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Alright everyone, how’s it going?
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, and thanks for tuning in. So today I’m bringing you a brand new deck
tech for War of the Spark! Feather, the Redeemed is the commander, and
we’ll be really playing to her strengths! I’m seriously so excited for all the Boros
love this set is giving us! Before we get started though, it’s time
for our upkeep step. There’s a few simple ways you can help the
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as a discount code to get 10% off your first order! And with that said, let’s head to the main
phase… Feather the Redeemed is an incredible new
Boros Legendary angel, taking the guild in quite a different direction to the usual combat
antics. For red white white we get a ¾ flyer, and whenever we cast an instant or sorcery
that targets one of our own creatures, the spell returns to our hand in the end step!
So I’ve got a deck tech packed with instants and sorceries that we’ll be able to keep
on playing over and over! It obviously needs more playtesting as the commander hasn’t
even been released yet, but I believe this is a strong start to base your ideas off! First up lets cover an awesome little combo
that helps boros where it lacks the most, ramp!
With Young Pyromancer out, whenever you cast a spell we get a 1/1 token. If we shoot our
own token with a path to exile, we get to search for a basic land, and we get a brand
new token in the process. At the beginning of the end step we get the path back to our
hand ready to do it all over again! What you need to remember with Feather’s
trigger is that you need to have cast your instants and sorceries before the end step,
otherwise you’ll have to wait a whole turn to get your card or cards back. It just so happens the Boros already have
a card that loves a deck packed with instants, the almighty Sunforger!
Whenever you unequip the sunforger we get to dig out any instant we like from our deck,
so long as it costs 4 or less. This provides so much value it’s crazy! So the sunforger is quite an important to
our strategy, getting us what we need, pretty much when we need it, and providing some sweet
card advantage. So I’ve got a couple of ways to dig it out.
Enlightened tutor can grab an artifact or an enchantment, and Open the Armory grabs
equipment or auras, but there aren’t any auras here!
On to the creatures, and with so many instants and sorceries that need to target our own
creatures, that screams Heroic to me! So I’ve packed a whole load of these heroic dudes
into the deck! When we hit Akroan Conscriptor with a spell,
we get to steal another creature for the turn. Phalanx Leader puts a +1+1 counter on each
of our creatures when we target it, but Fabled Hero keeps the counters for himself. He does
have double strike though, and that’s cool. Favored Hoplite also gets +1+1 counters on
itself, and prevents all damage it gets dished that turn!
Labyrinth Champion has a built in shock when it gets targeted by one of our spells. Could
definitely come in handy taking a blocker down a peg or two.
Anax and Cymede have vigilance and first strike, and make for an awesome Tiny Leader in their
own deck, but in this deck they’re buffing the team and dishing out the trample! Mirrorwing Dragon was totally made for Feather,
except it came out like 3 years ago. If we target the Dragon, it copies the spell and
targets all of our creatures! That is a whole bucket load of value it’s crazy!
Pyre Hound is another creature that really fits the deck, it starts as a ⅔ trampler,
but gets a +1+1 counter for each spell we cast, and it doesn’t even have to be the
target of them to get the bonus! Charmbreaker Devils gets an extra 4 power
whenever we cast an instant or sorcery, and we can drag one from the graveyard back to
our hand every upkeep. Great for if Feather isn’t around. Strongarm Monk doesn’t have Heroic, but
does bump the team up by +1+1 for the turn for each non-creature spell cast.
Student of Ojutai gains us 2 life for each non-creature spell cast,
And Monastery Mentor has prowess, the other keyword that cares about spells. So it gets
+1+1 until end of turn for each non-creature spell cast, and churns out a 1/1 monk in the
process, that also has prowess! With so many instants and/or sorceries hopefully
flying around there’s another way we can capitalise on it!
Guttersnipe is going to ping every opponent for 2 damage whenever we cast one, and Balefire
Liege does a nice mix of gaining us life, and lightning bolting. There’s a few spells
in here that do both! The anthem effects are a tasty bonus too! Dualcaster Mage has flash, and you can play
it out just in time to copy an instant or sorcery, Neheb helps with the ramp, giving
us some post-combat mana to cast more spells and stuff. Blaze Commando cares about our spells that
deal damage, and when they do, it makes 2 soldier tokens! So the deck can kind-of go
wide too! Another Boros creature next, the Boros Reckoner
can absorb any damage that we fire at it, and bounce it straight back at a player or
creature of our choice! Finally, Sun Titan! It’s not here for any
spells matter reasons, but just because it’s awesome at bringing most of the deck back
from the dead! So now it’s time for some of these spells
I’ve been going on about! The first batch all target our creatures,
and draw us a card in the process! Expedite gives target creature haste for just
1 mana! Guided Strike gives a target creature +1+0
and first strike, Defiant Strike also gives a +1+0 boost, no
first strike this time though. Acrobatic Maneuver flickers one of our creatures,
getting them out of harms way. Shelter is another protection spell, giving
target creature protection from whatever colour we want! Gods willing doesn’t draw us a card but
it does scry 1, setting up our next draw nicely. It also does the same trick as shelter granting
protection for the turn. Survive the night doesn’t draw a card or
scry, it generates a clue, and turning a creature indestructible is a neat get out of jail card. Acolyte’s Reward is a cool damage prevention
spell, that then redirects the saved damage into dealt damage!
