Columbus Startup Week 2015 – Chase for Business – Chase

(Background Music) HEATHER WHALING: We are here in Columbus, Ohio at the Chase Basecamp for Columbus Startup Week. This is a really exciting event for Columbus. Columbus Startup Week is a full week of panels and sessions and events and meet-and-greets and just all kinds of information and opportunities focused on small businesses and tech startups and entrepreneurship in general. JENNIFER PIEPSZAK: Almost all of the events and the sessions are all hosted by entrepreneurs themselves and so it’s very, very practical advice
from one entrepreneur to another. (Music Changes) JOE DELOSS: When you treat people with dignity and provide them the benefits they need, they perform, they work harder and they’re loyal and they retain their jobs. JOE DELOSS: Businesses don’t exist without a pipe-line of mentorship and guidance and leadership. It’s these types of events that foster the
community around supporting new ideas, about strengthening old ideas, or innovating on
them that’s really, really fundamental. JEFF LYTTLE: The networking opportunities have been outstanding. There’s a real collaborative spirit in the room. Lots of cards being exchanged, lots
of schedules of coffee and drinks, it’s a really great collaborative environment we’ve created. MARK FROMMEYER: I believe, being a small business owner, that small businesses are the backbone of this country, and small meetings together like
this really help fuel that. SPEAKER: If you’re gonna through this, you’re gonna go from playing checkers to playing chess, because things evolve. JEFF LYTTLE: For the community, I think it’s a reinforcement of the quality of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Columbus. The fact that thirteen-hundred people have registered for a first-year event, I think is a real testament to how large and healthy the ecosystem here is in Columbus. HEATHER WHALING: Thanks to Chase and UP Global and all the different partners in pulling something like this together, it’s a really fantastic event
for Columbus and I think it’s an important moment in time in Columbus’s emergence as
an entrepreneurship community.

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