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Alright everybody, how’s it going?
Thanks so much for tuning in, so I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama and today I’m going to be
bringing you a brand new commander deck tech. And this is Najeela the Blade Blossom with
warrior tribal! As soon as Battlebond was spoiled and Najeela
was previewed I wanted to build a deck around her.
I’ve already built a Tiny Leaders deck and there’s a deck tech up on the channel if you
want to check that out, but this time we’re going for the full 100 cards, full competitive
power, lot of warriors everywhere, this is going to be a really really fun deck! Before we get started though it’s time for
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And with that said, let’s head over to the main phase! Najeela is a super cheap commander. 3 mana
for a 3/2 with a pair of insane abilities. The first is whenever a warrior attacks, and
Najeela doesn’t have to be one of them, you create a 1/1 warrior tapped and attacking.
Do that for a few turns and your token army could be getting way out of hand.
The second ability is we can pay WUBRG to untap all attacking creatures and you get
a whole extra combat phase! So with this deck we’re going to be packing
in the warriors, pumping them up, and abusing that repeatable combat step. So, starting out with the creatures, Alesha
Who Smiles at Death gives us some great recursion for weenies.
Archetype of Aggression gives all our creatures trample, and takes it away from our opponents.
Aven Wind Guide has flying and vigilance, and gives those keywords to all our tokens
too. It’s also got embalm so we can bring it back from the dead! Blood-chin Fanatic is a neat way of draining
a bit more life out of an opponent. Boldwyr Intimidator is such a fun card. We
won’t need to use the second ability much, but the first one is definitely handy.
Brighhearth Banneret is a cost reducer for our tribe. Brutal Hordechief is bonkers with a playmat
full of warrior tokens, and can provide a very real life swing. The combat tactic will
also be useful every now and then. Just in case Najeela has been hated out so
much you can’t recast her we have Combat Celebrant to give us those sweet extra attacks.
Then there’s a classic, horrid card. Fleshbag Marauder makes everyone sac a creature. Not
a problem for us with some tokens out. Garna is a great fit in this deck. Giving
our team haste, and being able to rescue any graveyard-goers with flash is something people
might not see coming after a boardwipe or something.
Jazal Goldmane gets better the more creatures we have attacking. 5 mana is a lot, especially
if you want to pay Najeelas abillity too, but it’s a definite threat.
Khenra Charioteer is very similar to Archetype of Aggression giving everyone trample. It’s
also another card from Amonkhet block, that set has been great for this deck! Mindblade Render is another card from Battlebond!
This card is actually so dangerous, to us. If you get this wrong you will come very close
to decking yourself and draining your own life. But as a quick way to refil your hand
it’s solid. Rhys the Redeemed is another Warrior token
generator with it’s first ability, and it’s second is a token doubler for 6 mana!
Another Amonkhet card, we have Samut, Voice of Dissent. The flash is nice, the haste anthem
is really nice, and the untap ability is sweet! Stangg is a bit of a fun include. He’s a
classic from way back in the day, but does give you 6 power and 8 toughness over 2 bodies
for the mana. Surrak Dragonclaw does a great job of controlling
the control decks, and is yet another trample anthem! A 6/6 with flash isn’t bad either!
And then there’s the OG warrior commander, Lovisa Coldeyes. +2+2 across our playmat,
and even more haste, yes please! Warden of the First Tree and Figure of Destiny
are very personal includes in here, they’re some of my favourite ever cards. You can always
swap them out, but the low casting cost, and ability to grow as the game progresses is
awesome. Speaking of getting bigger as the game goes
on, after even one combat step the Champion of Lambholt should be quite a beast, which
will really help our warriors get through. Bramblewood Paragon and Metallic Mimic are
here to sprinkle some +1+1 counters on our warriors as they come into play, so each token
Najeela makes could be a 3/3 from the start! Grand Warlord Radha is some awesome ramp,
and one way to be able to trigger Najeela’s extra attack ability if you have the right
lands in play to filter that red and green mana. Real Tarkir time now! Herald of Dromoka gives
all our warriors vigilance. Chief of the edge gives a +1+0 boost, and
on the flip Chief of the scale gives a +0+1 boost. Mardu Strike Leader is the final warrior in
the deck, and creates it’s own warrior token when it attacks.
Finally I’ve included Muldrotha. Yep, not a warrior, but the power of that recursion
