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Ahoy everyone, I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama
And today I’m bringing you a brand new commander deck tech. Wasitora, Nekoru Queen is leading this really
fun dragon tribal deck, so on the other side we’ll be venturing into Jund territory! Thanks so much for tuning in!
Dragons have been around since the dawn of Magic.
The almighty Shivan Dragon went toe to toe, or wing to wing, with the Sengir vampire and
the Serra angel. Then the Legends set came around and we were
given the five Elder dragons, the foundations of our commander format.
In 2017 wizards went tribal with its annual commander precons, and dragons once again
reared their heads, so it’s about time I showed you my dragon tribal commander deck! Before we get started though time for our
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phase… Some of you may be wondering why I chose Wasitora
as my commander. Why not go 5c with the ur-dragon or his scion? Well I’ve got three words
for you, cat. dragon. babies! It’s that simple. Also limiting myself to
three colours rather than five doesn’t really take much away. We lose access to around 40
dragons, but still have 132 to choose from! That’s not to say five colour dragons isn’t
a great choice, it’s just a deck tech for another time! Starting out with our commander, Wasitora.
One way to build her is to take advantage of her combat ability, giving her unblockable
with cards like Glaring Spotlight, or some form of evasion like mountainwalk with cards
like Burrowing. We can also deter opponents from blocking her with cards like Basilisk
collar giving her deathtouch. This all seems like a lot of hoops to jump through for a
3/3 token once a turn, so it’s a straight up battlecruiser of a dragon tribal deck I’m
bringing you. Getting the ball rolling with, you’ve guessed
it, some dragons, jundy dragons to be specific! Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund is 7 mana, has flying,
a given for dragons so I won’t mention it again, and haste. It also steals every dragon
from around the table, and gives them all haste. Oh and did I mention it’s a 7/7! Darigaaz Reincarnated is another 7 mana 7/7,
on theme or what! It comes with haste and trample, and does a neat little egg trick,
where it gets kind of suspended for three turns. Vaevictis Asmadi, is not only Dire, he’s
also one of the elder dragons! He has a crazy Warp World-esque ability which can really
wreak havoc on the table. Finally there’s an absolute classic. The
Broodmate Dragon just had to be included for the nostalgia. Because she brings along her
fellow dragon we get 8 power for our 7 mana. In to the two colour dragons, with Atarka,
World Render. Trample and giving all of our attacking dragons double strike, powerful
stuff. Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury has a crazy ability
that gives all our creatures +1/+0 for each Dragon that’s attacking. So if 4 dragons
attack, they each get +4/+0. Then there’s the Elder version of each.
Dragonlord Atarka deals five damage to any number of creatures or planeswalkers with
it’s ETB effect. Being able to target planeswalkers is really handy. Dragonlord Kolaghan is a haste anthem on a
6/5 body. His second abilty is void in commander though. Other dual-colour dragons I’ve included
are Savage Ventmaw, which gives a great 6 mana boost every time it attacks. Bladewing the Risen recurrs a dragon from
our graveyard straight back into play, and has an activated anthem effect too. Dragon Broodmother puts out a baby 1/1 dragon
during every upkeep, not just our own which is crazy! It has devour 2 as well, so you
can sac each one to the next for a really huge token by the time the turn gets back
around to you. I couldn’t build a dragon deck without including
the Spirit Dragon cycle from Kamigawa. Kokusho, the Evening Star is superb in commander.
If you’re lucky you’ll be gaining a ton of life, and chipping away at your opponents
all in one go. Ryusei is like a psuedo-board wipe, taking
out any land-based creatures with power 5 or less. Jugan, the Rising Star is perhaps the weakest
out of the three, but I’m not going to complain about getting 5 +1/+1 counters! Boneyard Scourge is the only mono-black dragon
in the deck. Being able to pay 2 to recurr it when another dragon dies is invaluable
in long games. Destructor Dragon is a bit handy. When it
dies we can take out a noncreature permanent, and that includes lands! Herdchaser Dragon is a megamorpher. We can
play it face down for 3, and then pay 7 to flip it, and when we do, all our other dragons
get a +1/+1 counter on them. Tyrant’s Familiar has Lieutenant, so as
long as we control Wasitora it gets +2+2 and deals 7 damage to a creature when it attacks. A new card from Commander 2018 now. Nesting
Dragon is seriously fun. It’s landfall trigger gives us a 0/2 token, and when that dies it’s
replaced by a 2/2 with firebreathing! Verix Bladewing feels like the spiritual successor
to the Broodmate. If we kick it then we get a 4/4 token, except this time it’s legendary,
and called Karox. Furyborn Hellkite is definitely a card for
your second main phase, potentially coming down as a 12/12! The Scourge of Valkas becomes a bigger and
bigger scourge the more dragons we cast and can keep in play, really ramping up the damage
to a creature or player. Lathliss should be producing a 5/5 dragon
for us most turns once we get going, and the power anthem is a nice addition too. The Hellkite Charger’s ability is a bit
pricey, but with a board full of dragons it could mean game over for 1 or even 2 opponents! Now a card that does exactly what it says
on the tin. Got an artifact you need taking care of? Hoard-smelter is your dragon! Stepping up the flashiness now theres a few
dragons with stunning promo versions. Glorybringer, recent Standard powerhouse makes
and appearance, Thunderbreak Regent gives a bit of pushback against being targetted,
