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Whats up everyone? This is OJ. Today I will be talking about what me and Ash believe is one of the strongest cards in this game. We believe it is like Giant/Poison, except It’s not for every single deck because it contains a legendary. i’m able to consistently score 10 to 12 wins with graveyard decks. it’s just insane here’s my personal deck it’s a variant of Colton and electr1fy’s deck. we made these decks around the same time when I saw Colton’s deck, i felt that the ice golem wasn’t for me and when I tried electr1fy’s deck the skeletons were insanely high skill I only reached five wins with his skeleton variant why is it good a level-one graveyard does about 2,000 damage to level nine tower as it does to level 13 tower since the towers one-shot skeletons at tournament standard the level 13 tower isn’t more powerful against it i recommend watching my graveyard video to have a deeper understanding of its mechanics to summarize the graveyard video the spell spawn skeletons at a rate of point five seconds a tower kills a skeleton once per second so the tower can keep up any sort of unit even a mega minion tanking can help the skeletons accumulate on the tower for every arrow the tower shoots of the mega minion that’s every “Teacher its Kay Turn” that isn’t going to die imagine if you can counter the skeleton army of zap it would just destroy the tower really fast let’s break down the deck usage into individual cards since this video is going an entire deck I won’t be going into too much detail for every single interaction of each card you can use the fireball anytime you can kill for liquor or more basically can use fire when you hit a medium-sized unit and clip their tower for some ship damaged this is a huge win condition always use it with a greater takeout archers minions minions horde or even barbarians if you recognize a pattern where they always counter your graveyard with barbarians you can use this to your advantage this is the first time I’ll precast a firebolt this download ensure your graveyard does thousands of damage the tower and they’re now down barbarians if you want to use something else other than fireball freezes really fun to use it’s good to freeze any graveyard counters like archers or minions this can potentially deal more damage than a fireball since it also shuts down the tower from killing skeletons the drawback is that you now have to worry about a huge counter-attack and you’re down four lik sir be sure to be an elixir advantage when using the spell or when you know when you have counters the unit’s you froze in my deck I usually only use infernal against Giants golems or bowlers if there’s a giant boulder i’ll do a 42 plant it’s usually not that easy though they always have a SAP and that’s why i always have a mega minions to take out the bowler Inferno tower is critical in this deck because it allows you to pressure the other lane for negative electric raids when I see a golden I’ll go all out and pressure the other line with graveyard because i’m confident by the time to golden reaches my side of the map i can just do a 4-3 plant for positive elixir trade lane pressure and elixir management is extremely important by pressing them you denying them the privilege of being able to support units behind that golem the bowler plays a big role in this Dec he denies skeleton army furnace archers hogs essentially all the small ground units then he translates into a counter-attack and it doesn’t matter if they have buildings to counter him for every arrow he’s tanking a new skeleton isn’t being killed by that arena tower if i can afford damage in my rena Terrell always use the bowler to counter hog it does cost one looks are more than the hog and the hog does manage to hit the tower once but this translates into a deadly counter-attack i’ll have enough for graveyard plus fireball once he reaches the other side he’s also great at defending against the popular ice cold room hog combo paired with the mega minion archers or I spirit it can prevent a lot of damage from being done to the tower which also translates into a counter-attack and I spirit is particularly good it does cost two extra elixir to completely shut down hog but that’s an investment for a counter-attack big purple guy with almost 2,000 health banking for graveyard is a common one condition in the step when defending against splashing it’s like a wizard or even your enemies bowler you never want to plant them directly in front of the tower it’ll just click the tower with all that unnecessary damage the tombstone can substitute Inferno tower it’s not absolute angular but it can pull them it plays kind of different than the Inferno tower because you can plant it on the map to bank elixir in that sense it’s also kind of an offensive building where it helps the graveyard accumulate skeletons when they’re attacking this is the most important card in the deck for me it’s straight-up counters mega minion which is very common to see like when they counter your bowler with a single mega minion encounter a lot of other cards to single interactions it stops cards xperia villains archers or ice wizard all for positive elixir trade you can stop a prince charge which is extremely important to protect your informant our in larger battles if I see a giant and Prince can do a 4-3 plant this distance only pulled the giant it does not pull the prince then i’ll use the I spirit to pull the prince and drawn into the inferno tower plus freedom stopping his charge attack and stopping that giant his tracks it’s all about how you use the I spirit if you pre-plan I skirt it won’t click all six minions the most important part is planting it close enough that the first minyan hits the ice spirits or clumps them all up he’ll live long enough to splash on to all six of them for a huge positive looks to train and if they have a minor you can just zap the Horde in terms