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Ahoy everyone, thanks for tuning in! So I’m
Tim here at Dijital Llama and since I opened one of these beauties the other
week I decided Commander’s Anthology just come out it is time for an Atraxa Praetors’ Voice deck tech! Welcome everyone, before we get started if you want to see
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description as well as a discount code to get 10% off your first order. Literally so excited about this! With that said let’s get going! Atraxa is from
commander 2016, the ones with the four color commanders and is a red-less angel
horror with a penchant for proliferating. Recently reprinted in
commanders anthology 2 a couple of months ago when this list was meant to
come out, since then I’ve been working on it and it’s very experimental sort of an
off kilter deck now it hasn’t been fully tested but it just seems awesome so far! Kicking things off with quite standard
includes we’ve got contagion engine and the clasp both great proliferaters on
sticks and a slow way to deal with your opponent’s creatures to boot Inexorable
tide can get pretty silly. Tezzeret’s Gambit gives us some cards and Fuel for the
Cause is an expensive but quite fun counterspell. So with the reprint in
Battlebond, Doubling Season is slightly more attainable and will really kick
things off nicely then there’s the Snek giving it even
more counters and Hardened Scales which does very similar things too. So
all familiar so far, proliferate and counters, but here’s where it gets
interesting so we’re running the three modules from Kaladesh, if you get this combo going you’ll be laughing. Animation module gives us a
1/1 if we pay one whenever a plus one plus one gets put onto something. Decoction module gives us an energy when a creature enters our side. Fabrication
module gives us a +1/+1 counter to place when we get an energy
counter, so if you’ve got the mana you can keep pumping out tokens, getting
energy, and buffing stuff up. The energy and counters can then be proliferated and
really get out of hand, so yep this is a +1/+1 energy jank deck!
Starting off with the +1+1 counters I’ve included some goodies here.
The Crowd Goes Wild! So you get a load of counters to spread around, loads of
creatures get trample, and you can get in on some of the political plays with
assist here if you want to. Cathars Crusade puts a counter on each of your
creatures whenever one comes into play and Juniper Order Ranger slowly builds
in power and helps other creatures enter the battlefield a little bit beefier.
Hadana’s Climb should basically come in flipped for us and that allow us to
start doubling somethings stats to smash in in the air. Avenger of Zendikar should
get us a fair few plants and they’ll start accumulating counters in no time.
Herald of Secret Streams then puts the boot in by making everything unblockable
Kalonian Hydra comes with counters included and on its attack trigger
doubles all our creatures +1+1s, it doesn’t even have to deal with
damage to do that. Inspiring Call should draw us an insane amount of cards and is
some decent protection. The Ivorytusk Fortress gives us pseudo vigilance by
untapping our countered up creatures every single turn. Now with the modules
doing their job we’ll have an abundance of energy,
how are we gonna burn all of that off? Aethertide Whale is a big boy that can
bounce back to your hand if it is just about to be harpooned. Glint-sleeve is a
bit of a standard show-off and can draw us an extra card each turn. Gonti’s Aether Heart will give us a whole extra turn every now and then which is really rad,
and then there’s the Roc. it adds to our energy and +1+1s and can tap
down a defender, not an actual defender just something that’s going to block us!
Consulate Surveillance is like an energy fog. We’ve got the Aethersquall Ancient,
it can bounce the entire board clear of creatures if it should come to that! The
Coup is just some good old stealing and Hydra is a really cool energy sink that
can evade removal and get bigger in the process. Demon of Dark Schemes, so you
have to be careful not to take out your own creatures but once it’s down we
can start recurring creatures from any graveyard onto our board. The Architect
creates a 6/6 beast for 8 energy and you don’t even need to tap it!
Electrostatic Pummeler is great if the path is clear and it’s already got a few
counters on it, its power and toughness can get out of hand.
Deadlock Trap can hold down a pesky creature or planeswalker for the turn,
always good in a pinch. Dynavolt Tower won’t generate a lot
of energy itself we’re not playing many instants or
sorceries but it is like a Lightning Bolt on a stick.
Finally there’s the Aetherworks Marvel, banned in standard but totes col in EDH, we can
get a free card every turn. So the deck hinges on some tasty artifacts so we
