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ahoy everyone welcome back and cheers
for tuning in so today we’ve got an EDH deck tech
haven’t done one of those in quite a while so a while ago on the
channel lots of whiles, we unboxed all of the
commanders 2017 products and feline ferocity was my favorite out of all of them been
running cats in standard for a while and absolutely loving how they perform so it
was only natural that it was going to be the first of the commander 17 decks that
I upgraded so I’ve been working on it for a few months on and off really and
yeah this is what I’ve come up with so yeah got the awesome deck box to match
as well love that so yeah Arahbo just so that you guys can remember three green
and a white so in selesnya colors is legendary
creature cat avatar when he’s in your command zone or in play another target
cat you control gets +3+3 until end of turn and if he’s in play
then you’ve got whenever another cat you control attacks you can pay one and
selesnya and if you do it gains trample gets +X+X until end of turn
where X is its power so it doubles its power and gives it toughness so yeah
pretty powerful card so I’ve gone a little bit overboard with this deck but
not totally overboard it’s not completely broken it’s just a pretty
cool cat tribal commander deck so what we’ll do is we’ll go through all other
creatures first so we’ve got the cats up and starting with this legend Brimaz
so he is creating tokens every time he attacks and when every box is while
you’re Korean cats so plenty of power going on there with brimmer’s then on to
the other ones that come in the command box same as on and he gets to search for
equipment so cats and equipment go really well together
I’ve got Mary weather light your list and yeah neat little combat trick on
Mary spirits and a half there’s another cat that came in and gives you hex proof
quite sovereign from our of devastation gets plus one plus one for each other
Cathy controls so in this deck can get pretty crazy and he also creates one one
white cat creature tokens with lifelink when you exert him actually we’re going
to drop them down there so I’m not having to hold on to them
fella dark Guardian from f3 votes so blinky cats can be handy for doubling up
on effects and things like that fleecemane lion from the c17 box is a
absolute powerhouse getting monstrous get some equipment on em start giving in
plus three plus three former are Bo awesome stuff adorned pouncer so double
strike one one which isn’t great but as soon as you return lies him for four
double strikers a different matter yeah awesome alarm is roll he’s stayed
in here so some of the cats have made pink hearts some of them have made the
cuts Rico karakov so we’ve got to get the cat Lord in there so gives Plus on
plus one and life linked to all other cats and comes in with a couple of
tokens as well cuz I li slingers reach and you get to destroy target artifact
to enchantments whenever another cat comes into play felled the sovereign
because you can’t make a deck without an old swing condition here digital armor
so if you have 40 or more life you win the game and got plenty of life thing
going on so it’s always a possibility leonian Shikari from c—seventeen you
can activate equip abilities anytime you can cast an instance which is really
handy in this deck kimber beginning of your upkeep create a token – – for each
equipment attached to him phantom Neshoba our work on this is
actually amazing aresko six blue eyes so another one from the pre-con enlightened
ascetic so is a cat monk when it entered the battlefield you can destroy target
enchantments and this usually plenty of ways to deal with artifacts been shamans
not so much so I’ve gone maybe overboard on that arms collector this card does a
whole of work so if an opponent would draw two
or more cards instead you and that player each draw a card so helping you
fill up your hand rush go golden cub 3/4 with vigilance and as long as it’s
equipped other cat’s you get plus two plus one and this one plus two plus two
and have double strike leona in a buddhist forearm
I believe moved in or something like that artifacts you control can’t be the
target of spose of abilities your opponent’s control is really handy
thrown in sub part because who doesn’t like a cat snake Hajin our sword smith
from the free card visit so that’s all the cats are now into mom cats so
waistcoat snake you can look at the top card of your library you can cast the
top card if you library if it screech card and you can spend manner as though
a manner of any type to cast creature sparrows so yeah super handy in a
relatively creature heavy deck like this and even not just having a peak is yeah
really useful then we’ve got a ketchup matching the play mat not technically a
cat honorary cats and yeah doesn’t make cat tokens either makes
white warrior tokens but oh well wearing a cat masks i included some
titan for a bit of recursion always useful especially in you and white
pretty much a staple and then in green staple as well eternal witness for
bringing cards back as well so that’s sort of the creatures then on to some
spells and other things so Planeswalkers we couldn’t have a cat deck without
including a journey so we’ve actually gone overboard same we i’ve gone
overboard and we’ve got four journeys in here so mentor of heroes caller with a
pride so this is crane cat tokens as well and plus one plus one council and
everything is wicked a drone yunyeol bang yeah lots of relevant i was there
and johnny gold main so gaining life is a little bit lame but plus one plus one
counts on everything and vigilance is sweet
now on to the spells proper so we’ve got a couple of board whites we’ve got wrath
of God and fumigate we’ve also got whirlwind here destroy your creatures
with flying so we don’t have any fliers in here and that pleases bit of a
problem for us so if we can destroy everything else and leave our cats alone
then we’re much better for it bit of ramp and things like that so Adamas
reach growing rights of it lemak so you get to look at the top four cards if you
library reveal a creature card from among them and put them into your hand
and then if you control for more creatures you can transform it into
cradle which is a cradle so you get green mana for each creature control so
I absolutely love that card brilliant in addition to the deck from a club let’s
try get it slid back into there carrying on so we got harmonized nice bit of
green card draw rich cars expertise from a 3-volt draw cards equal to the
greatest power among creatures you control so that could get pretty out of
hand and you can cast a card with CMC 5 or less from your hand without paying
