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Alright everyone, what’s occuring?
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, and thanks for tuning in. So today I’m bringing you my Breya Etherium
Shaper commander deck tech.There’s going to be tons of artifacts, lots of thopters
and lots of fun! Before we get started though, it’s time
for our upkeep step. There’s a few simple ways you can help the
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phase… So this is my second deck tech for Breya,
it was one of the first ones I made for the channel, and you can see that blast for the
past by clicking the card up in the top right corner. Breya is one of the 4 colour commanders from
Commander 2016, all colours except green, and when she enters the battlefield we get
two 1/1 blue thopter tokens which is nice, but her ability is where she really shines.
Paying 2 and saccing two artifacts we can either deal 3 damage to a target player, give
a creature -4/-4 until end of turn, or gain 5 life.
That’s an awful lot of versatility. You only need to do the first one 7 times and
that’s lethal commander damage! The second ability is a fantastic way to deal with indestructible
creatures. So we’re going to need lots of artifacts
to sac, and a lot of mana to pay for the activations. The first way to do it is with a tidy little
combo! Eldrazi Displacer says you can pay 3 to blink
another creature, so we’d target Breya. That gives us 2 thopter tokens. Next we need
either Ashnod’s Altar or the infamous Krark Clan-Ironworks out. If we sac both the tokens
we get 4 mana. Three goes back to the Displacer for another blink, and we keep 1 mana. So
it creates an infinite, but stoppable loop for as much mana as we want.
Once you’ve got enough mana you can miss out the saccing part, and just keep blinking
breya to get all the thopters you need to start pinging your opponents off! Another way to get a ridiculous quantity of
mana is with another combo. This one uses Thopter Foundry, Sword of the Meek and KCI
again. If you have all of them in play, you can pay 1 to activate the Foundry. Sac the
sword, and you get a thopter. The sword comes back attached to the thopter. Then sac the
thopter to KCI so we’ve got two mana, then use 1 to pay for the Foundry again and keep
going! You get infinite mana and as much life as you like! But what happens if either of these plans
are scuppered? Well I’ve got a few more win conditions
packed into the deck. First is Mechanized Production. You enchant
an artifact you control. At the beginning of your upkeep you create a copy of the artifact,
and then if you’ve got eight, you win the game. Purphoros, God of the Forge is a brutal way
to win the game. Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to each
opponent, perfect for multiplayer. Just one cast of Breya will be dealing 6 damage to
everyone else! Another cool game winner is Marionette Master.
Whenever an artifact is put into your graveyard target opponent loses life equal to the Master’s
power. So long as you’ve beefed him up, each Breya activation will be punishing your
opponent for 8 life no matter which option you choose. So we need a sac outlet. We’ve
got the one’s I’ve already listed, but there’s more!
Sai, Master Thopterist allows us to sac two artifacts to draw a card. He also generates
Thopters whenever we cast an artifact. Kuldotha Forgemaster can tap and we can sacrifice
three artifacts in one go! For that we get to tutor any artifact in our deck onto the
battlefield. Then there’s two cards which are kind of
similar. Trading Post allows us to sac a creature for
some recursion, or sac an artifact for some card draw. Oh and there’s Goat tokens too!
Retrofitter foundry is a more specific sac outlet. We can only sac Servos or Thopters
to it, but each one comes back with something bigger! So I guess we’re going to need ways to dig
for these key cards. Thankfully there’s a fair few Tutors in here.
Trinket Mage and Trophy Mage search for artifacts with a cmc of 1 and 3 respectively.
Enlightened Tutor can grab us an artifact or an enchantment.
Whir of invention and Fabricate finish off the tutoring. What if all those ways just aren’t generating
enough creature tokens? I’ve included a few other ways to churn
out thopters and servos. Hangarback Walker is amazing value, giving
you a potentially huge creature that when it dies creates thopters equal to it’s power. Master Trinketeer is a Servo and Thopter anthem
effect, and also a mana sink to create Servos, it’s an expensive ability though! Myr Battlesphere comes into play with 4 myr
tokens. Their still artifact creatures, so just as useful as thopters!
And still on a Myr tip, Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer makes 2/1 Myr’s.
Efficient Construction gives us a thopter whenever we cast an artifact, and Thopter
Spy Network gives us one every upkeep! Dovin, Grand Arbiter, Planeswalker from Ravnica
Allegiance has a -1 loyalty ability to create a thopter, and Tezzeret, Artifice Master from
M19 gives us one for +1 loyalty. Saheeli the Gifted from Commander 2018 gives
us a Servo on her uptick! Tezz also gives us card draw and a potential
tutor if he’s not killed before ultimating! Dovin ‘s ultimate allows us to dig 10 deep
for three cards to our hand! Saheeli’s other +1 ability gives us huge cost reductions on
spells, and the -7 is crazy, making a hasty token copy of every artifact we control until
end of turn. Wrapping this section out is Anointed Procession,
