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On today’s commander deck tech that I want
to share with you guys, we’re going tropical! With a bit of Tishana Voice of Thunder with
some blue/green merfolk shenanigans! Ahoy Everyone, and thanks for tuning in. Before we get started, a bit of upkeep. Please
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order! With that said, let’s get going! Actually not quite, I need to give a shout
out to Nicole who has become my latest patron on Patreon! Thank you so much, you rock! Tishana is a 7cmc merfolk who grows bigger
which each card you’re holding, and thankfully eliminates the 7 card limit. We also get to
draw a card for each creature we control with the ETB trigger. So this is shaping up to be a merfolk deck,
with tons of card advantage packed in! Kumena was very nearly the commander instead,
the versatility is amazing, and tapping down merfolk isn’t too much of an issue with
some of the cards coming later in the 99. Continuing with the legendary fish, Vorel
adds another counter on to an already countered up artifact, creature or land. Thrasios is a little bit pricey, because he’s
rather powerful. Scry is always handy, and getting to put lands straight on to the battlefield
is awesome! Prime Speaker Zegana is a 1/1 but comes into
play with hopefully a load of +1+1 counters on, and then you draw that many cards! Out of the legendaries, and into the other
merfolk, Merfolk Mistbinder is a two mana anthem effect. Silvergill Adept is even more card draw, and
all you have to do is flash a merfolk from your hand and it’s super cheap. We’re going to be casting quite a few non-creature
spells, so Deeproot Champion gets buff quite quickly. Seafloor Oracle once again adds to our card
draw skills. Deeproot Elite isn’t a greedy merfolk. He
loves dishing out the +1+1 counters to his fishy friends. Forerunner allows us to find a merfolk and
pop it on top of our deck ready for the next opportunity to draw. I had no idea Jadelight Ranger had gone up
so much in price, but it is a really cool card that either gets us more land, or a counter
or two for itself. Kopala is just a bit of a roadblock tax for
anyone looking to mess with our boardstate. Waker works quite nicely with Vorel, who can
add even more counters on to our newly formed elemental land army. Shapers of Nature adds more to the +1+1 shenanigans,
and Sage of Fables does a very similar job. All of these +1+1 counters were building up
for something, and the main pay-off is Herald of Secret Streams, making stuff unblockable! World Shaper is something that’s a bit hit
and miss, but can be very useful, however you don’t really want to mill certain cards
from this deck, as there’s not a ton of recursion. Deeproot Waters gives us a 1/1 hexproof token
whenever we cast a merfolk, so a bit of a 2for1. Arcane Adaptation turns every creature in
our deck into a Merfolk, and there are a few that aren’t already fish to be revealed. Each time a merfolk enters to battlefield
or attacks we get to draw a card. So we could be drawing two cards per creature with Deeproot
waters down already. So far, so standard. Nothing too crazy has
happened. We’re playing a merfolk deck and there’s been tons of merfolk. This is where
things go off the rails. Stasis is an incredibly punishing card. It
isn’t just that permanents don’t untap in the untap phase. There literally isn’t
one, and this affects everyone at the table. There’s a minor drawback of the upkeep cost,
but thankfully I’ve built in some work arounds. Just be prepared for the big target you just
painted on yourself! Merrow Commerce is an incredible enchantment
in a fishy stasis deck. It untaps all our merfolk at the end of our turn, so we can
block with them and other things too. Tempest Caller helps get the lock down going,
tapping down all of a target opponent’s creatures. Merrow Reejerey is a merfolk lord, and each
time we cast one we can tap or untap any permanent, so we can untap our stuff, or pin down something
of someone elses! Garruk Wildspeaker helps to keep our lands
untapped. His +1 untaps 2 at a time, and then the ultimate is an overrun effect. Staying with the planeswalkers still, we have
Kiora, master of the Depths, and again the +1 is an untap ability. The 8/8 octopi are
a cheeky bonus too! Paradox Engine is a bit of a beast, untapping
all our non-land permanents whenever we cast something. Hopefully we can turn all our creatures
