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Alright everyone, hope you’re doing well?
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, and thanks so much for tuning in. So today I’m bringing you a brand new commander
deck tech, so this is going to be the first mono colour deck that I’ve done for the channel
and this is mono red goblins with Krenko Mob Boss at the helm. Before we get started though, it’s time
for our upkeep step. There’s a few simple ways you can help the
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phase… Krenko is leading my first mono colour deck
tech. It’s goblin tribal, and is going to churn out a huge amount of tokens to overrun
our opponents with. He’s a 3/3 for 4 and you can tap him to
create X goblin tokens and X is how many goblins you control, so the longer he’s out, the
more tokens we’ll be making. Kicking off the 99 with our win conditions,
we’ve got Altar of the Brood. It’s a 1 drop artifact and whenever a permanent enters
the battlefield under our control each opponent mills 1. This can get seriously out of hand
if you’re creating a lot of goblins each turn. Now mill is probably not going to make you
any friends around the table, so pick your moment when to get this going! Impact tremors is similar, in that it triggers
when a creature enters under our control, but instead of milling, it deals one damage
to each opponent. 40 tokens entering play and we win! Throne of the God Pharaoh is a great edh card,
mostly because of the each opponent clause in it’s effect. We’re going to have a
lot of creatures, and turning them sideways is going to reap a lot of benefit. You could also include Purphoros in here for
even more damage, but I haven’t for cost reasons. So onto the Goblins! Bloodmark Mentor gives all our creatures first
strike, useful, but not especially deadly. Goblin Chainwhirler is still wreaking havoc
on standard, and now it can do the same in commander! It might not wipe the board, but
a 3/3 first striker that keeps planeswalkers in check is nothing to be sniffed at. Goblin Goliath is from the Game Night box
that came out recently, and is such a fun card. I love that he plays on the multiplayer
nature of our format, and could potentially bring some goblin tokens with him. And his
tap ability to double our damage dealt for a turn is really powerful. Goblin Lackey is a classic, and a great way
to sneak even more goblins onto the field. The Matron is a goblin tutor, and so is the
good old Recruiter. Recruiter is the better of the two, but it’s nice to include both! Goblin Ringleader gives us such much needed
draw in a colour that suffers from a lack of it. The more goblins we control, the bigger the
Horde of Boggarts get, and with his evasion ability in combat could be a substantial beater.
Reckless one is very similar, except it’s power and toughness are only based on number
of goblins rather than any red permanents, not that there’s many in here that aren’t
goblins! Battle Squadron is yet another variation on
the theme, caring about total creatures, whether they’re red or goblins or not! Kiki-Jiki is a combo card in many decks, but
not in this one. It’s just here to double up on creatures with great effects, such as
Siege Gang Commander. Kiki Jiki’ing him will give us 6 goblin tokens! The Legion Warboss from Guilds of Ravnica
gives us a small but steady stream of a goblin a turn and just keeps the ball rolling.
The goblin Rabblemaster does the same thing, except it makes us swing with every goblin
all the time, can be good, can be bad, that’s the way of the goblin! Skirk Prospector gives us a red mana if we
sac a goblin, and there’s no tapping involved so we can get some crazy levels of mana here. Squee the Immortal from Dominaria is here
to weather the storm of as many boardwipes as we can face. Yeah he’s just a 2/1 but
always being able to recover is rather useful. Treasure Nabber from Commander 2018 is a stunning
card that adds so much ramp to our deck. We steal every mana rock our opponents tap for
a whole trip around the table, meaning that when it comes back around to our turn we can
untap them all, cast what we want and then hand them back, ready for it to happen all
over again! Warren Instigator is just a classic cheaty
card, and the double strike is nifty in enabling it. So there’s lot’s of 1/1 tokens being created,
but that’s not very intimidating, we need to buff them up a bit.
Goblin Chieftain is the first of our lords giving the team +1+1 and haste.
The Warchief makes our non-token goblins cheaper, and throws some extra haste on to proceedings.
The King gives the power/toughness boost and throws Mountainwalk into the mix.
Goblin War Drums then adds menace to the pile, making our horde harder to block.
Coat of Arms goes crazy in this deck, the buffs can be huge, but it also helps our opponents
out if they’re running a tribal deck too,watch out! Eldrazi Monument is a key piece for us. The
goblins are a traditionally ground-based race, so being able to give them flying is fantastic,
and the indestructible isn’t bad either! Quest for the Goblin Lord is so easy to get
fired up in this deck. Only 5 goblins are needed and then they’re all getting +2/+0
for as long as the enchantment stays in play! Patron of the Akki gives us the same power
boost, but only when it’s attacking. It’s a 5/5 for 6, but we can sac a goblin and it
gets flash essentially! Well we’re generating hopefully a shed load
of creatures, so what can we do with them, other than turn them sideways? First up there’s Voracious Dragon, who devours
our Goblins, gets buffer in the process, and then deals twice that much in damage to any
target creature or opponent. Sac twenty tokens and that’s lethal!
