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The World Cup isn’t the only major
sporting event of 2014 Scotland hosts the Commonwealth Games And while the event is global in nature
it’s the innovation at one of the main stadiums that has the potential to
change the future of major sporting competitions and
it’s been dubbed the Glasgow solution This was a world first in relation to the scope and scale of delivering a world-class track and field solution on
a temporary basis Rather than spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a brand new stadium organizers decided to simply repurpose
an existing one Scotland’s national football stadium
Hampden Park Hampden is a good shape for
athletics but actually the existing field of play wasn’t long
enough or wide enough to take an international standard athletics track and what we had to do to
create the area that we needed was to raise the
level of the field of play by about two meters and we looked at different
ways of doing that and the Glasgow solution, as it’s been
described, was to do this in a network of 6,000 stilts supporting a
deck and on top of the deck we’ve built the athletics track The track and a full in-field complete with real grass sits on a bed of
1,000 base panels and each of those specially designed
stilts were individually adjusted to create the perfect track and field surface It does feel like a good track, it’s firm, I
think, for me it’s not as important – I’m obviously a long distance
athlete but I think for the sprinters it’s really
important to have a firm track underneath and for quick times Eight rows of seats
were removed to accommodate the new raised surface We’ve lost about
8,000 so our gross capacity is 44,000 which is above the Commonwealth Games
Federation guidelines which is 40,000 for
track and field athletics It took nine months Nine months from the actual creation of the foundation all the way to what
you see today and the weighing of the track and of course
the painting of the lines as well. So about a nine-month process and a much shorter decommissioning process And
that’s key here when the starter pistols fire for the
final time, the construction teams move back in

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