should really keep them safe. Padeem does a bang tidy job of hexproofing
our modules and other toys, and the Darksteel Forge makes them all
indestructible that counts for all of our little servos too. As with any
combo deck we need to find each part pronto! So Whir of Invention can
find any artifact as long as we pay the price. Diabolic Intent is another
great Battlebond reprint tutoring up any card to your hand for the cost of a
creature. Final Parting gets any two cards ,one to our hand one to the grave
but that’s okay we can get that back too. Razaketh, 8/8 flampler with an onboard
tutor, fantastic! Fabricate gets us any artifact to our hand, whereas the Kuldotha Forgemaster gets it straight out onto the battlefield then there’s some old-school
for you, Enlightened and Vampiric Tutor although these can be subbed for less
costly options. So I touched on it slightly earlier but we’re going to need
some recursion here Sharuum does the job nicely and would
be awesome if we could blink him. Open the Vaults gets everyone back their toys,
not ideal but if we’ve lost everything it is still worth it. Then the Scrap Trawler
who can get back any of our modules, Eternal Witness the green staple fits
nicely here, as does the new boy in town Muldrotha the Gravetide so we can start getting
back sort of multiple cards a turn with him out and because I didn’t sequence my
cards correctly we’ve got a final artifact tutor sneaking in here! Unwinding Clock untaps all our artifacts on everyone’s turn giving us a whole
load of advantage. Wurmcoil Engine is just a beast, well technically a Wurm, and
one of the few instances of life gain in the deck. Eldrazi Displacer is a
blink on a stick and we don’t have to wait until end of turn for the target to
return to us, and then there’s Rashmi, Eternities Crafter giving us a sort of cascade for even
more value to the deck. So the CMC of the deck so far is quite high, like I
mentioned it’s still needing a fair amount of testing but we do need some
solid ramp, here so Sol Ring is a given and in a four color deck
I feel Chromatic Lantern is too. Attune finds a basic we need and gets the
energy ball rolling, Cultivate gets us two colors we may need, and Servant is like a
Birds of Paradise with an energy addiction! Finally we’ve just got some
good stuff here, Cyclonic Rift and Merciless Eviction help keep the board
in check, Krosan Grip gives us some targeted removal, and Aid from the Cowl is a little bit random but it’s a fun card and i really wanted to try it
out! Now we’re onto the mana base and I’ve gone for quite an expensive one. You
can sub in cheaper lands and make do without the fetches, that kind of thing,
but I do feel in a four color deck you need that little bit extra to keep it as
consistent as possible. Starting off with the ever-present Command Tower, then
there’s Aether Hub and if we’re proliferating correctly it’s basically a
second Tower. Cascading Cataracts is like a super filter land, then there’s
utility in the Command Beacon because we’re playing Atraxa and you will be
drawing the wrath of the board! Speaking of utility Strip Mine is always
handy in EDH. Buried Ruin is even more tutoring, Reliquary Tower stops aour hand
from overflowing into the graveyard, and Inventors Fair gives us minor life gain
and yet another tutor. I’m running the three new dual lands from Battlebond
which are just superb, great fun in multiplayer formats like EDH, and there’s
all six shocklands in here. They really help with the consistency, especially
when paired with all the on color fetchlands. That is a hefty amount of
budget though, so Mirage fetches or even the basics like Terramorphic kind of
fetches can be used here. Novijen is great for adding counters to freshly played
creatures, but Gavony Township is great for adding them to everyone!
Academy Ruins adds some recurrsion to the deck and we don’t even need to sac it
to do that. Rounding out the deck there’s a smattering of basics in each of the
colors, and there you have it my Atraxa Module Queen commander deck
tech. So you can find more commander content by clicking on the card in the
top right corner, and the deck list is down in the description below and also
on my Tapped-Out. If you haven’t already remember to share this video wherever
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catch you on the next one, Cheers!

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  2. Great change of pace using energy! Really dug the deck tech, keep making that great content! 🤘😁🤘

  3. Atraxa is my first Commander deck. I've made several upgrades, but kept the +1/+1 counter theme. I could use a Doubling Season 🙂

  4. Great video! I am building an Energy-themed EDH deck now, with Rashmi as my commander, got some really good tips 🙂

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