Clash Royale | How to Use Chip Cycle | Deck Archetype

Mmm it’s a OrangeJuice Whats up everyone, this is yarn from Orange Juice A cycle chip deck is something that can constantly apply chip damage onto your opponents tower There’s the single push which can be as inexpensive as an Ice Spirit / Goblin combo The Ice Spirit tanks 2 shots from the tower then freezes it, allowing the Goblins to decimate the tower It can deal a lot of damage But also can be easily countered A simple push can be as humble as a Mini PEKKA / Ice Spirit combo A medium cost combo can deal a lot of damage if you rush in Typically it’ll be countered by a similar elixir cost combo With a low cost cycle deck, you can counter those units for a positive elixir trade When playing against large push decks like Giant momentum decks The low cost cards allow your deck to be more dynamic to control the plays If they plant a Giant in the back, that means they’re trying to build a strong push Pushing the other lane can force them to address your units Forcing them to break your combo, making it easier to counter for a positive elixir trade If you have a good read on your opponents card rotation and elixir count You can split your cards Knowing they’ll only be able to address one of the two threats If there’s an expensive unit placed in the back, a seige unit like a Mortar or Princess forces them to immediately address your attack If they don’t have inexpensive cards to deal with the Princess, they’re forced to play one of their combo cards This allows you to address the unit individually for a positive elixir trade When your opponent over commits on a defense And you know you’re at an elixir advantage It may make more sense to push the other lane Then address that single unit with an inexpensive card Sometimes you can’t just rely on the building Especially since Inferno towers are zappable A heavy unit paired with the Inferno Tower is amazing at taking out large pushes The residual units allow you to build momentum for an effective counter push Rapidly cycling your cards and chipping at their tower Forces the enemy to constantly play their cards individually This controls their elixir by keeping it low Since they’re constantly spending it, they’re rarely able to build for big pushes A building can be very useful for chip cycle decks Since most of the cycle cards are fragile, you’ll need something to deal with the large tanks The Inferno can’t take on a Giant, Bowler combo alone You’ll need to send in supporting units to address the backend units An Inferno can act as a Zap bait, allowing you to deploy a Goblin combo right after If they don’t have any small units in rotation, you can take advantage of the Inferno Tower’s lifetimer After dealing with a large tank, you can siege them Forcing them to counter that unit only to be melted away by the Inferno tower Sometimes you just need have to deal with their push head on I knew I could handle it since I had Inferno in rotation and The Log provided insane value Pushing back the Giant, Barbarians and killing the Princess If you choose not to use a building, a Mini PEKKA or a Lumberjack can slice away at the Giant Allowing you to transfer that into a counterattack A one elixir card in cycle decks are must have Ice Spirit are hot cakes right now When paired with Zap, they counter most cards when played correctly Check out our Ice Spirit video if you haven’t watched it yet A really popular combo is a Minion Horde turned into a counter attack with Miner for support Ice Spirit and Zap can take out for the same cost as arrows But are individually more versatile and help cycle your deck The basic win conditions of a cycle chip deck are to constantly apply chip damage Breaking their larger combos, allowing you to deal with those units individually for a positive elixir trade Any amount of damage done to your tower matters with this playstyle Even an Ice Wizard left ignored can deal hundreds of damage With a chip cycle deck it can be countered with a 1 elixir card By constantly applying pressure, this ensures a larger push rarely happens But when it does, be prepared to shut it down This is a playstyle that is not for everybody Adapt the basic concepts shown in this video into your deck and playstyle It’s a high risk, high reward playstyle You’re slowly chipping their tower, while netting positive elixir trades on defense Even one mistake on a much less skilled opponent can cost you the tower – if you allow them to build too much momentum I know he’s low on elixir, so I sent in my Miner to take advantage of the Rage spell and since he’s tanking, I sent in Goblins deal a bit of damage Based on the way he’s playing, I’m assuming his cards are high cost So I baited with my Princess He can’t ignore her since his tower is so low Looks like it’s a Bowler, so I can counter with an Inferno I placed my Ice Spirit at an angle to aggro the Bowler Then freezed the Mini PEKKA That was a critical play in ensuring my Inferno could take care of the rest Knowing he has a high cost Bowler deck, there’s a chance he’ll pump up soon So I send in my Lumberjack and Miner to the other side to take care of his Elixir Collector I still don’t know his 8th card In case he’s considering supporting his Princess, I held off on The Log until the last moment Since his tower is really low, any damage my Princess does is value Plus it baits a more expensive unit, which I can now counter for a positive elixir trade I didn’t give him any chance to plant an Elixir Collector But it’s double elixir time, so I’m getting my Inferno ready for a huge push The Log play is very important since it pushes the Bowler and Musketeer backwards But it pushes the Giant sideways, so the Inferno remains locked onto the Giant With the cycle deck, I already have another Log that can easily demolish everything including the Princess Since his tower is Zappable, I don’t need to worry about it Looks like my Lumberjack took it out anyways, since he was low on elixir And that is game. I hope the replay helped solidify the points in the video Chip cycle is one of many deck archetypes There is no best It’s like rock, paper, scissors Here’s a Lumberjack deck I made to help me reach 12 wins Challenges offer insane value I only spend gems on gold But with the challenges If you can reach at least 2 wins It’s already more economical by comparison to gold in the shop And there’s such a high Legendary pull rate in challenge chests Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more quality OJ

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67 thoughts on “Clash Royale | How to Use Chip Cycle | Deck Archetype

  1. 1:58
    Giant and Wizard : random guys around neighbourhood
    Lumberjack and Miner : me and my friend beating the random guys

  2. I’ve been using this archetype for a couple months now by accident.

    It’s really effective for me. I like how fast it is, and how much I can maintain control.

    I just don’t know what to do about Furnace or Tesla. They shut down my pushes.

    My preferred deck is as follows:

    [Valkyrie] [Goblins] [Arrows] [Spr.Goblins]

    [Cannon] [Rage] [Ice Spirit] [Barb.Ram]

  3. Use the lime button on this comment as a ban/nerf the infernotower comment to keep/leave it as it is/buff the infernotower

  4. Ice spirit and mini pekka is a really good combo!

    Skeleton army:Time to end this man's career

  5. OJ i use this deck now it’s gotten me to legend arena, it works really well. The difference between ur deck and mine is that mine has an ice golem your has zap, ice golem makes a great meat shield

  6. My deck is Lumberjack, Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army, Minion Hoard, Executioner, Fireball, Goblin Barrel, and Dart Goblin. This is kinda close but with a splasher and expensive swarm.

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