Clash Royale | How to Use and Counter Electro Wizard

mmm it’s a Orange Juice What’s up everyone. This is OJ. The Electro Wizard is a legendary card that is strong but not overpowered. He has a 1.7 second hit speed. He can stun up to two units. If it only targets 1 unit, then he will deal the FULL 200 damage. If he attacks 2 units, His attack will be split in half and it will deal a hundred damage to both targets. His attack is a 360 degree area of reach within 5 tiles. If he’s locked on to single target like an arena tower You can mitigate get half of the damage done by placing something to split And sponge half of his damage. However, its more effective to just plant the ice golem directly on top of him to push them out of range Of the arena tower. This way the golem soaks up a hundred percent of the damage. If he approaches the lane by himself, he can completely shut him down with an ice golem for a positive elixir trade. A lot of 2 elixir cards can shut him down when he’s alone. The Log can prevent the Electro Wizard from getting more than one attack on your tower. Unless he’s stunned or pushed back the first unit or building he attacks will continue to be targeted. So even if you place two units beside him, Only his second attack will aggro on to it. His first attack will continue hitting the arena tower. When ignored, it can deal exactly 800 damage to an arena tower, so you never want to ignore him. He could be risky to play in the back Youl’ll trade elixir with your opponent and it land damage on your tower. If you run a zap bait deck and their counter to your Minion Horde is fireball, Then this actually might be a good trade. A level 1 Electro Wizard Spawns a level 9 tournament standard zap. It can take out everything that zap can. Mirror card is just placing down the same card twice. So the mirror WILL spawn a zap. Potentially a higher level zap, if your mirror is strong. However, when you clone in an Electro Wizard, It will NOT spawn a zap. But the mirror images will retain the stun from the attack The spawn zap is very effective at taking out an unsupported Lava Hound. His split attack takes two shots to kill a full health lava pups. But the zap brings them down to one shot. So it can take out 4 lava pups in two attacks with his spawn zap. You can disarm most of the goblin barrel, but he’s not a direct replacement for a zap. With his really low health, its almost never a good idea to spawn him in the heed of battle He’ll just die immediately. For Minion Horde, if you don’t have arrows or fireball, its better to use zap before you spawn him on top of the horde. His attack will stun both unit for a 0.5 seconds So he’ll Absolutely destroys Inferno Dragon and Sparky. His stun isn’t a true stun so unless the game bugs out it does not reset that attack. The unit merely resumes the swing Skeleton Army is a good counter to the Electro Wizard. His split attack will kill 2 skeletons per attack But thats not nearly enough. The flipside is also true. He can spawn zap on top of the Skeleton Army. wiping them all out. If the Ice Spirit is the only unit near him, his focused single attack can kill an ice spirit in one shot. But a split damage attack can kill fire spirits in one hit. He’s a very reliable defensive card. You can shut down a Mega Minion Or even a Valkyrie when played in the back. It translates into a nice counter attack. He’s extremely reliable to counter a Miner and force him to re-aggro with his spawn zap If you can afford any chip damage at all from their Miner. You can shut down a hog very reliably. The Hog will only get one attack in. Against Graveyard his spawn zap is pretty good at taking out most of the skeletons. It depends on the situation. But if he’s the only answer to the graveyard tank combo, Then he’s just going to die. Head on his split attack takes three total strikes to kill two archers So he’s going to suffer a bit of damage from them before taking them out It’s best to counter the archers by spawning him on top of them. After the zap,he’s able to one shot the archers. This usually makes sense to do if they have tank supporting Since he turns around and starts stunning the other units. Combo his high damage and stun attack, you have a BALLOON killer. Provided nothing is accompanied with the balloon you can shut it down completely from reaching your tower As long as you know your opponent doesn’t have any troops to plant near the river, You’ll want to space him out so he doesn’t get hit by the balloon. But with the tank you’re gonna need another heavy hitter since his damage is split in half. A Mega Minion works great to take out the balloon. Followed by finishing off the giant. One of the beauties of this card is that he has the ability to tank a few hits from the tower. Then re-aggro the towers other to the unit that come closer Maximizing damage distribution. Two cards paired with this concept particularly well. The Miner and Graveyard. The Electro Wizard will tank a few hits, then once the Miner is there, the tower switches targets. Same thing with the graveyard. He tanks a few shots while dealing massive damage to the arena tower. Then once the first skeleton spawns, the tower stops attacking him. On top of that, the 0.5 second stun even allows more skeletons to spawn. The drawback to this is that if they plant something before your electro wizard reaches the tower, He never has a chance to force the tower to re-aggro. Those are the two cards that directly synergize with him. Basically any troops that has a shorter range than an Electro Wizard is a good