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What up boys. I’m gonna be talking about how to use beat down. This is often called the simplest of the common archetypes, which may be true, but today, we’ll be going through the small amount of complexities that do exist. Beatdown decks work by, well, “beating down” your opponent’s towers. This is primarily done through large pushes that build up over time With beatdown, you care a lot less about every small little play. For example, you may let that Ice Wizard get 450 damage onto your tower This is known as “Conserving Elixir.” Most beatdown decks are running “investments.” In order to beatdown this is Collector(?). The point in this card is to see them through until Double Elixir. The first two minutes of the game are simply cycling to your investment in order to maximize your elixir advantage in the final minute of the game. As I said before, you usually want to get the tower in one push, so having all of this elixir means you can overwhelm your opponent. Another usage of these investments are for spell bait. In a poison Meta, Night Witch thrives in beatdown. The opponent is required to poison your investments as to not allow you an advantage. If they don’t, you can simply cycle these and overwhelm them with either elixir or spear goblins. When they do poison these, you’re free to stack your troops behind your tank: Night Witches, Flying Machines, Royal Ghost galore. Modern day beatdown prefers Goblin Hut due to the defensive capability and stackability. Two Gob Huts require attention whereas two pumps need time to show their dominance. Pump’s nerf really pushed out on these decks, too. Having your pump poisoned before would still give you one elixir, so it’s still beneficial to place it behind your healthy tower (pre-nerf). However, now it gives you no benefit (post-nerf), unlike Hut which isn’t bad against poison. Huts biggest advantage is its defensive value. If you play a pump, your opponent can instantly play a hog and you have next to nothing to defend it with. If you play a hut, the hog will be drawn towards it, and you’ll keep your investment. Older beatdown decks never used to be bait oriented. The first card to introduce this was Night Witch. The fact that it’s the only card to be a ground and air unit, so it needs very specific counters, means that it’s very good for baiting out. The only really popular counter to this is poison, so people started using it to bait out the spell in order to place down the Collector. And now we see it to place down Gob Huts and Flying Machines, etc. As the beatdown player you are happiest when you see a siege deck. These matchups are very straightforward. However, you’ll play a little differently. You still want to be getting your investments out however(?), placing them in front of your king tower in order to avoid the X-Bow sniping it, or potential rocket hitting your tower and the investment. Instead of waiting until Double Elixir do you place a tank, you’ll reserve it to defend their siege buildings. Simply playing it in the center as the HP pool will deny the X-Bow any damage. Unless they kill the tank, of course. If they decide to never play their siege building, it’s your job to stack your investments to get your advantage again. However, do not allow them spell-value on your weak tower as this will be the alternative win condition. Once double elixir hit, feel free to place in your tank. Make sure they’re in front of your King tower, though. Avoid you being punished for being on low elixir and not having your large tank in hand. Play out this push normally and try to cycle back to investment whilst they’re still defending. It’s unlikely that they can afford to be using spells on it while still killing your push. The worst type of decks to play against are any decks that can apply constant pressure. The problem we’re facing these are that your investment and win condition will both be expensive, so you need to save up. However their plan is to not allow this, though, through sending in miners and hogs and forcing you to defend. As the beatdown player you need to learn how to accept the damage and work your game plan. A lone Miner is something you can leave in order to invest the golem. A Miner with Bats is something that you can spend Zap on and then proceed to leave and start your push. A Miner with a Minion Horde though is something you need to completely take out before you even think about pushing. It’s very situational too. Obviously, you can’t take 500 damage if it will take your tower whilst in Overtime. But for the most part, your elixir is more valuable than your tower’s HP. The moment you win the game against the pressure deck is the moment you can place your tank without taking extreme damage. To do this, you either need Elixir advantage or for their cycle to be messed up. This requires you learning their exact elixir and cards in hand, which I did a video on in the top-right. Mirror matches are arguably the most one-sided for this type of deck. Your investment play is key in the start of the game. If one do has it and the other doesn’t, the player able to invest would usually win in the end. If the investments are both even, then it’s down to how you deal with your opponent’s pushes. You want to play your tank at the same time as them as to give a level playing field. Try to wait for them to commit first so their tank crossing your tower range to begin with. They’ll be stacking DPS troops to murder your tank, so now you have a decision. If you have more DPS in your deck than they do, kill their golem and wait for your troops to counter-attack. If you have less DPS than they do, you want to try and take out their troops to kill their defenses, as otherwise these troops will murder you on the counter-attack. Basically, investment is key and dishing out more DPS is second. Beatdown maybe on the decline in terms of archetypes, but there’s nowhere near dying. It’s still very viable as many decks simply can’t hang with the massive pushes you build. It’s still very possible to play ultra heavy decks and win. I hope this guide helps you do that more effectively. If you wish to see more content like this, then make sure to HIT that PHATT subscribe button, and all apart from that, peace.

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