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Hi, I’m Alex. I’m going to show you how to put a video
with a ClickableTranscript into your WordPress webpage. Now, the first thing you need to do is go
to the Interactive Media section of your My Account on ClickableTranscripts. You need to go in and find the video
that you’re going to put into your page and just check that you have
the URL for the video correct. So it may be that you need to enter this in. Once you’ve done that, select the Media ID
and copy that. We’re going to use that next. Now, on your WordPress site,
go into the page where you want to insert the video and you need to
put a shortcode in here, so the shortcode needs to look like this. It’s ClickableTranscripts player space media
underscore ID equals, and we’re just going to paste in that Media ID
that we just picked up. Then it’s space player equals, and in this case it’s a YouTube video
so we’re using YouTube and there’s some other video tutorials
that tell you how to do other formats. The whole shortcode, as always,
is enclosed in square brackets. Now, that tells it where to put
the media player. The next thing is to put in
the ClickableTranscript. So all you need to do for that is to
put ClickableTranscripts allow underscore edit equals false, and that will put the transcript into the page. And click Update. So let’s just go and review that page. We’ll click View Page. You can see that it’s placed the player
in one part of the page and the ClickableTranscripts plug-in into another,
as I’ve told it to do. OK, that’s it.

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