Climeworks – A Technology to Reverse Climate Change

Day by day I am motivated mostly, I think, by challenge. I think there is little as challenging as the biggest problem humanity has ever faced which is climate change. There is a certain amount of CO₂ we are allowed to emit into the atmosphere in order to limit global warming to 1.5˚C . Some researchers say we passed it already some are saying we are passing it at the moment and some say we have a couple of years left. We have to do everything we can in order to stop emitting and everything we can in order to remove CO₂ back out of the air. What if we had a technology to stop climate change? In order to remove carbon from the atmosphere you need to do two things. You need a machine that filters CO₂ out of the air and you need a safe and permanent storage space. Here in Iceland are basaltic rock formations and they can very easily store CO₂. We can inject CO₂, the CO₂ reacts with these rock formations and becomes solid carbonate, 1 km underground. If we think about where all the CO₂ came from it came from underground, fossil oil or from fossil gas. We’ve opened these reservoirs to take the carbon out and now we are basically putting the carbon back into the ground. Our technology can be used to go backwards not only to stop climate change but to reverse climate change. We have set our vision to capture 1% of global emissions in 2025 in order to limit global warming to reasonable levels. Change only happens if you show solutions. Change won’t happen by simply talking about potential solutions. There are ways to act so we can act and we can do something about it. We want to spread this word and we want others to join us.

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9 thoughts on “Climeworks – A Technology to Reverse Climate Change

  1. I believe that there is potential for mutually beneficial working relationship our Vision being "I believe that WE can reduce atmospheric CO2 down to 320ppm within a decade" Keith Ralfs November 2005 – including your technologies working Internationally, l believe that we can achieve this target – what is the possibility?

  2. Is this not also going to be a balancing act? I mean, to remove the right amount of CO2. Also, any comments on the reportedly cheaper technology developed by Carbon Technology Ltd in Canada who claim they can remove carbon from the atmosphere at a tonnage cost that is around one sixth and one third of the cost with Climeworks technology while at the same time producing carbon neutral fuel from the process? I would like to know more about the science behind it and the commercial plan rather than a glossy PR video.

  3. Lots of "projects", babblings and no action in reality. Lots of "IF" statements and "MAY" statements… It already sounds as non existent, non self awared "artificial intelligence" program (input) … in reality no actions in output.

  4. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true it also is too good to be true. All I see from this video is that the funding acquired by Climeworks is mostly put into their PR campaign. At the heart of the problem is that we use more and more machinery to solve problems which wouldn't exist in the first place if we work with the natural resources right. To build even more machines to solve the problem of emitting too much seems to be, at least for me, a contradiction in itself. Pumping up rocks with CO2 is not what we understand as sustainable and we definitely don't put the CO2 back where it came from; do you actually believe what you are saying? Probably the CO2 stays in the rocks for a bit but will definitely also unbind at a time and if that happens we will have more problems than we started with because we created additional CO2 with building the machines to pump it down.

    So I suggest to Climeworks: Better stop your blinding PR campaign and start to do something which is actually promising. We need to become sustainable there is no way around it.

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