Code For The Kingdom Hackathon

I am a bioinformatics scientist I’m a developer I’m a designer we’re developers I’m a computer science professor I’m a Technical Program Manager I’m a business owner I’m an entrepreneur I’m a 3d graphics programmer I’m a super-duper programmer we’re all today to talk about information technology searches for the kingdom let’s pray about our purpose together for being here this weekend I’ve never seen so much potential in one room at one time we just have to activate empower and release the believers that are in the cities right and how am I going to demonstrate his kingdom right in this environment I just love the idea of bringing a technology in a way to glorify God applied technology is just exciting just like being welcomed into your kingdom everyone is instantly your brothers and sisters and human trafficking the homelessness and poverty and biblical illiteracy as we try to figure out how we tackle those things I think God is smiling on this little bit guys we can do this let’s do this together we can make it happen there’s just a great energy and camaraderie within the community it’s very encouraging you know being here with other Christians that work Tech it’s about activating people to unleash their gift for the gospel it’s one giant brainstorming session there’s some things that are going to be developed here that I’m going to end up having in the palm of my hand in the map we’re going a collaborative Bible reader with annotations I’m working on a game about community building we’re working on a Bible node sharing application I’m building communications technology to have deep conversations with the closest relationships my particular game so this is our logistical side and previous some in workers to sequence God invites us all to use the gifts and the talents he’s given us to further his kingdom but more importantly I think we forget as he invites us to do it with him for the joy

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5 thoughts on “Code For The Kingdom Hackathon

  1. this is really awesome… it doesnt matter how strong you are, how smart you are, the fact is every man in this world has limit… and when you face the limit you'll aware that you need 'someone' who is stronger than you and really cares to you… and that is GOD !!!

  2. To know that there others Like me,.It's so encouraging,…..I didnt know any one doing this ….Glory to God

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