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Today I’m going to be sharing with you a new
commander deck tech built around one of the legendary creatures from Commander 2018, it
is Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow! Ahoy everyone, thanks for tuning in! So I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, and like
the intro said, this is my deck tech for Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow. It’s essentially a ninja tribal deck, but
with some exciting twists, and a whole load of unblockable shenanigans! Before we get started please check out the
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order! With that said, let’s get going! Starting out with our commander, Yuriko is
a Human Ninja, and has Commander Ninjitsu. This works just like the original ninjitsu
from Kamigawa block, except Yuriko can be switched in from the command zone as well
as your hand! Whenever a ninja we control connects to deal
combat damage to any player we get to reveal and draw a card, and every opponent loses
that card’s cmc in life, so this is fantastic for multiplayer! As you can imagine, we’re going to be including
a lot of ninjas, and ways to make our creatures unblockable. So where better place to start than the ninja
squad! Walker of Secret Ways has incredible art from
Scott M Fischer, and we get to sneak a peak at our opponents hand when she connects. We
can also bounce ninjas back to our hand at sorcery speed which comes in very handy. Higure, the Still Wind allows us to tutor
out any ninja from our stack to our hand, and can make any ninja unblockable for just
two colourless. We don’t even have to tap to activate, so we can do this multiple times
if we have the mana! Ninja of the Deep Hours gives us card draw
when his attack gets through. Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni is an amazing ninja!
When it’s unblocked we can take a creature from that opponent’s graveyard and put it
into play on our board. At 5/4 it’s also one of the bigger ninjas we have in here. Skullsnatcher helps us to deal with graveyard
strategies by exiling two cards at a time. Throat Slitter gives us some targeted creature
removal, and Okiba-Gang Shinobi provides hand discard! Mistbalde Shinobi is a boomerang
on a body, and Silent-Blade Oni brings a touch of Demon to proceedings, letting us take and
cast, for free, a non-land permanent from that opponent’s hand! Sakashima’s Student lends a clone mechanic
to proceedings, And finally, just for fun, I’ve included
Masterful Ninja from Unstable. The art on this card is genius, and has a typically crazy
un-set mechanic. Now we head to a section of creatures who
all share the keyword Shadow. It’s quite an under-used mechanic from the Tempest block,
and our creatures with Shadow can only be blocked by opponent’s creatures that have
it. There is a drawback though, that we can’t block non-shadows with our shadows. Dauthi Slayer is a 2/2 for 2 and has to attack
each turn. Dauthi Trapper can tap to give another creature
shadow until end of turn. Dauthi Jackal let’s us take out a blocker.
And Dauthi Embrace is an enchantment that gives any creature shadow until end of turn
for double black. Thalakos Seer draws a card when it gets killed.
Jodah’s Avenger doesn’t naturally have shadow, but we can give it -1/-1 and choose
either double strike, pro red, vigilance, or shadow, or a combination of all 4!
Nether Traitor is a hasty spirit, which can return from the grave is we pay black when
another creature of ours dies. Finally Stronghold Overseer adds some much
needed flying to the deck. Some other interesting cards to be included,
that aren’t ninjas and don’t have shadow but are hard to block are… Shadowmage Infiltrator. Fear makes it harder
to block, and we can draw a card when it connects. Dimir Infiltrator is unblockable, and we can
transmute it to tutor out something else with a cmc of 3.
Mu Yanling is a Planeswalker from the Global Series decks, has beautiful art, and her +2
gives a creature unblockable for the turn. Her -10 isn’t bad either, for some extra
turn shenanigans! Thassa, God of the Sea can also give a creature
unblockable for the turn, and the scry 1 in our upkeep is really helpful in smoothing
out our draws. Aqueous Form is an aura that gives unblockable
and another scry. It’s not great synergy with ninjitsu, but great on our other creatures. Speaking of scry, and top deck manipulation,
that’s something that Yuriko really cares about. Ideally we want to know what we’re
going to be drawing with her, and how much damage we’ll do, so Sensei’s Divining
Top is here to help out! Scroll Rack is another great artifact for
moving cards around and setting our hand and library up! Crystal ball lets us dive two deep into the
top of our deck, and Bontu has a built in scry, some incidental life draining, and is
hard to block and destroy to boot! Brainstorm had to be thrown in here, as did
