Cloosiv is an app that lets you order ahead at your favorite coffee shops

(upbeat music) – Cloosiv is an app that
lets you order ahead for coffee and snacks from
independent coffee shops. So it’s effectively the Starbucks app, but for everyone else. – Why do you need that? Why do independent companies need this? – Starbucks actually has
the most used payment app in the country. Coffee is probably the
most repeat purchase that all of us make every single day. So, our meeting those independent shops that actually comprise a big
portion of the coffee market in the U.S. with that same technology is the driver behind it. – So how long does it take for a coffee shop to
implement your solution? – So, we’ve made it incredibly easy, we call it 95 percent self-service. Within about 20 minutes, it could technically be online
and accepting mobile orders. We of course, our mail-out
promotional materials that take a little bit
of time to get there, but it’s relatively streamlined. – How many coffee shops do you have on your platform right now? – Just over 320 as of this month. – How long did it take
you to get those 320? – About 13 months, 14 months. – Right, so I guess my
biggest question would be what is your cost to
acquire a new coffee shop? – Relatively low, so all
of those coffee shops have been acquired via email
or Instagram, primarily. So, the concept of door-to-door sales is not something that we’ve adopted. We’ve kept the team very small, especially in the sales front, and have leveraged serum
tools and general email to communicate. – What do you find is the best
way to find a new customer? – So we actually went through
the very painstaking process of pinging every independent
coffee shop in America on Google Maps.
– Wow. – So there are thousands, I’m
sure Google has flagged us. ‘Cause it takes a while to load. – Would you advise other
companies to do that? Just that raw data? – That was the most
effective, cost effective way we could do it, it wasn’t
the most efficient, I’m sure. But it allowed us to, with
the friends who’ve helped, help of friends and family
to gather that data. – Tim, how many people work with you? – Four, currently, we’re hiring
another engineer right now, so it will be five soon. – Have you raised any money yet? – So we just closed a C
round at a million dollars. We just graduated from Y
Combinator summer batch as well, so post-demo day, we raised a C round, and we’re off to the races
to continue building. – Yeah, great, did you happen
to catch Will Smith yesterday? – I didn’t, unfortunately,
I think my co-founder did. – Well, there’s more
celebrities coming today, and we have some pretty big
investors coming as well too. – That’s exciting! – Well, Tim, thanks so
much, I appreciate it. – Absolutely! (upbeat music)

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