Clean Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape

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88 thoughts on “Clean Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape

  1. I painted my grip tape (I know stupid idea) and I need to know how to remove it before I try anything incase it fucks it up

  2. Hi, I need help. So I bought everything you said in the video, I got a rubber Belt sander cleaner by Bosch and i have the exact brass wire brush 3 pack you have in the vid. The rubber block only takes away light layers like the torn rubber shreds from my shoe, it doesn't take away dirt or anything similar. When I try the the brush it's works to clean it well, but then It leaves a permanent white patch to the area I brushed it with, I tried rubbing the white patch away with the rubber block but it doesn't work. How do I get the white patches away? I have Grizzly grip of that makes a difference?

  3. I wanted to clean my muddy skateboard so i went nd bought a brass brush but couldnt find any rubber nd i just cleaned the grip tape wt brush water and a cloth now my griptape looks lighter than usual nd i think less gripier do i need the rubber to fix this?

  4. +Rat Vision – Skateboard Tech i just got a new board and my grip tape is quite rough and scratches me and messes up my shoes everytime i try to olli or do any tricks how could i in a way soften my grip tape?

  5. That's noob stuff, i just use a good rough brush, get's the job done pretty well, why would you use all that, really though, just a good rough cleaning brush, that's all you need

  6. FYI: don't buy MOB remover from Zumiez. It's a rip-off compared to stuff found in Harbor Freight Tools or other hardware stores. Buy that instead.

  7. WTF

    an old toothbrush, every kind of soap and a lil bit water are enough.
    brush in every direction, makes circles…

    turn the grip tape to the downside and clean it with some waterjet carefully
    (don't wet the edge of the wood)
    and let it try for hours.

    that's it, your grip is like a new one.

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