Apostle’s blessing brings some phyrexian mana to proceedings, and goes one further
than just protecting creatures, it can protect an artifact too, keeping that precious Sunforger
safe! Eerie Interlude is flickering to the max.
You can flicker as many creatures as you want, instant protection from boardwipes! Narrow Escape will bounce one of our creatures
back into hand, and gain us 4 life in the process.
Fall of the hammer is great, it’s like a green fight card, except there’s no fight
back, it’s basically a suckerpunch. Electrodominance isn’t really a card that’ll
trigger Feather, but it will take care of big creatures, finish an opponent out of nowhere,
and still let us cast another spell in our hand for free. Aurelia’s Fury is crazy good in this deck!
You get to deal X damage, and as long as 1 of it is to one of our creatures it’ll bounce.
You can deal one damage to each creature a player controls and they all tap down, no
attacks coming our way! The hosing on casting non-creature spells is well nice too. Captain’s Maneuver is kind-of like a Boros
Reckoner on an instant, protecting a creature and cheekily bouncing that damage at something
else! Rally the Righteous is around 14 years old
now, but fits beautifully in here. If we target Feather then we can untap all of our creatures,
and the +2+0 power boost can really swing a combat phase in our favour. Sorceries now and we start with a great one.
Targetting Feather with this one again will take out a lot of threats, and still leave
our spell loving Angel to carry on the fight. Fight with Fire, when it’s kicked deals
10 damage total. Just 1 at one of our creatures, and that leaves 9 to dish out amongst opponents
and their creatures. Chandra’s Ignition costs 5 mana, and is
another pseudo boardwipe, dealing one creatures power as damage to all other creatures, and
opponents too! Definitely need to have it backed up with a few protection spells for
maximum swing of board state. Howl of the Horde is a neat spell copier.
It copies once, and if we’ve attacked then we can copy a second time!
Seize the Day allows us to untap one creature, and then there’s an extra combat phase,
a little bit of Aurelia creeping into the deck! Only untapping one creature might not
be totally awesome, but if it’s big enough then it’s worth it! The only mode on Boros Charm that’ll trigger
Feather’s ability is the double strike one, but more often than not you’re going to
be using it for the indestructible, but having the option is always nice. Myth Realized is a really interesting card
I hadn’t seen until I was researching the deck. Each non-creature spell we cast adds
a lore counter on to it, and we can use it as a mana sink too to add more. Then for just
a white it becomes an x/x where x is the number of lore counters on it! Declaration in Stone is something I’m testing
out in EDH at the moment, specifically at taking down token strategies. That way they
don’t get the clue tokens, and we don’t need to wrath our own board.
Another one sided wipe I’m running is Settle the Wreckage. Yeah it ramps your opponent,
but by the time it’s right to use this it probably doesn’t really matter. We’re into the best of the rest section
now, and starting off with Paradox Engine! We’re going to be slinging a lot of spells,
so we’re going to be untapping our cards a lot! It doesn’t untap lands, but we’ve
got mana rocks for that! Primal Amulet reduces the cost of our already
cheap spells, and after just 4 of them it flips over into the Primal Wellspring, giving
us red or white mana to spend on instants or sorceries and copy them in the process!
I’ve included cloud key in here because the cost reduction from the amulet isnt going
to stick around for long! Generally you’re going to want to choose instants, but creatures
are a good choice too! Skullclamp makes an appearance here. We’ve
got a bit of token generation to take advantage of, or we can just slap it on a blocker and
get something out of the block. Either way, useful stuff! Sword of the Animist is the only other equipment
in the deck besides sunforger, and it’s great for ramping. Fetching out a basic every
time the equipped creature swings. Speaking of ramp, Smothering Tithe is still
blowing me away with how good it is! Creating treasure tokens with ease each time an opponent
draws a card and doesn’t pay the tax. I’m basically treating this as a staple in Boros
decks from now on! Then finally there’s the good old Wear//Tear,
destroying other peoples pesky artifacts or enchantments. No Feather trigger, but that’s
ok! So we briefly touched on ramp just now, and
now time for a whole load of mana rocks! Boros Signet, Chromatic Lantern, Commander’s
Sphere, Coalition Relic, and Cultivators Caravan all provide us with red or white mana, and
the caravan has the added benefit of being able to be crewed. Solemn Simulacrum fetches us a basic land
when it comes into play, and a card drawn when it leaves.
Burnished Hart also let’s us dig for basics, two this time. And now we come to the manabase. I’ve kept
it fairly basic, but the important thing to remember is that we want plenty of basics,
so they can be fetched with the Path to Pyromancer combo. Command Tower, Sacred Foundry, Clifftop Retreat
and Temple of Triumph are my dual lands. Reliquary tower is in here because we’re
going be holding a lot of instants and sorceries in our grip.
Strip Mine because there’ll always be a powerful land that needs taking care of.
Buried Ruin in here to get the Sunforger back if it gets taken out,
And I’ve rounded it out with an almost equal number of mountains and plains. And there you have it, my initial ideas of
how to build Feather, the Redeemed Commander deck out! If you want a more direct way to chat with
me you can become a member of my discord server by hitting the link down in the description
and joining my monthly newsletter. The first 50 people get the chance to win a Dijital
Llama playmat If you haven’t already, please remember to
do all the usual youtube stuff Don’t forget to check out arcane cards for
your mtg singles, and remember that discount code down in the description. Thanks so much for watching,
Catch you all on the next one, there’s new videos out every Monday and Thursday.

