City Region Deal’s research and career development opportunities

the city deal is really about maximizing
the strengths of this city in its surrounding area one of the strengths
that’s emerged over the last decade is the tech sector we’re a very small tech
sector a couple of companies back in the mid-2000s and now we have a really
really strong sector combining everything from tech incubation activity
through to global companies locating themselves here pretty much everything
in between and what we’ve suggested as part of the city deal is that we can
differentiate that tech sector into different areas and in each of those
areas replicate that mushrooming growth so I’m really excited about the
data-driven innovation program because it’s a huge opportunity for me to work
with more learners to educate more people right across the city region I
enjoy helping people to learn and particularly about technology and within
this data-driven innovation program we’ve got an opportunity to tell people
about data science about computer science in a way which is really going
to impact their lives and give them skills for their futures and the scale
of the program is phenomenal it’s going to reach all of the six local
authorities surrounding the University and it’s going to last over a time scale
of 15 years and in contrast to what researchers normally get to do I might
normally get to work with a couple of schools over a couple of years instead
I’ll be working for 15 years with the team of people working across 527
schools so that’s an exciting challenge for me so the university’s role in City deal is
badged under innovation for example using patient’s data we’ve been able to
reduce the incidence of these complications of diabetes amputations
and blindness by 40 percent each a really remarkable impact across the
whole of Scotland there’s various opportunities for academic career
development in City deal I think for me one of the most interesting ones is an
opportunity try it to try out your ideas in the real world to put your money
where your mouth is and in social science we spend quite a lot of time
thinking about what effective interventions to improve society would
be no chance to test out to see whether we’re right about that and for me that’s
that’s a very important thing is to see if we can help society as an important
part of the university’s mission so our ultimate aim is to make Edinburgh and
its region the data capital of Europe we’re seeking to generate skills that
allow young people to get fantastic jobs in the new industries as they come along
we’re seeking to bring in the entrepreneurs that will establish the
exciting new companies that will exploit the opportunities of data and produce
benefits including economic growth for everyone

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