into mana producers. Arbor Elf can be tapped to untap a forest,
and if that’s a dual land that will help pay for the stasis upkeep cost. So Cryptolith Rite is the card that works
a treat with the Paradox Engine, every creature becomes a Bird of Paradise! Just incase the Stasis gets removed and we
can’t pull it back, there’s a Static Orb which doesn’t eliminate the whole untap
phase, it just restricts what everyone can do. With the Tidespout Tyrant we have the opportunity
to bounce the stasis, or anything else back to hand, it might be that we need to reset
our side of the board before locking it down again. And the aquatic theme continues with Tidal
Force, yet more shenanigans for sure. With that craziness out of the way, time to
return to some +1+1 strategy enablers. Bred for the Hunt, Hardened Scales, Verdurous
Gearhulk and finally Metallic Mimic all help massively to buff up the army. So, Tishana gives us an unlimited hand size,
but we can’t always rely on having Tishana out, especially at 7 mana and then commander
tax on top, so we need some insurance against discarding back down to seven. Kruphix, God of Horizons does a good job of
this, and keeping hold of unused mana is so cool. Nezahal does the hand size thing, gives us
card draw, and can blink itself for protection. Venser’s Journal is the fourth hand size
disabler, and some much needed lifegain. And it can make a really difference. To round this selection of cards off, why
not draw seven cards for 7 mana? I absolutely loved this cycle of creatures
from Eventide. Overbeing of Myth is a one sided Howling Mine. And Psychosis Crawler
punishes our opponents for all the cards we’re drawing. Both have power and toughness equal
to our hand size. Kumena’s Awakening is small but consistent
draw, and getting the City’s blessing should be a piece of fish cake. If our creatures start getting shot at, we
can profit from it with Shapers’ Sanctuary, an underrated card from Ixalan in my opinion. Back to Planeswalkers now, and there’s Nissa
from Amonkhet, in Simic Colours. I always say this but I love Scrying. Tamiyo, the Moon Sage. More lock down, sick
artwork, and the ultimate in recursion in her ultimate ability. No wonder the price
tag is a tad expensive! Finally there’s the other Kiora, of the
crashing wave variety. Inbuilt protection, draw and ramp, and definitely no complaints
about the 9/9 krakens! Speaking of ramp, here’s a smattering of
cards in that ilk. Bounty of the Luxa, Simic Signet, Sol Ring,
and Path of Discovery. We’re in blue, so there’s bound to be
some countering. Mystic Snake is awesome fun, Negate is super
on theme, Counterspell, and the edh staple Rift. Into the best of the rest before the manabase,
Another awesome cycle from Eventide. The Lieges are great colour lords. The Murkfiend is a
total nonbo with Stasis, but combines really well with Static Orb. There’s Simic Guildmage in here, As Foretold
is something I’m testing out, Eternal Witness is super useful staple, and
dramatic Reversal looks like draft chaff from Kaladesh, but has hilarious flavour text,
and resets the tappedness of our board! Bear Umbra is not only amazing protection,
but the untapping all lands we control is nuts. Finally we’ve got a flippin awesome pair
of cards. Search for Azcanta, aka The Sunken Ruin helps
dig for our puzzle pieces. Hadana’s Climb / Winged Temple of Orazca
can even turn us into a slight voltron style. So that’s quite a lot of crazy cards, and
some are a bit pricey, so the manabase is super straightforward. Dual lands first with Breeding Pool, Temple
of Mystery, Hinterland Harbor, and Botanical Sanctum. Command Tower as an auto-include, Path of
Ancestry is too in a tribal build. Misty Rainforest is a bit of a bit of a luxury.
Terramorphic is just fine. And another basic fetch is Evolving Wilds. Lumbering Falls helps after a board wipe,
Novijen adds to the +1+1s. Forsaken City crops up from time to time in
Legacy Stasis decks, exiling a card from our hand to keep that blue mana free for Stasis. And finally Reliquary Tower. The basics are plentiful, 12 islands, and
12 forests. And there you have it, my Tishana Stasis Commander
deck tech. If you haven’t already, please remember to
like / comment / share. Don’t forget to subscribe and then head over
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Catch you all on the next one,

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