrando agora, melhorou muito, parabéns.

  14. Miguel, eu peguei 2 baleia, 2 ataque furtivo e 2 que busca o oceano, acha que vale a pena ir atrás de 2 pescadores para o deck de baleia?

  15. How to get 2 prismatic in the same pack= after u complete all the SR & UR card in the pack which contain prismatic card, reset the box 4 times, the resetted box contai n prismatic too. It works 2 times for me, no lie. You can try on your own

  16. Salve Miguel, tem como dar um força pro seu inscrito aqui?
    Você consegue fazer um deck de daedalus maneiro? Já usei alguns, mas não era grandes coisas.

  17. dos prismaticas de la nueva caja no mames jajajaj laik vidio yo ni un sobre he comprado maldita pobreza

  18. Do silvestre consegui bater de frente com Amazonas…mas, a baleia com armadilha furtiva é dor de cabeça…só agora q vi um vídeo q mostrasse bem explicado como enfrentar….vlw…nota mil..

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