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Ahoy everyone, so today i’m bringing you a
brand new commander deck tech, and this is built around Gishath Sun’s Avatar, so we’re
going dinosaur tribal, with a really heavy sort of ixalan theme to it! welcome, and thanks for tuning in! before we get started, if you want to see
more fun, casual magic every thursday and sunday, please take a second to hit that subcribe
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becoming a patron of the channel so I can improve things such as audio quicker! with that said, lets get going! Gishath blew me away when it was spoiled,
and since i was still in love with cats in standard, i started to build a dino based
edh deck. For 8 mana we get a 7/6 dino with trample,
vigilance, and haste, which is nuts on its own. then add in the ability to pull even
more dinosaurs from the top of your deck and you’ve got a very potent aggro commander. As you can imagine, i’ve packed this with
prehistoric power, and a few surprises along the way. kicking off the creatures we have the elder
dinosaurs. ghalta can be played for peanuts if your board
doesn’t get cleared, zetalpa is just like keyword central,
and etali can be bonkers if left unchecked. oh and of course zacama is an elder dino too.
being able to untap everything you used to cast it, then having 3ish great mana sinks
is powerful stuff. after the elders come the avatars.
Burning sun isn’t really breathtaking but there is a sweet promo!
wakening sun is a cool boardwipe, and verdant sun has some onboard life gain. now we have a couple of tyrants!
trapjaw exiles a creature each time its hurt and everyone knows mr carnage tyrant, who
can be a real pain in the ass for our opponents, at least for a little while. and then there’s the raptors…
polyraptor goes nuts if you have a way to deal it small amounts of damage
raptor hatching is in here for teo reasons. a, the deck has a high curve, and b, its cute!
ranging raptor gives us ramp on a body and ripjaw helps with our card draw. silverclad ferocidons is non targeted removal,
rampaging ferocidons halts lifegain decks in their tracks and also punishes token strategies
wayward swordtooth is the first of our cards that cares about having ther citys blessing,
and ramps us even faster. and raging regisaur can help to trigger our
enraged dinos. siegehorn ceratops is an early drop that can
scale well if poked in the right way and bellowing aegisaur also loves the +1+1
counters! goring ceratops dishes out the double strike
and kinjalli’s sunwing is kinda like authority on a bird body. charging monstrosaur is just a five drop fatty
temple altisaur helps with letting just the right amount of damage through for triggering
enrage regisaur alpha papa gives our team haaste
and brings a baby dino with it deathgorge scavenger is a neat way to take
threats out of graveyard based decks. thundering sailback is our dino lord and token
generator raging swordtooth pings everything for 1
and finally theres ancient brontodon. just for fun, and the brilliant flavour text. so theres some quite expensive mana costs
in all those creatures, so we’re going to need to ramp quite hard!
cutivate, trace of abundance and rampant growth all help with that
lotus cobra is like an on theme mana dork, sol ring, because, well, sol ring
and mirari’s wake doubles our mana and gives us an anthem! speaking or anthems and stuff like that…
heralds horn is a cost reducer and allows us to pull dinos from the top of our deck.
You could throw in a divining top to the deck to help out with this, but i haven’t with
this build. radiant destiny anthems us and should bless
our dinos with vigilance. vanquishers banner, because who doesn’t like
even buffer creatures and drawing cards for casting them!
shapers sanctuary also fills up our hand a bit when our creatures get targetted by opponents. next up we have some creature based utility
that aren’t dinosaurs, but love them. Forerunner of the empire digs a dino to the
top of our library and pings for enrage damage. atzocan seer is a mana dork with dino specific
graveyard recursion. kinjallis caller keeps our casting costs down
as does otepec huntmaster, and he can also tap to give haste.
then theres the drover. part time mana dork, part time 3/3 we couldn’t have an ixalan themed deck without
a flip land! growing rites will be super easy to transform,
and when it does, we’re cradled up and ready to go.
congregation at dawn is nuts with gishath. cherry picking three dinosaurs from our stack
to then put out on board when our commander connects
priest of the wakening sun has incidental lifegain, but is mostly a tutor for us.
and commune with dinosaur is another way of getting another creature into our hand! so, we’re on to some of the spicy includes
for the deck. I absolutely love sunbirds invocation. this
only works with cards cast from hand, but still can give amazing results.
mayael the anima has been a pet card of mine ever since its release in shards of alara.
it’s yet another way to get dinos down on the table.
then there’s an alt win con! Her aria gives us some incrimental rewards along the way
until it wins us the game! we couldn’t have a gishath deck without including
huatli, and i’ve packed a whole lot of huatli in here.
Warrior poet can pump out 3/3 tokens radiant champion is card draw and a really
nice power/toughness boost dinosaur knight, from the planeswalker deck,
is super on theme with some great abilities, and i have sun-blessed mount in here to tutor
out the knight! finally, there’s samut the tested. an absolute
enrage triggering, dino tutoring, bad ass! coming towards the end of the spells, we have
8 left before the mana base stampede is a nice little combat trick
pryrohemia received a lot of attention recently. it triggers polyraptor and other enrage dinos
any time you like! decimate is a favourite gruul card of mine.
the art is rad, and takes out 4 targets in one go. yes you need all 4 targets, but this
is multiplayer edh. krosan grip is classic artifact and enchantment
destruction naya charm recurrs us a card, or taps down
an opponent so we can swing freely gruul charm helps with our disinct lack of
flyers titanic ultimatum is one of those win-more
but more-fun cards that embody what edh is to me. big mana, spalshy effects.
and finally there’s path of mettle, flipping into a great utility land. manabase time. and i’ve kept it really really
budget. there’s obvious upgrades here, shocks, fetches, but even with these budget choices
i dont have any issues. command tower, jungle shrine, unclaimed territory
and path of ancestry all tap for naya colours. i have budget fetch. naya panorama, an on
theme evolving wilds, and the terramorphic expanse.
for dual lands i have rootbound crag, sunpetal grove and stone quarry. They all give us extra
theme points! I run all three vivids. they’re ok at mana
fixing, and look really good. then theres a set of the three enter tapped,
gain life lands at the end we have a couple of nice utility
lands gavony township puts a +1+1 counter on each
of our creatures, and grove of the guardian turns into an 8/8 elemental
with a little work rounding it out i’m running 6 of each basic
land. and there you have it, my Gishath dino tribal
edh deck tech. you can find more commander content by clicking
on the card in the top right corner, and the decklist for these dinosaurs is down in the
description below. if you havent already, remember to share this
video with your friends,take a look at my patreon, and check out some of my other videos
and playlists. Let me know down in the comments below what
you think of this deck tech, in terms of length of time. So my last deck tech was Kalemne
and that came out a little shy of half an hour, this one is sort of hovering between
the 10-15 minute mark, let me know what you prefer, do you prefer sort of long form videos
where i go over every card exactly or do you prefer this where it’s a bit more sort of
laid back not just reading cards off a screen. thanks so much for watching, catch you all
on the next one, cheers!

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