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  2. personaly i would have wait until the full spoilers are out. im definatly expecting a few more spycy angels and/or boros creatures

  3. Hey Tim, I'm also in the process of build Feather 🙂 finally an interesting Boros commander, other things I'm currently looking at are Zada, reckless rage, jaya's immolating inferno, cloudshift, scroll of the masters, dynavolt tower and spell book + thought vessel, im feeling like im going to have a huge number of cards in my hand often and I never wana discard all my tasty spells, looking forward to maybe battling at the lab feather to feather 😛

  4. Do you think zada hedron grinder would be a good fit for the deck? If you had a combat trick that included draw a card, zada would allow you to draw for each creature and feather returns it to hand.

  5. What happens if I use chance for Glory with feather as my commander?
    Also you can spam 1/1 tokens every turn with heroic reinforcements

  6. Id really love to see a full commander decklist for this when the cards are out. I know my picks. Would love to see yours

  7. Hey @Dijital Llama … I've been playing this deck and one big question plague my games… I have zada, hedron grinder and mirrorwing dragon, and whenever i target them with an instant or sorcery i copy it for every other creature i control correct? Ok, then…Does the cards that have the heroic mechanic, when they are targeted by the copied instant or sorcery, do they get activated as well?
    For what i understand they do, but a friend in my play group says they don't activate. So it's very confusing… :T Thanks for the help…

  8. Wouldnt sunforger not be useful at all since you are not "casting" cards from your hand, you're searching for cards and "playing" them directly from the library?
    IIRC casting and playing and two different things. Maybe im wrong though

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