pairing. He tanks a bit, then the tower retargets onto the shorter range troops. The Electro Wizard is a very good control card. He can defend against most units, but he has very low health This is why the ice golem is a very good complimentary card to pair him with to compensate for his low health for numerous reasons. If there’s an incoming minion horde and you don’t have zap in rotation you can use an ice golem’s death nova to bring down their health then spawn zap to finish them off. Against a prince the Electro Wizard can shut down a single prince but he’ll eventually die Whereas if you have an ice golem, you can soak up the damage preserving the electro wizard to set yourself for a counter attack He can shut them down(elite barbs)relatively well with a help of an ice golem. He works pretty well with a mega minion too The extra damage the mega minion provides helps him take out Elite Barbarians. It won’t be as good as ice golem but sometimes your deck doesn’t have an ice golem or it’s not in rotation Using a stun mechanic, it doesn’t matter if the enemy troops are targeted onto him If you plant an ice golem in between them, the Electro Wizard’s stun attack eventually(meme) forces the Mega Minion to target the ice golem instead. Additionally paired with other heavy hitters like Mega Minion or Elite Barbarians can shred tanks really hard. He can even survive for a counter attack. Overall, the Electro Wizard is a versatile card that pairs with almost every other card. Any card placed in between him and the troop can force him to retarget and re-aggro. He’s a very strong card that can be devastating when left ignored. Kind of like if you ignored Princess to snipe your tower. He also kind of functions like an Ice Wizard when he slows down units. The Electro Wizard shares a similar weakness like the lava hound. In the sense that a Lava Hound is not that good on top of ladder unless it’s at max level Because a higher level zap will always oneshot lava pups. So level one lava pups will die to level 10 zap in one shot. Similarly, a level 12 zap will take out level 3 pups. And it’s very difficult to farm a level 4 Lava Hound. Even then, by the time you reach a level 4 Lava Hound, Most players that you face will have a level 13 zap and be able to kill the pups in one hit. Even farming grand challenges and reaching 12 wins back to back, it’s very difficult to max out a legendary without a special event. The only time a lava hound will be useful in top level play is when the hound is level 5. The max level pups won’t die immediately to a level 13 zap. The Electro Wizard shares a similar weakness in scalability on ladder. A level 2 Electro Wizard spawn zap can’t kill a level 11 goblins. It scales linearly so level 3 Electro Wizard won’t be able to kill level 12 goblins. If you haven’t earned a level 3 Electro Wizard during the event, by the time you farmed him on ladder and regular grand challenges, You’re most likely going to be facing opponents with level 12 or 13 goblins. So the zap damage is not quite as effective. That being said, where tournament standard is enforced. Lava Hound and Electro Wizard reign supreme. Where they don’t fall to the weakness of the levelling issues. I expect to see him more in challenges then I do on ladder. That being said, we still do see Lava Hound on ladder. He’s a very well designed card where he’s not overpowered but does offer enough value to use him. I found a lot of success using him behind large tanks like a giant or even a bowler. Ice Golem works very well to as a pseudo tank to soak up damage defensively Or even to push offensively. Then backdoor with a miner + goblin barrel or graveyard to apply a lot of pressure both on the front and back end of the map. Making it really annoying for your opponent to deal with. I think some of the best cards that synergize with him are Ice Golem, Mega Minion and similar cards. But it does really depend on your deck and your playstyle. Unfortunately, with this really unique stun mechanic it indirectly nerfs Sparky and Inferno Dragon. But these two cards scale differently in the sense that level 1 Sparky and Inferno Dragon are already dealing massive damage. Whereas the Electro Wizard spawn zap is very reliant on it’s card levels. However despite his issues with the spawn zap scaling on ladder, I do think he’s still viable. He’s not directly comparable to lava pups as that’s not the main function of the card. His head on attack is crazy strong and even offers more damage than a musketeer. And his stun attack is the most important aspect of his mechanics. It can completely shut down a Royal GIant when paired with some really strong cards like Elite Barbarians. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more quality OJ!

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  2. I got this vid just as i dropped electro wiz. Are they following what i play and do so they can recommend me these things

  3. oj: Slow attack unit like sparky and Inferno dragon cant attack electro wizard
    Me: Ok

    My Deck lighting Arrow Rocket zap poision log Xbow Graveyard

    Me:I Will Use my spell if he deploy the electro wizard

  4. Back to say
    This card still the most annoying card they announced
    This mother fucker can do everything but when you use him he is pretty much balls less

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  6. Can you do part 2's on your "How to use and counter" videos? Electro wiz can be killed by a fire ball or spawn zap goblins anymore.

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