its mana cost 6 man is a little bit but that is a lot of power on that card
abundance we’ve got a harvest season from among cats I really like this card
it’s a searchlight booth for up to X basic line cards where X is the number
of tapped creatures you control put those onto the battlefields hat so they
don’t go to your hand or anything like that so yeah really useful breweries
Wake is an obvious include in a white green deck traverse the Outlands from
the pre-con oath of a Johnny mostly in here because it’s just a Johnny and
keeping it on flavor so you can see like I don’t really build my fur I’ll turn
out power there is sort of theme and things in here as well so and spell fill
put a plus one plus one counter on each creature in control and planeswalker
spells you cast cost one less to cast green Sun zenith so allowing you to
search for creatures that you might want bodhichitta again creature tutoring
kindred boon so indestructibility you creatures and whites on sin earth more
cat tokens so that’s all of the other spells then we’re gonna take a look
through artifacts so we’ve got some quarter staples in here so we’ve got
Swift foot boats a hex beef in haste yes I’m sorry that is a staple but this is
the equipment first full-size Swift wet boots sorry about that
so did the animist absolute powerhouse searching for basic lands petting it
into play tapped every time that creature attacks heirloom blade plus
three plus one whenever it dies you reveal cards from the top you library
until you reveal a cat in this case put it into your hand rest on the bottom of
you library be a moth sledge cares Celestia hammers at just brilliant
OGG Argentum armor and this is crazy massive costs 6 and then 6 to equip
however if you’ve got some Auto equipped creatures down then that’s not a problem
and on the attack it destroys target permanent not if it deals damage so
fantastic and here’s the hammer so we can attach that to Mazon or other people
balancing dagger so this is another flip card form excellent when it insist about
field target painting creates a not to plant creature token two of them a quick
creature gets plus two plus one whenever equipped creature deals combat
damage to a play you can transform the dowsing dagger and that transforms into
lost veil which is tap to add 3 mana of any one color to your mana pool so ok
more ramp and yeah having any latest bloom is it latest bloom on tap
fantastic stone Forge master work is a bit of tribal equipment that really does
damage blood forged battle axe from the pre-con look stone war hammer as it’s
just one of my favorite old-school bits of equipment and it was in the pre con
as well so raying of course every deck pretty much includes one of those so
let’s narrow cygnets a bit more ramp then I’ve included the two monuments a
green creature spells cost one less to cast and white creature spells cost one
less to cast and then you get a couple of other abilities but yeah just
cheapening a cat’s even more like crafters beasts tree is the final
artifact so at the beginning of your upkeep scry one super handy whenever you
cast a creature spell which you’re gonna do a lot of you can pay green if you do
draw cards so refilling your hand for each creature that you play that sort of
those now on to the mana base and yeah is possibly the flashiest parts of the
whole deck so gonna start off with a savanna now I picked these up ages ago I
got all of the mayor colors of the jewels back when I was running a mail of
the anima deck when I first started playing commander years and years ago so
that was well before the price spikes I feel like I can include those in here so
we’ve got just green white lands so far so Savannah with a bastion filtering
command tower obviously some pets of Grove going with the old arts in this
one because yeah it was just that’s you fantasy the new ones goodbye sort of
things stuff but that one’s just all-round good canopy Vista and I
believe that’s an alternate heart one as well
scattered groves cycling yeah handy and vegetable windswept teeth say got you
fill fetchlands fortified village horizon canopy temple garden brush land
raised verge tickets temple a plenty really like the temple was that scry is
super handy so that’s sort of the true glance basically we’ve got a moss walk
bridge with hideaway and a bit of utility so buried rear end so bouncing
artifacts and equipments back to your hand
rogues passage so getting through you’re pumped up with a ribose power and cats
and can’t be blocked filled ruin just because you haven’t got much land
destruction in here then one source of government get sort of wastelands or
strip mines for its field ruined from excellent governing
Township so you can pay to green-and-white tap input plus on plus
one council on each creature you control some more counters path of ancestry is
super useful it is from the command of pre cons and you can tuck her in this
case for green or white to cast a creature and you scry one unclaimed
territory and this is the special edition that just finished
that’s the LGS the other day and yeah tap it for any manner for creatures
scavenge grounds just in case you want to get rid of someone’s
graveyard shenanigans there and it’s all great all graveyards so yeah it doesn’t
just affect one player reliquary tower workers if some of the cards in here go
off you’re going to be wanting to keep hold of all the cards that you draw and
then just the basic so i got one two three four five six seven eight eight
planes and one two three four five six seven eight forests so guy guys that is
a look through my Robo war of the world EDH deck so there’s a couple of changes
that I want to make already I want to try and fit in a skull clamp in there so
if we’re going to be making a lot of tokens we might want to be killing
tokens and drawing cards and also wanna fit in Vanquishers banner in there from
excellent because that’s a super powerful tribal card as well so let me
know what you think in the comments down below have I missed anything obvious so
do you think it’s quite fun hopefully you agree that the power level isn’t too
crazy but it’s not too weak a little thumbs up button if you could guys
really means a lot and subscribe if you haven’t I catch you on the next one guys
Cheers I

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  3. 1) Nice video. Thank you.
    2) My wife bought this deck and I am trying to help her upgrade it over time, so having quality videos help us identify cards to be on the hunt for.
    3) I am not convinced that this Commander is really any good, which gives me a headache in trying to improve it.

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