of offensive uses this guy can take two shots at our and fries at our for one and a half seconds the graveyard has a slow time so it spawns its first skeleton one and a half seconds after casting so the perfect timing is the part that I spirit immediately followed by casting that graveyard spell in there Tower if you plant the graveyard then the I spirit the tower won’t hit twice that’s two skeletons that didn’t accumulate this is a great combo if you know they have zero counters to your graveyard in their hand like when I see them use their only counter to graveyard in this case archers it’s also particularly effective when they plan to building in the front this is when they’re down on elixir if you push the opposite lane the I spirit will slip past the building despite the sponsor of the tombstone recently had a well-timed and well-placed tombstone can still counter furnace very effectively the furnace deals over a thousand damage to tower if it’s left ignored it’s a struggle playing against it should never let fire spirits travel to your tower basically one fire street packs a punch of a fireball on an arena tower bowlers are perfect against spotters even if he doesn’t reach the tower is tanking capabilities are really good for graveyard but when you don’t have a bowler where you can’t afford to use him and I spirit can I two waves you want to time it so that the first fire spirit dies to the tower then swerved that the second fire spirit onto I spirit to take it then it’ll jump onto the next way that spawns each wave is worth 1.5 elixir so this is a good positive elixir trade if you want to change it up a bit the ischool is a bit easier to use he offers similar defensive capabilities as an eye spirit but it’s usually more guaranteed defense it’s not as finicky where you need to worry about the exact tile placement or timing like a nice beard does plus you can kill a skeleton army when he dies it just offers so much value for 2 elixir basically can kite most units or tank tiny pushes it’s like an impenetrable wall the reason why I school is better than a minor in a graveyard deck is because he doesn’t need to reach the tower to tack it he just needs to be in range of the tower skeletons accumulate really fast when he’s tanking archers function very similar to the I spirit and that they can defend against most cards and the twins can be zapped arrowed or log you have to fireball them usually when i start the match like to split the archers this lets you attack or defend either side paired with a nice beard a single Archer can deal just under 500 damage the tower if your opponent is running a high-cost deck there’s no way they’re defending both single archers splitting them in the center prevents both archers from getting splashed by units like a baby dragon or vault green archers pair of the graveyard can be very deadly to if the archer tanks for the skeletons more skeletons will spawn if the skeletons tank for the archers a single Archer could be sleeping the tower for the entire duration of the graveyard one thing two notable explain cards is that once a tower is down the passing behaves differently they won’t split around the back end this is the area you have to plant them if you want them to split any of these tiles will work in splitting the archers with the recent balance changes the megamillions still functions the same encounter mostly it’s like a boulder or Valkyrie and it’s still one shots archers this card is mostly for defense and rarely pairs of the graveyard unless you can manage the build up for a really huge counter-attack this car takes care of all the small units like goblins minions skeletons or even the skeleton army it’s fairly reasonable to use this to stand in front of tower to allow your bullet to get a few extra shots in or even to force Inferno tower to retarget on two skeletons and save the bowler when paired with a nice cool or I spirit it can completely take out minions 43 elixir it can shut down the popular minor minion horde combo most importantly a popular counter to graveyard skeleton army this card counters their skeleton army when they tried to defend your graveyard if you aim it just right you can take out all the skeletons for positive alexa traded as an added bonus that chips the tower and stuns it this type of deck works great in challenges and tournaments arches died two mega minion with one hit a tournament standard this is also a deck that works really well on ladders simply because the level one graveyard deals roughly 2,000 damage to an arena tower regardless of the level once the King’s tower is activated most players find it hard to get greater to perform effectively but it’s quite the opposite a board with 1,700 health can be planted right in the center to take both arena and King tower while the graveyard does work their way too many interactions to cover in this video and i’m not able to cover every single one otherwise this video would have been really long on how to use just one deck but overall the basis of this type of deck is that it can counter almost anything and translates into a counter-attack or can push any time sometimes it only makes sense to play great bag when their archers are out of rotation or played in the other Lane sometimes a prediction firewall is the only way you can win the game sometimes they can perfectly countered river and you end up defending the entire game or using viable to kill them out slowly the graveyard is a really fun card to play but also very dangerous to play against when building a deck you should always have greater counter like archers are minions at the very least thanks for watching stay tuned for more quality OJ if you want to learn more about the step of dec checkout Colton’s video there’s a link in the description below he takes a different approach and teaching how to use this deck and has valuable insight as well

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