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In todays video I’m going to be sharing
with you a brand new Core Set 2020 Commander deck tech I’m going to be playtesting! It’s Omnath Locus of the Roil, with some
elemental tribal and +1+1 counters. And this is an unplaytested list so feel free to make
suggestions in the comments! Alright there, cheers for tuning in!
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, A channel all about Magic the Gathering,
Specifically casual singleton formats like Commander, Brawl, Cube, and Oathbreaker!
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your first order! I can’t bear it any more, let’s head to
the main phase! Omnath Locus of the Roil is the third iteration
of the elemental we’ve had, and this time he’s added blue mana to the mix! For 4 mana
we get a 3/3 who can smash something when it comes into play which is handy, but it’s
the second ability that got me going! When a land comes into play we can put a +1/+1
counter on one of our elementals, including himself, and if we’ve got 8 lands we draw
a card, replacing the land drop! So I’m focusing on elemental tribal, with
some +1+1 counter shenanigans and some interesting ways to get ETB triggers from lands! So naturally we’ll start with the creatures! And first up is a guaranteed include, Omnath’s
former self, the Locus of Rage! Landfall triggers are fantastic in this deck
just like in the Gruul version. Making 5/5 elementals is great, and even when they die
we’re getting value. Grove Rumbler gets bigger with landfall to
become a 5/5 trampler. Roil Elemental is a seriously fun card, stealing
creatures from our opponents for as long as it stays in play.
The Avenger of Zendikar is the classic landfall creature, coming at you with it’s horde
of plants! Embodiment of Fury has some great synergy
with what’s coming later in the deck, but on it’s own turning our land drops into
3/3 hasty tramplers seems like a winner. Undergrowth Champion is the punching bag of
the deck. It’ll have a replenishing stock of counters to remove to soak up those attacks. Speaking of +1+1 counters, Fertilid works
wonders with Omnath. It’s a repeatable basic land fetcher so long as you keep topping it
up with Omnath’s ability! Stingmoggie also takes advantage of the counters
giving us repeatable artifact or land destruction, nasty! Animar Soul of Elements is of course the long-standing
king of the counters, so naturally finds a home in this deck.
Forgotten Ancient is great at shuffling those counters around onto our other creatures,
And Bloom Hulk gives us a one-off proliferate to bump the numbers up! Elemental goodstuff now with Incandescent
Soulstoke providing the anthem effect and a cheat-cards-out ability.
Creeping Trailblazer is another anthem, and can get scary big itself!
The Banneret isn’t an anthem but a very handy cost reducer, and when combined with
all the lands we should have can provide some great value turns! Soul of the Harvest and the classic Mulldrifer
give us some creature-based card draw, And Flamekin Harbinger is an elemental tutor! Gravesifter lends some tribal graveyard recursion
to proceedings, and Titania is just great fun, returning a land from the dead and making
5/3 token every time a land goes to the bin! So, lands matter, and they matter a whole
lot to Rubblehulk who gets more hench with each one we have!
Risen Reef is fantastic at hitting those land drops and keeping momentum going.
Living Twister is where things really start to get fun though. Being able to tap a forest
and bounce it to our hand means we’ve always got a way to trigger Omnath and keep drawing
those cards. Living Tsunami does a very similar thing which
is really powerful! Finally for the Elementals we’ve got Maelstrom
Wanderer. No real reason other than it’s just plain cool! Other non-elementals in the deck include… Rampaging Baloths which has a great landfall
trigger but won’t add much else to our synergy, unless we run arcane adaptation maybe? Evolution Sage will definitely help the deck
to take off, and Springbloom Druid is an incredible creature-based fetch! Rakka Mar generates crazy cheap 3/1 elementals,
Eternal Witness does what it does best, and then Rattleclaw Mystic is the Temur mana dork
of choice! And that leads us nicely into the instants,
sorceries and enchantments! Cultivate, explosive vegetation, and animists
awakening all grab us some lands, While splendid reclamation brings them all
back from the graveyard to the battlefield. More on why that might be needed later! Shared summons let’s us search for any two
creatures we need at that point in time, then it’s onto the destruction! Decimate, Blasphemous Act, Vandalblast, and
Chaos Warp should all do the trick in their own ways. Trap Essence brings a counterspell and even
more +1+1 counters with it, and Temur Charm is just great versatility! And Heroic Intervention
keeps the elemental horde safe for a bit! You’ve probably already guessed that doubling
Season would be in here, it just works perfectly, as does hardened scales, as we’re mostly
adding 1 counter at a time, so it’s essentially a doubling effect too! Rhythm of the Wild is amazing, we can either
get haste if we need it, or make sure every creature comes into play with a counter on
it ready to be proliferated! Hadana’s Climb adds counters but should
just flip over the turn it comes into play, and that means we can smash in in the air
for a lot of damage! Elemental Bond is some great on theme card
draw, and Temur Ascendancy does the same but for 4 power instead of 3. Artifacts are up next, so let’s take a butchers. Crucible of Worlds is here to help keep our
lands out of the graveyard, and spellbook is definitely needed for the amount of cards
we’ll be drawing! Sol Ring and Chromatic Lantern are our mana
rocks, And Solemn and the Hart are our basic land fetchers. We couldn’t have a doubling season EDH deck
without a few planeswalkers! Chandra, Awakened Inferno is well cheeky,
that emblem is hilarious, and the 3 damage to all non-elementals is where it’s at! Her older-ego is here too with Flamecaller.
Upticking to make elemental tokens is a great way to help Omnath. Shaky Nissa is here to make our lands into
3/3 elementals, and this is why I’m worried about getting lands back from the graveyard,
it does make our manabase susceptible to boardwipes until we can get her emblem! And the second Nissa of the deck is Vital
Force. It turns a land into a temporary elemental, and the emblem gives us card draw on a landfall
trigger. And speaking of lands, it’s the manabase! Command Tower, Path of Ancestry, and Mana
Confluence all give us our three colours, as do Frontier Bivouac and Primal Beyond.
The Path and Beyond obviously with restrictions. Three dual lands with the on-colour shocklands, And three of the dual-manlands! These things
are a bit slow, but do turn into elementals! Three on-colour fetches rounds out the standard
part of the manabase. Teferi’s Isle is a really fun bit of tech.
It has phasing meaning that it comes in and out of play for us, triggering Omnath on the
regular. Thawing Glaciers is another blast from the
past. We have to bounce it to fetch a basic into play, so every turn we get to trigger
the Commander. Karn’s Bastion is a sweet recent addition
to proliferate decks, by proliferating! Alchemists Refuge and Flamekin Village both
provide some great utility, Just as Reliquary Tower and Strip Mine. Then there’s 5 islands, 6 mountains, and
6 forests to top it all up to 100! If you want to see the full deck list for
this Omnath Commander deck tech there’s a link to my decks on Archidekt
down in the description, and I’d love to chat about it in the comments,
or over on my Discord which Patrons like these lovely folks get
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techs there’s a playlist of them right here, or for something different why not check out
this video. And before I disappear don’t forget to tap
on the llama to subscribe for new videos every Monday and Thursday.