it’s friend Ponder. Now we’re on to the spice of the deck.
Yuriko says that when a ninja connects, we get the perks, and there’s only a handful
of ninjas in here, So Arcane Adaptation turns all our creatures
anywhere into ninjas! Conspiracy does exactly the same, just for
a little bit more, And xenograft turns our board into a ninja-fest! This leads us to some obligatory tribal goodies!
Adaptive Automaton is a great anthem effect, Cover of Darkness gives all our ninjas Fear,
aiding in the unblockableness. Heirloom Blade is great at replacing a creature
that just died, And kindred discovery is a powerhouse for
card draw in tribal decks. Kindred Dominance is a neat one sided board
wipe, leaving us clear to swing in with all our unblocked triggers,
Distant Melody is crazy amounts of card draw if we’ve got a well established board state. Back to the unblockables now,
And Etrata, the Silencer from Guilds of Ravnica is insane! I seriously love this card. If
we can hit an opponent three times, and exile one of their creatures each time we knock
them out of the game, just like that! Nightveil predator is a 3/3 for 4, with flying,
deathtouch and hexproof. Don’t really need to say much more about it! Vela the Night-Clad gives the ninja death
squad intimidate, ramping up the difficulty in blocking, and deals one damage to everyone
when our creatures leave the battlefield, not just die, so works wonders with ninjitsu. Cavern Harpy is a cool little card that helps
bounce ninjas back to our hand ready to be re-ninjitsu-ed. Mystic Confluence also has that ability, along
with countering, and drawing, a great multiple choice card.
Paradoxical Outcome brings the bounce too, and maybe tons of card draw, and cryptic Command
has a bounce clause too. Time for a few EDH staples, and some fun stuff.
Damnation, and Cyclonic Rift are my boardwipes in this deck.
Blood Clock is an interesting Kamigawa artifact, returning ninja’s to our hand, and hindering
our opponent’s board state. Shuriken, because Ninjas need stuff to throw! Heroes Downfall is some awesome targeted removal,
taking out a creature or a Planeswalker. Counterspell is counterspell. And there’s a touch of ramp in here.
Sol Ring, Commander’s Sphere, Dimir Signet, and Solemn Simulacrum. Finally we’re onto another fun part of the
deck. Yuriko cares about the CMC of our cards, so why not include some crazy big stuff.
Omniscience is 10 mana so that’s a ton of damage, and casting stuff for free is ridiculous.
Nezahal helps us keep hold of all the cards we’re drawing, and a 7/7 with inbuilt protection
rocks! Aetherling is a 6 mana Shapeshifter that can
make itself unblockable, amongst other things. Breaker of Armies is an Eldrazi Decoy. Swing
in with him alongside your Ninja team and the path gets cleared!
Karn’s Temporal Sundering is another gorgeous looking card, and it’s always fun to squeeze
in a bonus turn! Nev’s Disk finishes us off with a hefty
artifact based threat! So, manabase time, and I’ll rattle through
these quickly as it’s only a two colour deck. Command Tower, Path of Ancestry, Cavern of
Souls, are a tribal start, Then there’s our dual lands, Morphic Pool,
Watery Grave, Drowned Catacomb, Sunken Hollow, Temple of Deceit, and Polluted Delta.
There’s a couple of man-lands in here, Creeping Tar Pit and Mutavault. For utility, we have Reliquary Tower, Isolated
Watchtower, Shinzo, Death’s Storehouse, Rogue’s Passage, and Halimar Depths. All
of which help with our strategy! Finishing of with basics, there’s 11 Islands
and 10 Swamps! And there you have it, my Yuriko, the Tiger’s
Shadow Ninja tribal EDH deck! If you haven’t already, please remember to
share this video wherever you hang out, Be it Twitter, reddit, Facebook.
And don’t forget to head over to arcane cards for your mtg singles. You can find this decklist over on my blog,
link in the description! Thanks so much for watching,
Catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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  2. Great video! Love that you use the Shadow mechanic, fairly underused and soo on theme! Great synergies, and of course, Shirukens! Wish there were more ninjas to flesh it out a bit more, but still an awesome fun deck! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

  3. Hav eyou thought about posting a link to this deck already made at a site for example. TCG player or something that is ready to be bought If I want it?

  4. This deck is great and fresh to see, I hardly play edh but I like Yuriko, such a solid card. I hope that magic will return to Kamigawa soon. I also missed the moonfolks.

  5. arcane adaptation and conspiracy are not EXACTLY the same. one gives the type in addition, one replaces the tribe.

  6. Thalakos Seer doesn't only give you a card when it dies, it does so when it leaves the battlefield. This makes it an excellent target for ninjitsu.

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