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Mmmmm it’s a Orange Juice. What’s up everyone, this is Yarn of Orange
Juice. The graveyard is a legendary spell that can
be cast anywhere on the map. It has a slow load time, so the first skeleton
spawns 1.5 seconds after it’s casted. Then a skeleton spawns every 0.5 seconds up
to 20 skeletons over a period of 10 seconds. Each time you cast the graveyard the spawn
locations will vary slightly. So the damage will always be a little different
because of this results in this video will vary but the underlying concepts are relevant. It has a 5 tile radius similar to rage. This large radius limits where it can be casted
on an arena tower. If you cast the graveyard centered right on
top of the arena tower there’s an extremely high chance it’ll activate the king’s tower,
so this position almost never makes sense to use. That’s the nature of this random spell. A slightly safer play is planting the graveyard
1 tile to the left of the center but it’s still risky because there’s still that small
chance it can active the king. With these limitations there are 3 safe positions
to cast the graveyard where the king’s tower won’t activate. You can cast it 2 tiles from the core of the
arena tower. You can plant it 1 tile above to force more
skeletons to spawn behind. You can cast it directly in the center for
skeletons to spawn more evenly. Or you can cast in 1 tile below for more skeletons
to spawn in front of the tower. The down side of this is that skeletons will
clump up near the wall and it will be easier to counter. The graveyard sent in alone is manageable
but shines with cards that can support it. It is a spell after all. Alternatively, if you’re able to get an elixir
advantage over your opponent then a solo graveyard on their arena tower can be devastating. It’s an excellent backdoor card it can still
do tonnes of damage if your opponent doesn’t have proper counters to it. The graveyard can counter the princess but
it’s not reliable. On the left side the princess takes care of
most of the skeletons. On the right side the skeletons spawned enough
to kill the princess earlier. Packing zap ensures that she dies allowing
the graveyard to deal massive damage to the tower. If you can distract the arena tower from targeting
the skeletons the damage ramps up very quickly. Even though the mega minion couldn’t reach
the tower it tanked the tower and musketeer. Allowing the graveyard skeletons to stack
up to deal over 2,000 damage. Naturally tanks pair great with the graveyard. The opponent now has to deal with an incoming
giant and the waves of skeletons. Even with a bomber in the back the giant tanked
the tower allowing the graveyard to deal almost 1,000 damage to the tower. Mini tanks are amazing too; even a 2 elixir
ice golem can be devastating. Since the graveyard can be planted anywhere
the miner compliments it incredibly well. Despite the valkyrie being a strong counter
against the graveyard this miner combo still dealt almost 1,000 damage. Pairing the graveyard with high damage units
that can land a few hits on the arena tower is another great combo. Your opponent has to address both the front
and the back end. The hog didn’t make it to the tower but he
tanked enough for the graveyard to deal over 1,000 damage even with a musketeer in the
back. graveyard synergizes with damage dealing units
like a musketeer. They can deal massive damage to the tower. Even though the musketeer couldn’t reach the
tower, she tanked the tower letting the skeletons ramp up even with the bomber this simple combo
did almost 1,000 damage. Freeze works well with the graveyard it’s
very effective once you wait for your opponent to react with a counter. Then freeze the tower and their counter. When an elixir collector is planted behind
the arena tower a graveyard can damage the tower and collector. If the pump is beside the king’s Tower the
graveyard is conservatively planted in this position. It’ll demolish the elixir collector but there’s
still a chance it’ll active their king’s tower. If the elixir collector is planted in front
of the king’s tower casting a graveyard in the center is pointless because both the arena
towers are well within range. Once the king’s tower is activated a graveyard
will struggle to deal much damage to the arena tower. The game has a 1 second deploy time and the
graveyard has a 1.5 second load time so the first skeleton won’t spawn for 2.5 seconds
from the moment you cast it. Since it has such a slow initial spawn time. There’s not enough time to react with a graveyard
the inferno will still lock onto the tank. With the spell having 2.5 seconds delay you’re
going to have to predict the inferno tower and precast the graveyard to distract the
inferno tower. This is a very, very strong spell that has
the potential to deal 1,000’s of damage to your tower. So we’re going to talk about how to counter
this beast of a spell. Since the 1st skeleton takes 2.5 seconds to
spawn it’s not a great reactive card on defense but it does prove useful if you just need
to defend for the last 20 seconds and you don’t need to net any positive elixir trades. It’s a high cost card and a huge commitment
to use on defense but when you do use it, it’s hard to counter than skarmy and guards. Graveyard can counter sparky but it’s basically
a more expensive skeleton army to counter her. The graveyard is like any offensive card. You can’t afford to ignore it. 2 skeletons spawn per second an arena tower
can take care of 1 skeleton per second. Skeletons accumulate fast if ignored ranged
units which can 1 shot skeletons are very good. A musketeer can help the arena tower counter
the graveyard very well. Archers can one shot skeletons as well they
can shut down a graveyard for a larger positive elixir trade. Minions outperform mega minion in sweeping
up skeletons. Very fast units like lumberjack and goblins
are very good at countering the graveyard. Goblins can shut down a graveyard but their
a bit riskier if your opponent has zap available. Valkyrie counters the graveyard incredibly
well when planted inside the spawn area. This is where the bulk will spawn anything
spawned on the opposite side of the spawn area will get taken care of by the arena tower. If you don’t have any direct counters available
I’d tank and distract the skeletons. Guards are probably one of THE best melee
counters because their slightly ranged with the bonus that the shields are zap proof. They act as tanks inside the spawn area. Mass units work very well against countering
the graveyard. Knowing all these basic interactions help
you deal with the graveyard in real situations. Spells are decent at preventing some damage
done to the tower but you have to wait until the skeletons have accumulated before casting. If this is your only counter you’re going
to suffer some damage. Poison works reasonably well but it takes
2 ticks to kill a skeleton so damage will still be done to your tower. An ice wizard can tank in the spawn area although
he doesn’t 1 shot skeletons he can prevent quite a bit of damage. Spear goblins can deal with the graveyard
too. In numbers they can manage the skeletons. This is how graveyard will interact with all
these other units they’ll protect your tower but they�re not going to completely stop
the damage. There are so many other ways to use the graveyard
offensively I hope this opens up new opportunities for you to invent creative tech. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more quality
OJ. There was a leak showing the graveyard taking
out the king’s tower. In this leaked footage it used maxed graveyard
and mirror on a level 10 king’s tower. The reality of it is that it’s going to cost
11 elixir and at tournament standard it won’t take out the king’s tower it’s no more threatening
than a miner and goblin barrel sent to the king’s tower.

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21 thoughts on “Clash Royale | Graveyard | How to Use & Counter

  1. But you didnt show how to counter against a Freeze and Graveyard combo .

    I always lose against those. Please make a video on the same.


  3. Bro most people use freeze to counter my splash troops and tanks. Then the Graveyard deal about thousand damage. What can I do man.

  4. My old push with grave yard was ready

    Hog rider and graveyard and I don’t even wait till double elixir

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