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Alright everyone, how’s it going?
thanks for tuning in, I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama And today I’m bringing you a brand new deck
tech, now this is really experimental, something I’ve been working on for a little while now,
this is a Maze’s End guildgate deck with Child of Alara as the commander. Before we get started though, it’s time
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phase… We kick off with our commander, Child of Alara.
It really doesn’t care if we play gates or not. It’s basically here for it’s 5
colour colour identity, and also that it’s quite the deterent for being swung at. Wiping
the board if someone comes at you with a beefy attacker is quite a way to keep control whilst
we’re digging for our win-con! Speaking of our win-con, here it is! Maze’s End is a land that comes into play
tapped, and then you can bounce it for 3 and a tap, to go and fetch a Gate from your deck
and put it into play. When you have 10, you win!
So the whole deck revolves around getting there as quickly as possible.
There’s now 11 gate cards, a guildgate for each of the ten guilds, and then there’s
gateway plaza, which is cool to have a bit of redundancy in the deck now.
We’ve got graveyard recursion coming a bit later, but if our maze’s end strategy fails
we can always ping our opponents off with Door to Nothingness since we should have a
load of mana available! So with our need for all of the gates, and
the recent support from Guilds of Ravnica, and Ravnica Allegiance, we get to play some
awesome gate-based spells! Gate Colossus is an 8 mana 8/8 that get’s
cheaper the more gates we control. It also has it’s own inbuilt graveyard recursion,
super handy! Gatekeeper Gargoyle get a +1+1 counter for
each gate we control when it’s cast, so could in magical Christmas land come down
as a 14/14! Gatebreaker Ram doesn’t get counters, but
does get bigger, and should always have vigilance and trample.
Gatecreeper Vine allows us to tutor out a gate to our hand, but isn’t really going
to do much else. District Guide does the same thing, just with
a bit more power. Circuitous Route finds us yet another 2 gates,
but this time they go straight onto the battlefield! Open the Gates digs out one more, so that’s
5 gates from just these four cards! Because we’re digging for gates, we might
get left behind in terms of board state, so this gate-based boardwipe is a really nice
addition to the deck. Guild Summit provides some much needed card
draw, and Hold the Gates gives us a nice bit of defence. Glaive of the Guildpact is a tidy bit of kit.
Vigilance, menace and a power boost to boot. And that rounds out the gate stuff, thank
goodness, for here on out I hopefully won’t be saying gate as much! So just playing out 1 land a turn isn’t
going to cut the mustard, we need more! Azusa, Lost but Seeking gives us crazy ramp,
being able to play up to 3 lands a turn. Minna and Denn from Oath of the Gatewatch
give us one extra a turn, and has a nice built in combat trick.
Even more redundancy with the good ol’ Oracle of Mul Daya. This trio means we can keep the
lands flowing like the Baron must keep the spice flowing! Exploration does the same thing in enchantment
form, and Ghirapur Orrery, a beautiful card helps everyone with land drops and hand refilling. Tempt with Discovery is a great multiplayer
card, and it’s great because it doesn’t specify basic lands, and it’s great because
they come straight into play! Sylvan Scrying finds any land too, and Hour
of Promise finds 2, no zombie tokens generated here though!
Expedition Map digs us out another gate, so that’s another 5 gates total tutored for! Solemn Simulacrum can’t find gates, but
still ramps and replaces itself when it dies. Courser of Kruphix gives us tiny increments
of lifegain and a cheeky preview of what’s on top of our pile.
Into the Wilds is another stunning looking card that gives us a land advantage.
And then we finally come to a meaty creature! Borborygmos Enraged allows us to dig 3 deep
whenever it deals combat damage, and we can put all the lands found into our hand, oh
and it’s a 7/6 trampler, so there’s that!# In the same vein, Kamahl’s Druidic Vow allows
us to check the top few cards of our deck for lands, except we get to choose how many,
and they go straight into play! Adventurous Impulse also digs for a land,
or a creature if you really want to! Broken bond gives us a nice little bit of
removal and a bonus land drop as well! Budoka Gardener is one of those quirky flip
cards from Kamigawa! We can tap him to play a bonus land, and then once he’s flipped
we can start pumping out some absolute beasts! So we might not always have the lands in play
we want. Maybe we’ve got too many basics, not enough gates. No problemo, we can just
swap them out. Crop rotation does just that, and Scapeshift
goes all out, allowing us to sac multiple lands at a time to get all the gates we could
desire! Obviously lands being sent to the graveyard
is not what we want or need. It would proper scupper our plans, so we needs ways to get
the gates back from the grave! Crucible or Worlds and Ramunap Excavator allow
us to play them as if they were in our hand. Muldrotha the Gravetide allows us to re-cast
lands, and also anything else we need, super versatile!
Lord Windgrace does many things, looting, and then bringing lands back from the dead.
And possibly even making some cats, although that’s not really the aim here.