doubling up on all of these token generating triggers! Since we were just chatting about planeswalkers,
let’s carry on and look at the others that are in the 99. Saheeli Rai is a super cheap Planeswalker.
+1 and we deal 1 damage to all opponents. -2 and we create a token copy of one of our
artifacts or creatures for the rest of the turn, or we can tutor out three artifacts
with her ultimate. Karn is another recent addition to the deck.
Upticking and downticking for card draw, and the -2 “ultimate” in inverted commas gives
us a contruct that gets bigger and bigger the more artifacts we have out. Tezzeret, Master of Metal has some really
interesting abilities. His -3 could potentially be lethal for someone, and the -8 ultimate
is a huge blowout of a turn, hopefully gaining control of so much stuff! Daretti, Scrap Savant allows us to discard
and draw, and then provides some crazy levels of graveyard recursion! Which leads us nicely to the recursion section! We can pay 3 and tap Hanna, Ship’s Navigator
to return an artifact or enchantment to our hand.
Nim Deathmantle gives us a way of recuring non-token creatures if we pay 4.
Scrap Trawler allows us to swap dying artifacts for ones we want to bring back to our hand.
Sharuum the Hegemon is the Mon at recurring artifacts straight back to the battlefield.
Open the Vaults is the ultimate in bringing artifacts back, returning them all from graveyard
to battlefield, but it does the same for everyone, so watch out! Time to look at a quick bit of card draw and
ramp next. Smothering Tithe gives us a treasure token
every time an opponent draws a card and doesn’t pay two. Great for ramp, and great for adding
to our artifact tally. Solemn Simulacrum does a bit of both being
a land tutor and giving us a draw when it dies. Padeem draws us a card if we control the biggest
CMCed artifact in our upkeep. Jhoira draws us a card whenever we cast a
historic spell, so that’s artifacts, legendaries, including planeswalkers, and Sagas.
Skullclamp fits so nicely into this deck, trading thopters for a couple of cards at
a time. Storm the Vault is a flip enchantment from
Rivals of Ixalan. Whenever our creatures deal combat damage to a player we get treasure,
and if we control 5 or more artifacts in our end step it flips into basically the blue
version of a Gaea’s Cradle! The ramp is quite straightforward with tons
of mana rocks! Sol Ring, Commander’s Sphere, Chromatic
Lantern, and Darksteel Ingot, And four of the guild signets.
Metalworker is a spicy bit of ramp, we can tap it and reveal any number of artifacts
from our hand, and we get that much mana, awesome!
Unwinding clock is basically ramp in this deck, untapping all our artifact’s in every
player’s untap step! We’re also going to want to protect our
board, and destroy some of the more peskier plays from our opponents.
Cataclymic Gearhulk, Phyrexian Scriptures, and Fumigate are the board wipes I’m running,
and Unlicensed Disintegration for any spot removal that Breya can’t take care of.
Teferi’s Protection does what it says on the tin, protecting our boardstate, and yes
that does include tokens too! Best of the rest time now, and in no particular
order Thopter Assembly is an on theme 5/5 which
is great after a boardwipe. Loyal Apprentice has Lieutenant and can provide
more tokens. Chief of the Foundry is an artifact creature
anthem And metalwork colossus is just a huge beater,
that we can usually cast for peanuts! Panharmonicon goes so well in this deck, it’s
like it was made for it! Vedalken Orrery is always handy, allowing
us to react to events much quicker. The Antiquities War is a two turn dig and
then a potentially huge combat phase in the third turn. And that brings me to the final part of the
deck, the manabase. I’m running Command Tower, City of Brass,
and Spire of Industry for multicolouur mana. Academy Ruins, Buried Ruin and Field of Ruin
for maximum Ruin. Homeward Path, Reliquary Tower, Foundry of
the Consuls and Inventors Fair for utility. The four artifact lands we’re allowed to
ruin. A mixture of 12 dual-lands. I’m running
fastlands from Kaladesh and Mirrodin for theme, alongside Shocks, but you can use whatever
you prefer really. Then rounding it out with a few basics of
each variety! And there you have it, my Breya Etherium Shaper
deck tech. If you haven’t already, please remember to
do all the usual youtube stuff And consider becoming a Patron of the channel,
the link is up in the top right corner. Don’t forget to check out arcane cards for
your mtg singles, and remember that discount code down in the description. Thanks so much for watching,
Catch you all on the next one, there’s new videos out every Monday and Thursday.

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  2. My Breya deck is one of my favourites! Every set has it's share of good artifacts that can be added to improve it! 😀

  3. hello there! So I messed up in this video and want to put it out there! So I stated that Breya's ability counts towards dealing commander damage. It doesn't I'm afraid. Commander damage is only combat damage. So, sorry about that goof, and thanks for your understanding! Hope you still enjoy the deck regardless, cheers!

  4. Im New in commander so i have a question, im looking at the comments and i dont know what all mean With commander combat dmg, you mean i cant do 3 dmg to the other player everytime or what?

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