Balefire Dragon can be devastating if it makes contact with an opponent, And finally for the dragons, Utvara Hellkite
is bonkers. Giving us a 6/6 token whenever any dragon we control attacks, things can
get out of hand fast. What dragon deck wouldn’t be complete without
a bit of Sarkhan, or 3. The OG leads the way, with a great token making
ultimate that isn’t unreasonable to get to. Fireblood switches the numbers up giving us
4 5/5s instead, and a helpful mana boost too. Dragonsoul is from the M19 planeswalker deck,
and his ultimate is THE ultimate. Tutor out as many dragons as you like, and splurge them
straight onto your playmat! And to round this Sarkhan section out nicely
we have his Triumph, which tutors us one dragon to our hand. Shenanigan time now. Dragon Tempest gives
all our dragons haste, and fires off a shot whenever one enters the battlefield. Warstorm Surge does a similar trick, except
it’s just based on that one creatures power. Palace siege is some awesome enchantment based
recurrsion, and Frontier siege is either ramp or just fighting! I couldn’t build this deck without throwing
in some non-dragon dudes who love their dragons. Dragonmaster Outcast, Dragonspeaker Shaman,
and Dragonlord’s Servant all do their own things to help the cause. Strionic Resonator is a spicy include in here.
Copying any of our triggered abilities can get cray cray. So many of our dragons have
these abilities, they’re the ones starting with when, or whenever. Crucible of fire is an auto-include for any
self-respecting dragon deck, and I think that Dragon’s Hoard from M19 is too, with its
card draw and ramp. Which leads us nicely into the card draw and
ramp section! Elemental Bond should be triggering very regularly
for us, cultivate, traverse and the good old reach are all present and correct. It wouldn’t be commander without a good
ol’ Sol ring would it, and then there’s the sphere too. Zendikar Resurgent does a couple double shift,
providing ramp and draw. Rishkar’s Expertise can net us a lot of
cards, but we won’t be casting many of our dragons with it’s second ability. I really like slotting the Bestiary into decks
with green. Scry 1 every turn is rad, and paying 1 to draw is no probs. Souls Majesty is like a slimmed down Rishkar’s
Expertise. Now it wouldn’t be a tribal deck without
some tribal effects. Urza leads the way with his incubator, reducing our dragon costs by
2. Herald’s Horn is also a cost reducer, and
let’s us psuedo-scry. Fires of Yavimaya isn’t tribal but it is
a haste anthem so fits nicely into this section. Now for some destruction. Kicking off with
Maelstrom Pulse. Not as killer in commander as it was in standard back in the day, it’s
still cool, you could wipe out multiple Sol Rings in one fell swoop. I am considering
swapping it out for an Assassin’s Trophy though if I ever get one! Lavalanche was just reprinted in C18, and
is almost a boardwipe, and so cool that it targets planeswalkers too. Crux of Fate is the boardwipe of choice for
any self-respecting dragon deck! Finally with the best of the rest it’s Jund
Charm, then Eternal Witness, because we’re in green, and then Journey to Eternity, which
is also recurrsion, and even more after it’s flipped into a land. Speaking of lands, here’s the manabase.
Wow that was a smooth transition, it’s almost like I planned it! Command Tower leads the way as always, followed
by the two do-da’s of the spirit dragon. There’s a whole host of duallands in here,
including the hot new battlebond ones, the cycling ones from Amonkhet, a couple of painlands,
and some of the tapped fetches too. Command beacon helps with our expensive commander
getting more expensive after tax, and this is a deck which I’ve actually included temple
of the false god. I’ve rounded this out with basics, 6 forests,
7 mountains, and 5 swamps. And there you have it, my Wasitora Dragon
tribal commander deck tech. You can find links to the list on both mtggoldfish and tappedout
down in the description. If you haven’t already, please remember to
hit the thumbs up button And consider becoming a Patron of the channel,
the link is up in the top right corner. Don’t forget to check out arcane cards for
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Catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “COMMANDER | Wasitora, Nekoru Queen – Dragon Tribal | DECK TECH | EDH MtG

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  2. Sick deck tech man. Love me some cat dragons babies. Probably would have focused hard on make my opponents sacrifice stuff to get babies but thats just me.

  3. Very nice deck tech! I built a Wasitora deck some time ago but I found the high CMC was hampering my efforts. Being a fairly new player that time I think I could revisit it and try again. I would, however, leave Vaevictis out as it draws too much hate even in the 99. Have you played it? how does it perform?

  4. This is an enjoyable video and I like the idea, but have you actually played any games with this deck? I'm afraid it suffers from a devastatingly low amount of ramp and too much of the ramp you have is at three mana. This deck desperately needs more ramp, including two-mana ramp, so you can actually start playing your more expensive cards. As an exercise, I recommend going to and drawing some opening hands for this deck. What you will find is that the overwhelming majority of hands are simply not keepable, because you won't have anything to do for the first three turns of the game (or more).

    I would recommend taking a second pass at this: Cut out some of the dragons, and replace them with ramp, so you can quickly build up ot the 6 to 9 mana that are required for this deck to go off. You should probably also be at 38 or 39 lands.

    As a comparison, I would look at Josh Lee Kwai's Vial Smasher deck, another deck that counts on high-CMC spells to win:

    Notice that it plays 39 lands and 20 ramp spells.

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