Life from the Loam can bring 3 lands back, and the Mending of Dominaria does a neat job
of recurring creatures and lands. Splendid Reclamation pulls all lands back
into play, and cartographer just does one to our hand.
Creeping Renaissance has many uses. Bringing lands back, all creatures, whatever you want
really! And of course we couldn’t have a graveyard
recursion section without the Eternal Witness! So that’s an awful lot of faffing around
with lands. What about some actual threats? Well I’ve got you covered! Omnath, Locus of Rage brings a big threat.
It’s a 5/5 who makes more 5/5s whenever we get a land into play.
Rampaging Baloths also has a landfall trigger giving us 4/4s this time.
Zendikar Incarnate is so good for a 4 drop. With power equal to our land total it could
be an absolute beast! Awakened Amalgam does basically the same in
this deck and we’re not playing duplicate lands.
Multani is another variation on the theme, but with just a little bit more flair! Tireless Tracker provides some ramp in the
form of clues, and gets buffer in the process. Tatyova gives us a lifepoint and a card for
each land played, and Stone-Seeder Hierophant is a nice bit of tech. It really helps to
get Maze’s End triggering quicker by being able to untap it when it comes into play.
Dune-Brood Nephalim is an interesting card, and has been so much fun to play with, generating
an awful lot of sand! Best of the rest now with stuff that didn’t
really fit in previous categories but is still essential!
Amulet of Vigor is amazing in this deck. With so many lands coming into play tapped, this
instantly untaps them, meaning we don’t fall too far behind the curve! Nissa, Vital Force is actually quite easy
to get the emblem out of. 5 loyalty is great to start, and only needs a turn to get to
the ultimate. If not, then there’s some graveyard recursion just in case we didn’t
have enough already. All Sun’s Dawn is another glorious looking
card, and more recursion for multiple cards at once, but not colourless lands. Shaper’s Sanctuary adds to our card drawing,
and Ghostly Prison helps to protect us while we’re getting to our win-con. Maelstrom Pulse kicks off the removal in style,
closely followed by cleansing nova. Boros Charm rounds us out with either spot
removal or blanket protection for a turn. A final bit of ramp before we hit the remaining
manabase in the form of Sol Ring, and Chromatic Lantern. So here’s the lands that aren’t gates! Command tower, cascading cataracts and Reflecting
Pool give us our 5 colours. Vesuva and Thespian’s Stage copy any lands
on the table. It could be we want another maze’s end to get the win quicker. It could
be that someone’s got a cradle out or a maze of ith, which always come in handy! Strip mine and ghost quarter destroy lands,
and are reusable with cards like crucible of worlds in play!
Petrified feilds is land based land recursion, buried ruin can pull back an artifact, and
homeward path stops any donating shenanigans that might be going on!
Reliquary Towers lifts the restriction on our hand size, and then Plaza of harmony gives
us a little life boost if we’ve got a couple of gates down. I’m running all 10 shocklands, and with
their recent reprintings are at the most affordable price they’ve been in ages! Then there’s literally just one of each
basic land! So now we’re going to be heading into a
bit of example gameplay from MTGO, showing off what the deck is capable of, after the
jump! Stay tuned! In this game I’m up against player 2 with
Atraxa, Player 3 with the Mimeoplasm, and Player 4 with the partners Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist
and Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper. I’m going first for a change, and that’s
not a bad opening hand at all! I draw the Nephalim, drop the Homeward Path
and cast Amulet of Vigor, setting myself up nicely!
P2 goes plains into mana vault into enlightened tutor, a strong start too.
P3 plays a watery grave and passes. P4 goes Terramorphic expanse and cracks it
for a swamp. Back around to me and I draw open the Gates.
I play my temple garden so I have green, don’t pay the 2, and the Amulet triggers untapping
it anyway! I cast open the Gate and grab the Rakdos Guildgate.
P2 takes damage from the crypt, then plays a seaside citadel and a Land Tax, nice!
P3 plays Cavern of Souls into a Sol Ring, then taps down.
P4 drops an island and passes. I’m feeling quite confident about my start
now! I draw crop rotation, play the rakdos guildgate,
and go for the Gatebreaker Ram. P2 has a couple of upkeep triggers now, plays
a swamp, Drana’s Emissary, and then Serra Ascendant, brutal in EDH!
P3 plays an island, and casts the saga the Eldest Reborn! I sac the Ram, and P2 sacs
the Emissary. Round to P4 who’s lagging behind a little.
They play a mountain and get the Dimir Doppelganger down! I untap, play the boros guildgate untapped,
and go for the District Guide. It tutors outthe Simic Guildagte, and I tap down for the turn.
P2 does their crypt and tax upkeeps, then brings the big guns out casting Atraxa. The
Ascendant swings at P3 for 6, then it’s their turn
The Eldest Reborn triggers and I discard my Druidic Vow. Not too bad. They play a forest
then cast Prime Speaker Vannifar, nice! A sensei’s Divining top follows, and it looks
like the mis-play and put it on top of their library straight away!