is fantastic. The next most important card type in the deck
are enchantments. We’re creating tokens, so why not double
up with Doubling Season. It also works on those counters from the Mimic and Paragon!
Anointed Procession also doubles up on any of our token generation.
And guess what, Parallel Lives basically does the same thing! That’s three ways to get
maximum bang for our trigger buck! Druid’s Repository is the really spicy part
of the deck, and is a crazy win condition if it’s unchecked. All you need is Najeela
and 4 warriors minimum. When those 5 attack, we get 5 charge counters. We can then remove
those 5 counters to get the mana to pay for the extra combat step, rinse and repeat! Raiders Spoils is like a more reasonable version
of Mindblade Render. The inclusion of may in the text means you won’t mess yourself
up! Crypolith Rite turns all of our creatures
into hench birds of paradise! So if we attack with 5 warriors and make 5 more, we can hold
5 back to pay for Najeela’s combat ability. Cathar’s crusade gets very silly fast. Create
a token when we have a doubling enchantment out we get two tokens and each of them has
+2+2. Shared Animosity is a similar card to the
Crusade. Except the boost isn’t permanent, but does still stack for each attacker you
have. Finally, I couldn’t have a 5 colour deck
without including at least 1 5 colour card. Maelstrom Nexus gives the first spell we cast
each turn Cascade, so we should be getting a 2 for 1 more often than not. Into the other spells now, and we’re starting
off with Secure the Wastes. Instant speed Warrior token generation, what’s not to
love?! Utter End is a cool addition from C18. Just
straight up exiling something pesky. Krosan Grip is a commander staple for spot
removal too. Boros Charm is a great multi-function spell,
and the indestructible for a turn is solid against a boardwipe.
So I’ve included Heroic Intervention in here too! With a few key spells in the deck, we need
to be able to get hold of what we need. Enlightened Tutor, Worldly Tutor, and Diabolic
Intent should have us covered. Kin-Tree Invocation is a bit of a rarity in
this deck, it only gives us one warrior token, but it could be a real biggie!
Cleansing Nova is fast becoming my board wipe of choice. Being able to target artifacts
and enchantments is really powerful. All Sun’s Dawn is a sweet piece of recursion
in a 5 colour deck. We get to pull 5 cards back to our hand from our graveyard. Finishing off with Ramp time, to get the mana
we need. I’ve included Kodama’s Reach, Cultivate, and Farseek here. Continuing the ramp in the artifacts, we’re
running Sol Ring, Chromatic Lantern,Darksteel Ingot, and Commander’s Sphere. Oketra’s Monument is a coll include in the
deck. The cost reduction doesn’t effect many of our creatures, but the fact it churns
out it’s own warrior tokens is rad. Lightning Greaves is great for protecting
our commander, And vanquishers banner gives us an anthem
effect and some non-optional card-draw. Skullclamp is basically an auto-include in
token strategies to draw us even more cards, And Legacy Weapon is just really fun in 5
colours. Finally, not an artifact, but she’s on her
own so I’ve put her in this section, it’s Vivien Reid!
The versatitlity is great, getting to dig for creatures, or blow stuff up, and a seriously
over the top anthem emblem. Land time now! This 5 colour manabase is not
as crazy as it could’ve been, and with Shocklands being fully reprinted, now is the time to
grab them! Command Tower, Path of Ancestry, and Mana
Confluence give us all 5 colours. Cascading Cataracts and Crystal Quarry are
great at filtering our mana. Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds fetch
out what we need. There’s a touch of utility here with Homeward
Path, Maze of Ith, and Strip Mine. I’m running all 10 Shocklands, and all 10
Filterlands. This should give us great flexibilty to pay for what we need at the right time. Finishing out with a small smattering of basic
lands, 7 in total. So there you have it, that was my Najeela
the Blade Blossom warrior tribal commander deck tech.
I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments down below, and also in the description
you can find the link to the deck list and that’s on MtG Goldfish and Tapped Out, whichever
one you prefer. If you haven’t already please remember to
hit the thumbs up button. You can also consider becoming a Patron of
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and I will catch you on the next one. There’s new videos every Thursday and Sunday.

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  2. Najeela is such a powerful Commander it's gone accidentally infinite in our playgroup more than once. Great tech.

  3. Najeela is the tribal commander warrior lovers have been waiting for! Her token producing ability gets out of hand very quickly!

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