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11 thoughts on “COMMANDER | Omnath Locus of the Roil – Elemental Tribal | DECK TECH | MTG

  1. I made a similar deck and purchased the cards just last week. I ditched most of the non-tribal cards and went for a etb heavy focus with lots of blink cards to really get massive value from all of those juicy ETBS. If everything gets to resolve, your commander's etb alone can blast everyone down at the table very quickly. With things like Tempt With Vengeance, and enchantments such as warstorm surge, you can really get a lot of value from blink effects. I really like your take, very similar, with a slight change of focus. Good stuff!

  2. Liege of the Tangle!! Make those lands earn their keep. Also, I expected more fetches for their double landfall trigger each turn.

  3. I was going to say "What no Rage Forger!" then I remembered it works for Shamans. not elementals, but …… Arcane Adaptation.

  4. Cool deck! Lots of fun synergys. Sadly, i can only make so many decks. M20 gave us such exiting cards. Going to rebeuilt my kaalia deck so i dont get focused from the start and a new kykar spell slinging, token making deck

  5. Teferi's Isle doesn't trigger omnath because phasing is weird ( phasing doesn't cause enters or leaves abilities to trigger )

  6. A few cards. Master of waves, vigor, vine mare, woodborn behemoth, SYLVAN AWAKENING, and colossal majesty

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