P4 untaps, then activates the doppelganger to copy the Emissary. I draw a swamp, not ideal, but play the simic
guildgate out, and cast the Nephalim. No attacking and it’s over to P2.
They cast Reliquary tower, and then Sanguine Sacrament for 5 gaining 10 life. P3 gets swung
at again, down to 24 now. They steal my Gatebreaker Ram with the final
stage of the Eldest Reborn, then cast a Chromatic Lantern. The Top comes back out, and is activated
correctly this time! Vannifar swaps the Ram out for an Identity Thief. And it’s round
to P4. The Emissary triggers dealing everyone 1 damage,
and bring out Ludevic from the command zone. I draw the Gate Colossus, and cast crop rotation,
rotating my temple garden for the Maze’s End. Breeding pool comes out, and I activate
the Maze to dig for the Gruul Guildgate. I swing at P3 with the Nephalim and they dont
block, so I get 6 sand tokens. In my end step Ludevic triggers and I draw Omnath, awesome!
P2 casts a Rhox Faithmender, doubling any lifegain they might get. They once again hit
the Mimeoplasm player taking them to 10 life, and going up to 76 themselves!
P3 activates the top, then attacks P2 back with the Thief, copying the Serra Ascendant.
They block with the Rhox and the Ascendant/thief dies. Ludevic triggers, and the Ascendant
returns to P2’s playmat. P4 untaps, the Emissary pings everyone, copies
my gruul guildgate with a thespian’s stage, and casts a Phyrexian Metamorph! It copies
the ascendant, and then they pass. I draw my ghostly prison but cast my commander,
Child of Alara is now on the table! Maze’s End comes back out, ready to go hunting again
next turn, and I pass to P2. They cast Defiant Broodlord, now that’s
an issue. Then a seek the wilds follows, and a swing at P3 to finish them off. However
there’s an intervention, P3 casts Spinal Embrace, and for some reason P2 just quits,
pretty bizarre stuff. So it’s round to P3 and they bring out a
Necrotic Ooze, they Vannifar it away and get an acidic slime instead, shooting the serra
ascendant. P4 untaps and then P3 decides to quit as well.
The perils of playing Commander on MTGO I guess.
So it’s just 1v1 with a deck that needs players to fight each other to distract from
my gate tutoring! Altered Ego comes out, and copies my Child
of Alara! Nothing else happens and it’s back to me! My draw is Life from the Loam, and I finally
cast Ghostly Prison to get my defenses up. I activate maze’s end again and get the
golgari gate, up to 5 now! Recast Mazes end and pass the turn! They restore the terramorphic expanse, and
sac it for a forest. Ikra comes out and they pass back to me after trying to attack without
paying for ghostly prison. I activate the maze to get my 6th guildgate
and re-cast it. Play my shaper’s sanctuary, and go hunting for my 7th gate, nearly there!
I’ve now got enough gates to cast the Colossus for just 1 mana! They untap, ping me for 1, and cast helm of
the host. If you’ve seen my Aurelia deck tech and gameplay you’ll have seen how brutal
that card is! It gets attached to Ludevic, and they get a copy but don’t actually swing
at me. I draw buried ruin but play maze’s end fetching
my 8th gate, and pass, quite an uneventful turn.
They re-attach the helm to Child of Alara, slightly scary stuff, and cast beastmaster
ascension, then move to combat, helm triggers, but they pass the turn again. I go through the usual routine yet again,
fetching my 9th guildgate, and could really do with the oracle of mul daya or something
to speed this process up! Their turn and they cast steal artifact on
my gate Colossus, triggering my shaper’s sanctuary and drawing me a gateway plaza,
boom! As the helm triggers at the beginning of combat i activate my homeward path, grabbing
the colossus back, and they swing with 2 child of alaras, whatever the plural is! Their beastmaster
triggers twice, and i choose to block the 6/6 child with my child, and gang block their
9/9. They split second out a card I’ve never seen before, Sudden Spoiling, and all my creatures
become 0/2’s for the turn! They get killed and i take trample damage
down to 24. The maze’s end get’s played and activated
yet again, i grab the final guildgate, and that’s it, GG! It was a bit of a shame my opponents didn’t
stick around, but I wanted to use this game to show how good the amulet is, and how effective
ghostly prison is at detering attacks. And there you have it, that was my Maze’s
End Child of Alara Commander deck tech! If you haven’t already, please remember to
do all the usual youtube stuff And consider becoming a Patron of the channel,
the link is up in the top right corner for details. Don’t forget to check out arcane cards for
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Catch you all on the next one, as always new videos out every Monday and Thursday.

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  2. Hi, i know the video is a month old, but i stumbled upon it now and actually really liked it! Although the deck itself is not as well optimised as i would like it to be. I don't know your playgroup's powerlevel, but it seems that you have put in some more expensive cards, so i would expect you could make the deck more refined if you wanted to. I would personally like to see some more draw and a way to exploit Alara for additional board clears. Nonetheless, great video and great deck, you've gotten another subscriber today my dude 😀

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