An interesting interaction is with the card Boggart Shenanigans. Tokens still go to the
graveyard before State Based Actions remove them, so we get a trigger from the Shenanigans
whenever one is sacced. Then there’s massive raid, which doesn’t
double the damage, but is still a huge hit. Banefire in itself won’t interact with the
number of goblins we’ve got directly, but keep it in mind when we get to the ramp section!
Goblin War Strike can’t target creatures but it packs a hefty punch to another player
and Mob Justice does exactly the same for just 1 more. Just in case Krenko and the others weren’t
creating enough goblins, here’s a few more ways!
Hordeling Outburst gives us three, Krenko’s command gives us two, Goblin assault gives
us 1…. a turn with the always attacking stipulation again. Chancellor of the Forge is a beast of a giant.
He gives us a 1/1 goblin token for every creature we already control, that’s a huge doubling
up effect! Kindred Charge also basically doubles up on
our creatures, except they’ve got haste and disappear at the end of the turn. Still,
it’s a great finishing move! Empty the Warrens gives us 2 tokens, and has
storm, so we repeat that for each spell we’ve played before in the turn. Other fun stuff in the deck, depending on
your perspective, is Relentless assault, a super on theme sorcery giving us a second
combat step for a turn. If you thought Altar of the Brood would draw
the hate, then Blood Moon is all like “hold my beer”. We’re mono-red, and traditionally
there’s a lot of non-basics being played in commander. This will shut down large swathes
of your opponents mana bases. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got the same card
in creature form with Magus of the Moon. Pick your timing right and you’re laughing, pick
it wrong and you’ll be twiddling your thumbs until the game is finished. I love throwing Mirage Mirror into decks that
lack certain aspects. We lack flyers, so Mirage Mirror really helps to prop us up.
Swiftfoot boots means we can protect Krenko and start tapping him straight away!
Charbelcher is a really fun goblin card, adding an element of randomness to the deck, and
a bit more damage! Disrupt decorum is another really fun card.
Goad is a mechanic we don’t see very often, but is very good in commander. So more damage and removal up next.
Mogg Infestation is a weird one. We can wipe our own board, and then get double the number
of creatures back, super risky, but such a good feeling when it goes off without a hitch! Goblin bombardment allows us to sac creatures
for damage. The Trashmaster from M19 part anthem, part
artifact removal, and it’s repeatable in a single turn so you can do a lot of removing
in one go! Boompile is such a goblin card, leaving the
boardwipe to the fate of a coin flip. It’s really fun, but it does quite loudly broadcast
our intentions. Chaos warp is our perennial spot removal in
red, and the randomness is on theme again! Comet Storm is a very mana intensive spell,
but is really flexible in what and how many creatures it can remove.
Vandalblast is more artifact hate, and for 5 we can overload it like a cyclonic rift
to sweep away all of the artifacts! As I mentioned before, we’re going to struggle
a little bit with card draw, but there’s a few cards that can help with that.
Endless Atlas is a 2 and tap for a card from our deck, we’re guaranteed to have 3 mountains
out by the time we can activate this. Skullclamp works beautifully in the deck,
trading our tokens for cards. Chandra, Torch of Defiance makes a surprise
entry to the list. Both of her + abilities really help us, ramp, and a pseudo draw. And
then them emblem is just nuts and is just 4 turns away! Remember earlier when I was chatting about
Banefire, we’re finally on to the ramp section. Battle Hymn will provide us with a boat load
of mana, as will Brightstone Ritual, and Mana Echoes is just silly in this deck!
So other than that red doesn’t ramp too well, so we’re relying on a few rocks.
Ruby Medallion is an absolute classic cost reducer from Tempest, and Hazoret’s Monument
from Amonket is a modern classic in my eyes! Gilded Lotus gives great mono colour ramp,
and Armillary sphere helps to keep those lands flowing. And that brings us neatly to the manabase,
which is short and sweet, and really budget. Desert of the Fervent and Forgotten Cave for
cycling, Goblin Burrows for the theme, Nykthos for the devotion, and 30 mountains, and that’s
it! And there you have it, that was my really
really fun mono red Krenko Goblin Tribal deck tech. If you haven’t already, please remember to
do all the usual youtube stuff And consider becoming a Patron of the channel,
the link is up in the top right corner. Don’t forget to check out arcane cards for
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Catch you all on the next one, there’s new videos out every Monday and Thursday.

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  2. altar of the brood is a very questionable inclusion imo. mill is a bad wincon, paints an even bigger target on your head than playing krenko does anyway and might even help your opponents with Muldrotha and Meren being very popular commanders.

  3. Cards you'd definately want in the deck if you have the budget for it: shared animosity, herald's horn, door of destinies.. Cavern of Souls, is pricey sure, but definately worth saving and trading up for😁 nice video my man…

  4. I would also recommend a skirk drill sergeant, coupled with recruiter, and prospector, you can chain gun out your entire life that can just sweep the board. High risk, but High reward

  5. I'd sub out one of those goblins with Goblin Piledriver and one of the mountains out with Valakut. It works really well in mid-late game

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